The app that i used to take notes in was called microsoft. Journal journal was built into windows, xp tablet edition, and it allowed you to take digital ink notes on a virtual piece of a4 sized paper coming from physical paper into the digital world. This made a lot of sense. It was a very simple file based app and it worked well and as i continued down the road of digital note, taking i quickly learned about onenote and i fell in love with the infinite page concept. I mean, if it’s a digital page, do you really need sizes at all, and ever since i’ve used onenote onenote was a lot more advanced than journal, it had direct outlook integration and it could even host files like pdfs and word documents, so the original microsoft journal Was an important stepping stone for me into onenote now here we are almost 20 years down the track and microsoft is revisiting the original concept of journal. Only this time the new journal has been released by the microsoft garage. The new journal is a really fascinating, inking. App that’s lots of fun to use and we’ll take a look at it in this video, but before we do that, it’s important to understand how journal has come to be the microsoft garage is a project within microsoft, that’s designed to help employees to turn ideas that They’Re passionate about into reality some examples of projects that you might have heard of from the microsoft garage include snip, which later went on to become the snip and sketch tool that has replaced the snipping tool in windows 10.

. In the early days, there was mouse without borders, an app that allowed you to move your mouse across two or three pcs connected together. Virtually there was the microsoft launcher app for android that started life in the garage as the arrow launcher. There was a presentation translator in for powerpoint that allowed you to simultaneously stream live captions from your presentation, live into 60 different languages at once, and there was the very useful find time tool that’s now a dedicated outlook add in that add in automated the process of Finding mutually agreeable times for meetings, kevin stratford was one of the initial team members on that project and you might recognize him for his now famous youtube channel. The point is that the microsoft garage has been the kickoff point for a lot of interesting products from microsoft. Some of the projects released over the last 10 years have gone on to become products in their own right, like the microsoft launcher and the fine time outlook. Add in many garage projects were retired and are no longer available, but their technology and the ideas behind them have gone on to appear in mainstream products. For example, the snip tool is no longer available, but its ideas are represented in the snip and sketch app that’s. Now built into windows 10., the presentation, translator tool for powerpoint is also no longer available, but live translated. Captions are available directly in powerpoint, although only for one language at a time.

So in these cases the tools were released as a proof of concept and they’ve gone on to become a part of a mainstream product. So let’s take a look at the journal app and then we’ll discuss where i think it’s going to download the journal. App open up the microsoft store and search for journal. The journal product page on the microsoft garage website calls this app an ink first experience. It’S, a simple premise, and, as we’ve discussed in a recent series on the science behind the surface pen, it’s an incredibly important one, we really need tools that support our thinking and inking with minimal distraction. The last thing we need is technology to get in our way. When we’re trying to focus on important ideas, the product team says that journal superpowers, your everyday writing, enables new gestures to keep you in the flow and provides new ways to search and filter. To find your content once you’ve got journal installed and open. I highly recommend that you sign into office 365 account if you’re signed in you’ll be able to start meeting notes pages with ease, just like you can in onenote the journal app re embraces the page paradigm to a long time. Digital notetaker. Like me, these physical page borders are outright annoying, but when you’re moving from physical pen and paper to digital pen and paper, this makes a lot more sense. I can overlook my issues here, though, because there’s a lot of cool stuff in this app and, if you’re new to digital notetaking.

This is a really good stepping stone. As you start to write notes on your journal, page ai is going to work in the background. If you simply underline a sentence, it becomes a heading, you can use bullet points stars and highlights, and ai will recognize it. Your content on the page, won’t actually change, but the ai has flagged that you’ve created a bullet point or a highlight, and this will be especially useful for searching when you’re signed into your office 365 account. You can write the at symbol and you can pick a colleague’s name from the meeting that you’re attending or from your organization’s full list of users. This doesn’t send that person a message or a task. It simply puts their user icon on the page so that you can easily find it later. So you might write, remember to ask at brett and it would put a little icon there for the person’s name, circle a word or a sentence or a paragraph with your pen, and it becomes a selection that you can move around resize and reorder. This is much simpler than holding the button on the side of the pen to select newbies, really struggle with that. If you make a mistake, you can simply scratch it out with your pen rather than having to turn your pen 180 degrees to erase. This is a feature that comes from the original onenote desktop app and it’s, actually still there. If you know where to look for it, there’s a toolbar at the bottom of the page that allows you to select from pens, pencils and highlighters.

You can change the thickness of the tool and also select from a simple set of colors there’s, an undo and redo button and there’s. Also, the ability to import a pdf to write on this will be handy for students who often want to mark up pdfs from class in the journal. App like in many windows. Apps touch inputs are treated differently to pan inputs. You can tap on a word with your fingertip to select it tap again to expand the selection to the sentence and tap again to expand the selection to the paragraph. This is a really clever and easy way to select content once you’re done. Taking notes, try out the search function in journal, handwriting recognition is built right into the app just like it is in onenote, so everything that you’ve written has automatically been converted to typed searchable text. In the background, when you click on the search button, you can either type in the search field or you can hand write into it and find content directly on the page in a page view or in a summary card view, and you can filter your search results To include some of those clever automatically detected elements such as headings at mentions, highlights and bullet points journal allows you to email, your notes directly from the page select some content and click on the share button. Whatever you’ve selected will be sent as a picture and there’s a space at the bottom to write a handwritten ink message to the recipient it’s a very personal way to send somebody a note.

The email process is seamless and simple, so this is a handy way to leverage a digital note by sharing it. So journal is a very interesting and fun personal note. Taking application, i highly recommend that you download it from the microsoft store and give it a try. I personally love those ink gestures, the ai integration and the simplicity overall of the app it’ll appeal to students and personal note takers because of the limited page size it’s, not a great app for brainstorming and ideating. We have microsoft, whiteboard and onenote. For that, anyway, journal is really best, as the name suggests for journaling, but where does journal fit into the overall microsoft ecosystem, it’s really hard to say at this point in time, will this product leave the microsoft garage and become a product in its own right? I hope so time will tell is journal designed to replace microsoft onenote or supersede it in some way, probably not whilst there’s a lot of cool ideas in there journal. Currently, doesn’t support note, sharing or collaboration apart from sending little snippets by email, so that’s, not what it’s designed for it is designed for personal note taking, and it is designed to be very simple.