Oh Music. Music is Music Music. What Music my eyes is: Music is Music me: Music, uh, Music. Music is Music uh Music. What oh something! I never thought: Music, hello Applause, yo i’m. Here for the money i ain’t here for the fame, so it might be nice to own a jet plane imma. Do it all for you come along, but the world is pretty cold. You might need a sweater, too i’ma put a ride on california, but sometimes it gets cold outside Music Music. My peers wouldn’t believe what i’m running out of breath, or i forgot how to breathe it’s been colder than ever. Nothing like i remember like spring – is the weather and every day is like december, so bring out your coats, bring out your sweaters there’s, no telling when this weather is gon na get better cause. I remember the moments when i was taught as a joke now they’re giving me handshakes, saying it was a joke, but i’m joking around i’m trying to give you all hope you can do it. If you wan na man, you drive your own road yeah notebook full of raps by the end of every class that’s, my formula for life, not the formula to math Music and Music Music, just cause i’m just cause i’m Music. Look at me now: she’s, like every night, Music, hello, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, Music, die Music is bye.