8, with OTA updates, new App Store and more was launched. Check out the full video and find out where to download the distribution. Coming up on runboxing JingOS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu for tablets.. It can run Linux, desktop applications like VS Code and LibreOffice.. The distribution strives to run GNU Linux and Android programs. At first JingOS was designed with convertibles in mind.. It features a custom. Qt based desktop environment, designed for touch but compatible with mouse and keyboard, comes with a set of custom. Apps and … has more than a passing nod to Apple’s iPadOS Now JingOS 0.8, with OTA updates, new App Store and more has been released. What’s new in JingOS 0.8. The latest version of the project now runs on x8664 machines and mainly improves the available configuration controls and features. An app store. JingOS v0.8 for x86 is a much more mature version compared to v0.6.. Jingos 0.8 is the first major update to the operating system since January. When alpha JingOS emerged with great enthusiasm. Two months and a ton of adjustments later JingOS gains support for over the air, OTA updates provides a redesigned, settings app and a custom app store. In addition, the JingOS home app store is very good.. It is clean. It’s lean.. This goes straight to the point., However, the range of applications available on it is currently and understandably lacking., But this is the real Linux here you can install anything from the Ubuntu repositories on JingOS using a terminal.

, Although a handful of other aesthetically functional applications are included, The file manager is a real highlight. The system includes some traditional desktop items as well., For example, Chromium is the default web browser, Although JingOS is geared towards tablet, form factors that normally use ARM chips. The .iso currently available works well on traditional x86 based chips and on virtual machines.. It is an ok experience, a little slow and without the translucent touches splashed in the promotional photos.. Here is the summary of the improvements Redesigned settings, application, support for automatic detection of wifi volume, brightness and other basic configuration. Functions. Redesigned file, application. App store. OTA support. Supports password and network configuration when installing JingOS. Improve the tasks and experience of the Task Manager. Desktop icons. Can be rearranged., The resolution of the application is automatically adjusted on high resolution. Monitors. Cool bug., New wallpaper.. The best way to try it out for now is in the security of a virtual machine., But, as the system is very touchpad and heavy gestures, some features require a little ingenuity to work with the pointer if anyone finds out how to start the application switcher. Let me know.: If you installed JingOS 0.6 earlier this year, you will need to reinstall the system using the most recent disk image.. It is not possible to update to JingOS 0.8, but now that the OTA update functionality is present, you should be able to update to subsequent versions without any problems.. The Chinese company building JingOS will launch a crowdfunding campaign for a custom tablet with ARM that runs JingOS.

This summer., Presumably at a time when the tablet is ready to be sent to sponsors, that is when a stable version should be available for use. Elsewhere. Keep an eye on the Blog to know when this happens. How To Download and try JingOS 0.8. The ISO image for JingOS 0.8 can now be downloaded by visiting the distribution download page Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video If you did hit that thumbs up button. It helps me to make good content for you.