Ios devices now i’ve been using this product for about two weeks, a little bit over two weeks, so i’ll be giving my honest review and opinion on this keyboard. So in the box you get the keyboard itself. You get a micro, usb cable for charging, as well as your usual manual and warranty card. Now you pick up this keyboard for about 50 to 60 on amazon, and it gives you this plastic build keyboard now, it’s, not the weird, cheap feeling, type of plastic it’s. Just enough to get you to that budget price, especially with the features included in this keyboard, the keys themselves, it’s, not the greatest experience i’m typing on, but it’s, not also the worst it’s, just enough and it’s comfortable enough to do documents and school work and anything Like that again, not the greatest, not the worst, it does what it needs to do the function keys on the top. Here you can see that they are catered towards ios devices. You also get the three buttons to connect to three different devices. You get the command buttons and everything again cater to ios. When looking at the trackpad, it again feels plastic. The buttons itself are plastic as well, however, it’s very responsive to gestures, and everything like that, which you guys can see if there’s one thing i can nitpick about this keyboard is to use a micro usb to charge it instead of usb c. For me personally, it’s not a huge deal breaker since it’s more of an at home keyboard, so i don’t mind using a micro usb, but if it’s, something that is important to you, i think that’s important to consider for the next 30 seconds.

I have a clip of me just typing on it, so you guys can hear how the keyboard sounds in the feedback of it. Personally, for me, i, like the smaller feedback and less key travel, almost like a laptop typing experience, so let’s, listen to that alright. So here i am on my ipad here: we’re going to connect this bluetooth keyboard to the ipad, since it is advertised to work with ios devices and that’s the main focus, since we have all the command keys that are used for ios devices, so again, let’s try. This out with my ipad, what you want to do first is turn on the keyboard with the switch and then go here, and you see right down there, it says bluetooth keyboard. Would you like to pair it and it’s right there? The trackpad works immediately right there. You can do your scrolling let’s, try out the buttons there and it works perfect. All right, let’s try out these buttons, so we have brightness down brighten this up. I’M, not sure what this button does this display window. We have this one is computer program, so you can just go through like different apps that’s, the home screen let’s. Do that you have back plate and skip let’s, go on spotify to check that out all right. Let me lower the volume, so you can do that. You can also mute so let’s. Try this out, play and it’s playing skip track, go back all those function, keys, work which is awesome and it goes automatically all right.

Let’S go to imovie, really quick let’s. Do this oh let’s type! First, then, all right, whoops i’m, not the best typer in the world, so of course i’m going to miss some stuff. All right, let’s try this out with some other programs. Let’S use this here. We’Ll go right here. As you can see, it does work very well. Let’S edit this one, so you can do the scrolling and everything right, that’s, very responsive, which is pretty awesome, especially since this is advertised to work with your ipads ios devices, which is really cool. So you can do all the things you need to do when it comes to using a trackpad and everything so let’s try this out with my laptop see if we can connect it to my windows, laptop alright. So this is my windows laptop i’m going to see if this can connect to the windows laptop it’s advertised for ios devices, so i’m just interested to see if it will work out. So what i’m going to do is press the one see it’s blinking, there, i’m gon na add device right there it’s connecting all right and it looks like it’s working just like that, so see. If the all right seems to be working, just fine all right. So let’s try out, of course, the buttons work gets you all. The apps gives you all. The screens get back forward, play and pause decrease volume, increase volume mute just all the same things and of course we have the command that works for home.

All the basic function keys, so it looks like it just works for any device, even though it’s the layout is configured for ios, so that’s pretty awesome. So, overall, i really do like this keyboard, especially if you have a smaller desk setup or you don’t have as much room to have a keyboard and mouse together. This is a perfect combination with the trackpad. The trackpad is very responsive through my testing, and i think the experience with this keyboard is not horrible, especially for the price you pay for it again. The one thing that i have about this keyboard is the use of micro usb to charge it. It would be great if it was usb type c, but it’s, not a huge big deal to me since it’s perfect for the at home setup. So far i haven’t had any problems with this keyboard. So if you are looking into getting a keyboard with a built in trackpad, i think this is a great option to take a look at.