This is known as the jingpad a1, and basically, this is a linux. Based tablet were not running android. On this we do have an 11 inch amoled 2k display and a 8 000 milliamp hour battery. It also has 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, plus a micro sd card slot. So we can up that by quite a bit right out of the box. This runs their custom version of jingo s and the desktop is actually kde plasma and it looks like they do include kind of a folio case here and a stylus, so yeah ive been waiting a little while to get my hands on the jing pad a1. It looks super interesting to me im a huge fan of linux and, along with the tablet, theyre also offering an optional keyboard and trackpad combo. So the tablet itself looks like its built really nicely its very reminiscent of some of the newer android tablets that are coming out of china. Weve got a 16 megapixel camera around back here and if we look close enough, it does have kind of a honeycomb, or maybe a carbon fiber, look designed to it, and as for i o, we have these pogo pads around the back here. Weve also got some pogo pads on the side and a micro sd slash sim card tray, so this is the first time im booting the tablet up. I did have to put a little bit of charge on this battery.

It does 18 watt quick charging, which really isnt that quick, given that we have an 8 000 milliamp hour battery but theyre, claiming up to 10 hours of video playback on this unit and for setup jing os is just going to walk you through it. Youll need to name the tablet set up, wi fi set your region, and you should be good to go when it comes to the specs of the jingpad a1. Like we mentioned, this is an arm based tablet. So for that cpu we have the unisoc tiger t7510. This is an 8 core arm. Cpu weve got four a75 cores at 2 gigahertz and 4 a55 cores at 1.8. The gpu is a powervr gm 9445 at 850 megahertz weve got 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram 256 gigabytes of umcp storage micro sd card support, and this does have 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. Dual band. Wifi built in weve also got bluetooth 5.0, a 6 axis gyro that 8 000 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt, quick charging capabilities and with the a1 they do include the jing pad pencil, which has 4096 pressure levels and, like we mentioned this, is running jingpad os. Okay, first things: first one thing i really do like about this: is this add on keyboard, it is optional and you will have to purchase it separately, but it works out really well with this tablet. Nice track pad good key travel. Weve got all of the shortcuts built into the keyboard.

Brightness sound. We even got our home button, so we press that itll bring us right back into the main desktop and the trackpad also has multi gesture functionality built in. I really do like what theyve done with jing os here, its very reminiscent of android, even when we go into the settings here. If i didnt know any better, and i took a quick glance at this id say it was running android. The way everything looks but its actually their custom version of jingo s and as for the desktop theyre using here, this is kde plasma. I have gone through and run all of the updates and in order to get back out of an app, you can use the home button on the keyboard or you can swipe up once on the touch screen itself. Weve got terminal built in and there is an app store, its very limited right now. So if you did want to install something, you could always do it through terminal and in my next video on this ill have a bunch of stuff installed. Ive just really been messing around with this. The only thing ive installed through terminal right now is just neofetch to take a look at everything. Weve got that eight core unisock cpu, eight gigs of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. The ui here is surprisingly quick and they do have their own app store built in. Like i mentioned, it is a bit limited right now.

A lot of this stuff is optimized to run on this tablet and in the future i suspect well see a lot more apps coming here. It does come pre installed with chromium, but im going to go ahead and install firefox real, quick, its actually on the main page. So if i swipe one of these ways, we can get right back to it or you can just search from the search bar up top. Well just choose get and it should install it for us. Ive searched for a few apps in the store here that i usually like running on my x86 linux pc, but theyre not available. So its telling me that a lot of this stuff is really optimized for arm or at least jingo s, because a lot of the stuff also runs on arm. But this is actually really good, because if they only put apps that work well with the hardware, then youll have a much better user experience. But in the end, its still going to be a little limited thats. Why we can go into terminal and install basically any linux app from terminal as long as it runs on an arm cpu, so im going to go ahead and load up here, and this is just a free image. Editing software really awesome very powerful and it actually loads up pretty quick here, im going to open up a new canvas or a new workspace and then im going to grab the jingpad pencil and just see if it works right out of the box.

I did charge it up a bit, so ive just set up a 1080p canvas here and the pin is working great, but i dont have any kind of pressure sensitivity, ive gone into the settings and tried to enable it, but unfortunately, at least with this version of I cant get the pressure settings to work with the jingpad pencil, so the next thing i wanted to test was a little bit of video playback from youtube. Using the built in chromium. Browser were also going to test this with firefox. I am connected to my five gigahertz network in the house. Its actually really quick and for this were just going to go with the 1080p 60 video and if were getting good performance, we can up it from there all right, 60 fps. We are set at 1080p. Well, go full screen with it. This is a demo video. I use a lot on lower end arm and x86 pcs, so uh im not even going to turn stats for nerds on just yet. I want to see how it looks. I can usually tell if its skipping a bit – and i mean just a few seconds into the video – i can tell you that this is definitely dropping a lot of frames at 1080p. So now i want to move over to firefox. Well, turn on stats for nerds with that. Okay, so ive moved in a bit closer, so we could get a better look were using firefox 1080p 60fps and, as you can see, i mean this is just continuously dropping frames.

I mean that is a ton of frames to drop at a 1080p 60 video lets check the same. Video out in chromium were going to move back over there with stats for nerds on screen Music, so that first video we took a look at 1080p60. I told you that it was drop in frames. It definitely was and we do get a lot of stutters here at 1080 60.. I was really expecting chromium to work much better than firefox, given that it should be an optimized version for this hardware, since its pre loaded, but unfortunately thats not the case at least right now, with the software. We have another thing i wanted to test on. The jing pad was some emulation and no matter what version of retro arch i install it keeps crashing on me, but i mean overall, the jingpad a1 definitely has some potential, but its really going to come down to software optimization. This is an earlier version of their operating system, so i definitely expected some bugs here or there. It does have potential and when it comes to the hardware, its not the most powerful, but it should definitely get you by for web browsing light. Emulation. 1080P. 60. Video document, editing and some photo editing should work out really well as soon as they get their software right on the jing pad a1. So, im going to spend some more time with this, i do want to test out a bunch of different applications and things like that.

I kind of wish we had more io being a linux tablet. We only got one usb type c port on this. It would have been nice to have at least a full size, usb type type c, but i know that can be hard to implement in such a thin design. This usb type c does support otg, so you can plug in hard drives and things like that, and i got ta say they did choose an absolutely brilliant display. Amoled 2k 11 inch its probably not coming across on camera as good as it looks to the naked eye, but they did choose an absolutely beautiful display for the jingpad a1. So really it comes down to time and optimization for the software. I will keep you updated. Im going to run some tests on this well get some benchmarks installed and well take another look at it in about a week, but thats going to wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching if youre interested in learning more about the jingpad a1, i will leave a few links in the description.