So i have talked about joe rogan and his tumultuous relationship with video games. That sounds kind of melodramatic and ridiculous, but i guess it’s true uh. He loves video games, but he loves him to the point that he admits that it’s unhealthy. So when he starts gaming he can’t stop. Now i’ve talked about a story in the past before this. Actually came july, 26, 2020, and he was talking about grinding games, is a waste of time and – and i partially kind of defended him with that, because he wasn’t talking about people who were aspiring to maybe be an esports player. He was talking about a dude who probably like, dropped out of high school in 11th grade, and they just sit home and play destiny 2 all day or fortnite or that’s what he was. What i felt like anyway, he was referring to okay. He wasn’t referring to people trying to be ninja. He wasn’t referring to people who were making a living off of esports. He was referring to people who were just playing games for the sake of playing games 12 hours a day and doing nothing else. He also talked about how games affected his health because he would finish doing the podcast and he would play for endless hours and he would get anxiety and his hands would be sweaty and he would be nervous. And so. Games for joe have had a negative impact on him. Doesn’T mean that games are negative, but they have had a negative impact on joe rogan.

Well, anyway, during episode 1666 of the joe rogan experience, he had actor duncan trussell on, and this is what joe had to say about why he can’t play video games like he has to just completely step away from him. I would love to show you the clip, but with how now that joe rogan’s on spotify and all this other wonderful stuff, i don’t think i can without getting a strike on my account but i’m gon na quote it because it’s words and you’ll get the gist Of it, so here we go, i can’t have the video games. Rogan said after revealing he’s buying a pool table to tune up his skills. On that to me is like protecting my children against wolves. It becomes this obsessive thing where it’s like i’ve got to protect the tribe you get locked into these goddamn games because they’re so exciting. I wish i wasn’t such a simpleton, because if i could just play for like an hour and stop, i cannot because at one hour i start getting a better feel of where my cursor is going when i’m moving the mouse around. I get a better understanding of the strafe jumping and where to aim with my rail gun, i can’t do it i’m too dumb i get too excited. I get too locked in it’s, interesting hearing people and how they deal with because look, i i think video games are fine. Obviously, but everyone has different addictions.

Man, like i’m sure many of you out there or are probably skinny or or at a healthy weight or underweight, and you could have pizza every damn day and you’re good. If i had a pizza in front of me, i would want to eat the whole pie and then i would be 420 pounds again. I know i’m, not slender, but i’m, a hell of a lot smaller than i used to be so. You know pizza for most of the population is something perfectly fine. Pizza for me is an achilles heel, and if i have pizza it’s it’s like going, you know, i go down that rabbit hole of food addiction, so it it’s strange how everybody reacts differently to something. Now have i been addicted to video games before yeah? Like recently, i went through with modern warfare in 2020 uh, where i was playing quite a bit of multiplayer of the newest call of duty, modern warfare. But i could sit down and play a game for an hour and walk away from it and maybe not play again for a week or maybe play every other day but everyone’s different. You know, but i i just don’t, want people people love to use this, who either are anti gaming or don’t, understand gaming or they’re, literally a boomer and and still look at video games as something that’s just meant for children and say ah see see what joe Rogan’S saying this is why we we can’t have we can’t, have kids playing games.

This is why we can’t have adults playing games. This is why, even if someone just plays a couple hours of video games a week, we should look down on them, even though i sit there and watch seven hours of reality shows every day when i get home from work or watch football every day. When i get home from work, so the reason why i want to talk about this too – is that i i don’t want this to further the stereotype or stigma that comes along with gaming, it’s, just a hobby in a pastime like anything else, whether it be you’re A stamp collector or you enjoy fantasy football, or you like watching tv when you get home from work, there’s a it’s all about how healthy your time, management with it is, i guess, it’s the right way to word it. I had to think about it. Yeah it’s, all about how healthy your time, management with gaming is or anything else. Some people could have just two slices of pizza. I, if i’m in front of a pizza which i try not to be too often i could have the whole damn pie, joe, the equivalent of joe rogan with that is games. He eats the whole damn pie. He just doesn’t have a couple slices and sits down for an hour and plays a game, so everyone’s different don’t. Take what’s happening with joe here is that oh, that happens to everyone who plays games because it’s not true but again, that’s his addiction.

Just like i stay away from pizza generally, even though i know i’m, not slender um joe has to stay away from gaming. Doesn’T mean that either of them is bad, but everyone has their vices and video games are joe rogan’s vices. This is rich of review tech. Usa, signing out have a good one: hey if you enjoy my content, consider becoming a review tech, usa, member i’ll have a link below in the description. I live stream now on this channel all the time and it gives you access to cool emoticons to use as well. While i live stream again link below in the description.