So this is jelly combs website, the uk version on here, it’s 34.99 or you can get on amazon for 29.99 um yeah. This is the same product and everything from the official store um. So i’ve got the thing here: um very cheap. Actually, for how solid it feels i mean it’s, it’s, very heavy it’s, not it’s, not a it’s, not a plasticky thing and the keys are really nice. Little clicks, i expected them to be a little bit cheaper to be completely honest, but they feel you know they feel really nice to be fair, um, so um, obviously, as you can see from this picture, um this keyboard is uh mainly meant for mobile devices. I’M. Pretty sure, but it can also be used with uh windows. So just to start off here i can show you um, obviously uh. This is a normal windows windows. Key, so it’s got all the keys. You’D need um, it’s got the escape keys, it’s got it’s, got no numpad and no mouse, no trackpad or anything, but it’s got um. So it runs off a battery and out of the box, you get a micro usb charging cable to use with it um. So it charges just on the left side over here right side. Sorry, even my bad um, so there’s, a little micro usb input in there and you’ve got bluetooth one and bluetooth two. So you can have. If you press this, it will swap to your first input, which could be your phone and then the second one could be your tablet or your computer, and you can just swap between these two at the top of a button.

Um i’ve i’ve been using it for four or five hours. Now the battery’s still uh still going strong, so um it’s, actually quite very impressive in that in that area um and um yeah, i love the little almost typewriter. Look you get from it. Um yeah it’s, very nice um, so obviously i mean as far as the keyboard goes it’s it does everything you’d want. I mean it’s, just a keyboard really um it’s also got all the um all the little uh keyboard shortcuts, like you, can control and backspace it’ll delete the whole word. Your windows and knee will pull up file manager, file, explorer um, so it’s got all the shortcuts and everything that’s all built in even on android and ios as well. It’S got all of those so like this home button takes you home and stuff like that. Um up here, you’ve got the volume buttons um, so that’s volume up volume down mute you’ve got a skip song, a previous song of pause up and down brightness, which works better on the phone. Obviously, because my computer doesn’t have that feature and then you’ve got a copy and a paste button here and which is very good for mobile as well so uh yeah i’ll put a phone in it now and i’ll show you what it’s really useful for okay, so Uh now i’m going to show you. It was some mobile devices, and this is really where this keyboard shines so first off um it’s on the second section at the moment, if you hold it down for three seconds, the keyboard goes into a pairing mode there and then on the device you want to Connect it to it should pop up just at the bottom: bluetooth 3.

0 keyboard. You click that press, ok and then you’re done now. This all works and uh. Yes, you can use it literally to control the whole tab, but the arrow keys. You can see. Um we’ll select uh, you know little um select things on the page. You can press enter to select um it’s very, very well. I thought it would only do typing, but you really can navigate the entire thing with it. Even in apps you can uh uh. This hasn’t been opened on here before so this might be a bit difficult but um even within apps. You can do that and that’s very cool, so um yeah and then you’ve got these pages and android um and iphone. Obviously, both um smart enough to realize there’s a physical keyboard extended. So you don’t um are connected, so you don’t it doesn’t pull up your keyboard on the tablet. So if you’re doing um like uh um, if you’re doing like big loads of text and you you can see all on the screen instead of having the normal keyboard, which won’t even come up at the moment. But that will come up to like normally halfway up the screen, so um yeah it’s a very nice viewing key, but obviously it’s kind of hard to put um it’s kind of hard to show you over the video but very nice, and it does all the controls. You’Ve got you can swap it between windows, android and ios.

All these volume controls still work. As you can see, volume up volume down, you can mute it. You can put the brightness up and down just with the top of the button on the keyboard, which i think is very cool um. And then, if you want to swap to your phone, for example, you literally just press source one and then you might there. You go done and now i’m controlling this. Instead uh, not yeah it’s, just a it’s, a very, very nice um, very nicely it’s very nicely done uh, and then you can start typing away, uh whatever you want, it doesn’t feel cheap at all, it’s, a very nice. Very nice feel and yeah um. The battery’s lasted me quite a while so far and it doesn’t seem like it’s got any uh any closer to die and um it’s a hefty piece of kit. They also give you um in the box. They give you this dust protector if you’re the type of person that likes to use that on your keyboard, i’ve never been too fond of them, but um if you’re using it somewhere or, i suppose, if you’re eating or something um. This could be very useful keyboard. Still feels pretty much the same through it and um uh. Obviously, if you spill anything on it, won’t be the end of the world uh, so yeah, that’s, pretty cool and obviously you’ve got this stand for the phone here, uh just built into the keyboard.

You could have multiple phones or if the tablet was out of his case, you could pop that in there as well, um, obviously like samsung, sell their own keyboard cases, type things, but they’re so much more expensive than this, and honestly i mean they’re, not i mean I’Ve tried them out before they’re, not as good. This feels like a proper, almost like a mechanical keyboard. To be honest, the way it sounds and feels those samsung ones definitely do not. They feel like rubber, so um yeah. This is definitely. This is definitely a way to go if you’re looking for mobile things like if you’re on the, if you commute on the train every day or you know, if you’re on a plane or in the car, and you want to type a big load of uh, you Type in lots of emails or stuff like that i’ll probably end up using this. For my like my college work and stuff, i do um when i’m out, you can take this with you um. Obviously this is much smaller than taking an entire laptop with you and having to charge that up uh. You just take this and then you can start riding it on your phone um, so yeah yeah. This is actually very good and for the price you can get this for 30 pounds off amazon, which is um yeah, which is very good, so i definitely recommend it. Um yeah i’ll go through the keyboard, shortcuts a bit more as well, so you’ve got up there’s.

The home button, which obviously like, if you’re in an app you press that will take you home, press it again it’s. Basically, it is just the escape button. Um, if you uh, if you hold it or if you hold function and then hold it, google comes up and then so you can start speaking to that. If you want to and then, if you press this search button here, it will just bring up google and then you can just start um. You can start typing on there. Whatever you want uh, you know you just type enter and then anything will come up. You want uh, so yeah, very nice um. You can use the arrow keys to scroll down the page very good. I have tested this on an iphone xr the other day, unfortunately it’s not in the house at the moment, but it works just as well um, obviously as well. You can use this if you want to send messages um, so you can uh uh. You can just you can choose the recipient. If you want to write a long message, you can just do this, then press enter and the message will send um. So they’ve got. You can tell it’s not just a keyword that connects to your phone, like they’ve thought about all the buttons and what you know where they become useful stuff, like that, so it’s very good.