Video i’ve got a jewelry review and giveaway to do to do to unbox to have fun with uh kate and chloe sent me a box uh their vip box. This is actually the valentine’s vip box, but, as you guys know, the mail’s been a little bit wonkadoodle lately and so it’s a bit late, but better late than never is what i say, especially when it comes to jewelry, always is better. So i thought we would take a look at what kate and chloe sent me. We’Ll take a look at their website and what these vip boxes are and what other cool promos they’ve got going on, and then i will let you know about the giveaway that we’re doing so. As you guys know, i don’t like to do reviews and things like that unless there’s something in it for you, so i made sure that the pieces that i got would be something that i would be able to do giveaway with so i’m. So excited about that. I haven’t done a nice giveaway in quite a while. So if you’re new here welcome, my name is margaret. I am a reselling homeschooling mom, who flips things on ebay and etsy and other sites to help support my family and one of the things i love is selling jewelry and opening jewelry and looking at jewelry and all of the bling. So if you’re here now uh say hey in the chat, if you’re watching later make sure you drop a comment, and i will let you know what you need to do to enter the comment.

I mean the giveaway all right so first up i’m, looking at my chat because i am live and i don’t know if it’s not reloading or what oh look. My now i’ve got the spinning ball of death. There we go well anyway. We’Ll we’ll just see, hang on no that’s right, okay, all right so let’s do this. I am going to first show you the kate and chloe website, because they’ve got a pretty cool site and then we’ll unbox what they sent me. So you can see what they said: they’ve got an inspirational sale going on, which i think is so cool. So i decided to use that as part of our giveaway experience and they are celebrating women women’s history month, so uh the jewelry. I think that they’re showcasing on their site – i is uh inspired by inspirational women, so uh most of the stuff that you see here are 18 karat gold plated uh, cz pieces, they’re, really pretty and they’re really reasonably priced. So if you’re, looking for like bridal, jewelry or formal jewelry or if you just like super bling, you guys know i love stuff. That looks expensive. Look at this, this bracelet that i love so that looks really expensive but isn’t super expensive, because then you can wear it anytime right. So the vip box is what i was sent and here they’ve got their new vape box, it’s a subscription box 1999 and you get three pieces of jewelry and then on this one.

It says a free bottle of skin cream from zamon. So we’ll talk about that. In just a second all right, let’s pop over here bop over here, that’s, something i say now, i guess i’ve been watching a little too much doctor who um oh good. I was going to ask jess who, who are you who inspires you? Texas? One takes a woman, hi, okay, so let’s take a peek. This is their vip box. As i said, this is the one for for valentine’s day. So this is the february one and i do have my microscope if we need it, but i don’t i’m not sure that we’ll need it on this one, but hey. Why not all right so let’s take a peek inside so first up is a little thank you card february, vip new year new you and then this is a little bit funny, because i i did look so when i was when they sent me. The emails asking me if i wanted to do the inbox, he was like sure, sure, um and they were like well, we want to send you also because, like the facial, the cream, like whatever there’s, going to be something to do with a beauty product. That also will be in there, but i didn’t. Unless this is something i don’t know, this is not a beauty product or maybe it is but it’s it’s a free tube of health, punk organic tomato concentrate so i’m, not sure.

I i don’t think that this is a a beauty product but but we’ll see i mean i guess you can make anything a beauty product if you try hard enough all right so anyway, they’ve got a nice tall tissue paper inside and then we’ve got the three Pieces that they sent in the box and they come in a sweet little box like sue, kate and chloe hello in the chat i’m gon na come i’ll, come talk in the chat in just a sec when we get done ooh, okay, first piece. The first thing they sent look your sassy tassel, sassy, sassy tassel, this special. How do they know so there are these really pretty sassy tassel earrings they’ve got these czs along the. Let me take one out, so you can see that close up close and personal. So they’ve got the little czs along the front and then they’ve got a nice big one here and then look at the tip of each of the little sassy tassels is another one, another little cz, and this you guys this kind of closure correct me if i’m Wrong, i think this one’s called the omega an omega closure. If i’ve got that wrong you’ll, let me know so there’s that beautiful sassa tassels, oh okay, let’s, take a look at the next one whoo. Oh, i forgot the woo at the end of the sassy towel. Y’All could have, let me know: salsa tesla says tassel.

This is my sauce suggest a song there can’t leave off the woo all right, then next up we’ve got this kate and chloe. Clearly, because it’s the brand let’s see what we got. Oh so we’ve got this really lovely necklace i’m gon na try to shield it from my bright lights. It’S very blingy. Am i showing you the back of it? No that’s the front. Okay cool, just my lights – are super bright, so i’m going to bring it down. I am going to use the treasure cam all right. Let me stop screen sharing this one and let me screen share. Let me screen share my oh there. Here we go so you can see it’s up close and personal. Here we go in to the look at the brightness, though it’s so blingy, okay, let’s straighten that out it’s still kind of hard to see because it’s so bright. Can i turn the light off on this, maybe nope. Let me try to focus it a little bit more it’s really really really blingy so it’s hard to get a good shot of it all right, i’m, bringing it back up. Oh, you can’t see now because i have a two bag so there’s that one look at that: okay, i’m gon na take it out of this, so you maybe it’ll. Maybe it’ll do better against my hand. Instead of the black, oh it’s, not a necklace, y’all it’s, a bracelet good thing. I took it out of the box all right, so it is a bracelet.

I am holding it with my hand, and i know somebody’s gon na say it would be so much better. Look it oh, that is sweet and then along the chain. How dainty is that it’s got some nice little cz stones along the chain, gorgeous darlings gorgeous? How sweet and delicate is that? Oh love, it love it. We need a treasure camp song. Yes, so, okay, there are silver tone. Where are we there’s a question, gold or silver tone? They are silver tone, but from their site it is 18 carat gold plated, so it’s plated gold, 18 karat white gold. I guess anyway, hang on i’m trying to get this back on the little cushion the little cushion all right. Then next is this one same box and oh hang on. We got something. We have a runner. We’Ve got a runner, so here we’ve got these stud earrings again. I wonder if we’re gon na have the problem with the brightness it’s so bright. I wonder if i can reach this and turn it down. Hang on today i did okay closing i’m. Turning that light down, maybe it will help there. Oh yeah that’s a little bit better aren’t. They gorgeous so it’s got like this solitaire in the center or you know, and then it’s got these little baguettes all around almost like a ballerina style. If you know what i’m talking about they’re so it’s hard to get a good shot of them, because the the brightness is so blingy on them gorge, so those are some nice little stud earrings and then i i got a good kick out of this because it’s So random, pure tomato double concentrate.

I i guess if i need some tomato paste, this will be for me tomato it’s, random right, but i guess fun all right. Oh i just all right. I love my nails. These are the um ravens night out. I did paint them sort of as an aside because they were the these are like mats, normally those, but i painted them shiny black uh yesterday, the day before, okay, so here’s. What i want to do for you guys um. They sent me these three pieces but i’m gon na give away two of them and i’m, not even gon na pick so i’m going to let you decide whenever i do the giveaway, so, hopefully whoever because i’m picking two people, whoever chooses. Hopefully, you don’t choose the same thing: we’re going to have to figure something out, so what i’m going to do is saturday. So this is a short one: i’m, not giving it very long, you’re going to leave a comment after i shut this off after going live, and i want you to tell me because it’s women’s history month what woman inspires you? What jewelry would you like to see from your inspirational woman, whether it’s, the queen or amelia, earhart, or you know, whoever inspires you that’s? What i want to see for your comments, so i will be looking for that and on saturday i’ll do the drawing and i’m going to let i guess the first person i pick will get get first choice and the second person i pick will get second choice And whatever’s left over is what i’ll get to keep as a bonus and tomato concentrate all right: um i’m gon na jump in the chat.

Now. So, if you’re done and you’re like okay, i’m gon na go leave my comment um, you can’t! Do it now if i’m live but after the fact, then this is the point where you’re like okay, now margaret’s just going to talk to people that’s right that’s, what she’s going to do? Did i just call myself she yeah? Okay, so hi hi everybody, oh yeah, auntie christy, says i received your monthly mystery box of jewelry today, oh it finally got there. Oh, i can’t wait to see it. I i just opened up a few more of my patreon spots. I think a couple have sold out already, though uh for my giveaways um, because i mentioned that i’m kind of retooling. How i’m doing my jewelry reselling for a little while just for just until i get less stressed so i i’m gon na, be putting things more into my patreon boxes or, in my whole sales group. So anyway, there’s that hello, what’s friend, saying hi in the chat. Hi hi hi, everybody i’m, so glad you’re. Here, hello, hello, uh, yeah! I love they look expensive. I love stuff. That looks, looks expensive, but isn’t like crazy, expensive, and so some of their prices are perfecta. No it’s, not it’s just a site. They just like hey. Come on over and and we want you to share some of our jewelry and that’s, what i’m doing that’s it let’s see. Oh the yeah, these are the and these these are my the ones that i sell.

So if and and i was telling um what was i telling the other day – they don’t these are not available anymore, but because of the company that these are sold through, that, i that i sell these through how to sell them. You get them off their website, but they don’t if they’re discontinued, i can still get them from like other people, or i have a couple that are left um and they’re not marked up so even if they’re discontinued, there’s no markup on them. So let me know, let me know: um no yeah, not mlm it’s, just a nice company that was like hey you wan na you wan na have some stuff some jewelry and i think they’re gon na send me a coupon code too, but i don’t have the Coupon code yet, but if they send me the coupon code, i will drop it into the into the description box so like. If you wanted to go, get something from there. Um there’s, like oh, okay, the tomato paste things are really trendy right. Now, oh cool! Okay! Well, now, i’m, on trend, take note world i’m. Finally, on trend for like two seconds and then tomorrow, i’m off again um. Oh, how did i do okay, where’d that go? How did i do um on the 18k cross, the cross? They both have sold um. I you know, of course i know like oh yeah. If i put it up and i wait, i could probably get a better.

I got a price that i was happy with and the person that bought it got a price they were happy with. So it was a win, win, win, win let’s see! Oh thanks! Tommy! I appreciate it. Do you you hate, opening a can when you i’m gon na i’m gon na? What do you put it in? I guess i need to do a little bit of research about what i’m gon na do with the tomato paste. Rice stir fries potatoes. I need a lot of potatoes around here. How do you email me? My email is texasgaltreasures or you can tag me on facebook or message me there, but for the giveaway link, uh drop a comment down below uh let’s, see: oh, you got your craft box. Yet oh yeah, you loved it all. Oh so, i’m! So glad, oh, that i was thinking about that because i think the the cleaning jewelry with tomato i’ve, heard of doing that with ketchup. I know i’ve done it with pennies and hot sauce let’s see. Can you tell us the price, the price of which ones the kate and chloe stuff is priced on their site? I don’t know about the price of the tomato paste. The nails are like 15, 16 bucks, 13 to 16 and the patreon stuff are all different prices. So i’m, just kind of guessing which thing so heb is out of tomato paste. That is gold. Oh yay, okay! Well, i joke about it, but now i’m, like am i gon na brush my teeth with it? Yes, look! Look here we go, i can’t get it out here.

It is look it. I can brush my teeth with it. I’Ve been using my kids bubble, gum, toothpaste, so hey this might be a nice change. I can’t i can’t. I just feel like i can’t go open a new. I have new new grown up. Toothpaste i’m, like bubblegum toothpaste, is already sitting there might as well just use it. Okay, beef stews shoes, soups anything cleans brass too uh, oh, the pr um the cross and the pearls prices. I don’t know if i’m gon na share on that one. Just because i don’t i i know no matter what number i say, somebody’s gon na give me grief about it, somebody’s gon na say you could have gotten more or you ripped somebody off or like it never fails so i’m, like i just don’t, want to um It was a number i was happy with more than the scrap value and less than i probably could have gotten. If i listed it and laid it for a year or something. However long so let’s see let’s see at the last live. I was like, oh good. You were able to get a blue box yay. Oh you, you, okay, cool, all right, so that is the review video. I know we kind of went off and i chatted with the chat for a little bit but that’s that’s our jam right, peeps. So saturday. I will likely be live and probably doing an unboxing of jewelry.

Go figure and i’ll draw the names at that time and then whoever i draw first will get first taken. Whoever i draw second, which would you pick if you were getting to pick? Would you pick the cool bracelet so dainty? Would you pick the delightful studs or just out of curiosity, would you pick the salsa tassels get over there get over their sales to chancellors? Okay, i have a feeling somebody’s gon na pick this just because um was the cro. It was real. I did test it, so ching ching the person who bought it asked like hey. Can you make sure to test it before we set? You know make the big exchange and it was a real, the real deal. So, okay, nice, nice, all right, so you would pick the studs they’re really pretty huh and they look. They look really high end that’s. What i like, i like that they look like really really pretty. Oh you’d go for the studs too. You go for this tassel tassel susan says yes, nice. Oh the bracelet isn’t that really pretty i’m glad i took it out cause. I thought it was a necklace it’s, so dainty and it’s like it’s, like a flower or a star or both, i love it. Okay, you guys, i had fun doing this unboxing, and i want to thank kate and chloe again for sending the beautiful jewelry and helping me stay on trend with my tomato double concentrate.

I tease about it but i’m kind of excited now to try it um. I feel like i was forgetting to tell you something else so go check out their site and if uh they come back with i’m waiting to hear back from them. Maybe i should have waited to do the video, but i couldn’t wait. Um then i’ll drop the coupon code. If they send me one into the description box, all right i’ll talk to you guys later. I hope you have a really great evening.