You can see I'm back in Spain now and I'm. Over most of my jet lag I've got some new tech to review. First up is the JD tab. This one here got it from bein good I'm going to unbox this here now, it's, a joint venture tablet between various different Chinese companies, so we've got Foxconn that handles the assembly of this JD comm, which is a huge Chinese retailer that is backing this and we've Got hardened come on speakers, so all your on this should be very good. The echo and mezu that handled the operating system so it's running Android 6, but it's got the slimy skin on there and other features include four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of internal storage. It has a 7.9 inch 2048 by 1536 Retina screen on there also now into the retina screen. So let's get this one unboxed got my unboxing knife here and have a look at it in greater detail. Alright let's get into this so plain looking box apart from saying, Harman Kardon along the bottom there. This means it should have some premium sounding speakers and good audio out of the 3.5 mm mm headphone jack. All the coarse tip that out JD tab there and jvcom markings on the back there's, just something about the specs there, so type C: port quad core with a maximum vote of 2.0 gigahertz, seven point nine inches. As mentioned Sloan EOS let's, get it open, alright, that's.

Actually that looks quite good so far premium. I put the tablet a slide there for a second it's actually got a cellophane wrap around there, which is good, and here we have looks like an instruction Quick Start Guide, perhaps JD tab. So maybe one of these is in English, no that's Chinese and it says also Chinese well. This was actually just meant to be a domestic Chinese only tablet this one it's, just because we have banggood and other retailers that will be sporting. This some kind of VIP card or something no idea what that is about a USB type, c, cable, white and then the charger which seems to be stuck in there. Almost there we go. This is rated to 5 volts 2 amps, so it doesn't look like it's going to have any quick charge during anything like that so standard going to right there get it out of this wrap and let's have a look at that. So wait. While I wait in just a second, it feels ok, it wouldn't say it's the lightest, but it does have a successor minute, our battery in here, which is definitely larger than the four thousand two hundred million power battery, that is in the i5 mini 4s. But I recently reviewed so on the back here. There is an 8 megapixel autofocus camera and a secondary while the microphone there. I don't know if that is the secondary. That could be another mic on here, but I mention that's.

Probably just that'll be some video and along the bottom, two Torx screws, type c port and two speakers either side. Of course, with the Agent K branding. Oh here we go there's the other microphone on the left hand, top they're all made out of metal media metal. Unibody here feels great in hand there's no flex on that so metal volume buttons on the right hand, side they don't rattle around, which is good and then a metal button here on the top that I can hear has as a little loose, but not too bad. So plastic strip on the top. This will probably obviously be for the antenna, reception and bluetooth 3.5 in with a headphone jack and at the front, a 5 megapixel selfie camera there, and there are the mini keys down here along the bottom. So we can add home and back so get this powered on hopefully there's battery in here I don't see why not there we go JD tab and first impressions of that screen looks to me that actually looks like it is fully laminated right on the OS. Of course, so that's from mizu, okay, so there's an update there, so that will be four over. There updates someone's already put this in English. That probably would have been been good and it it does have wireless in because it's picking up my wireless in network, which is good to see so, if you're familiar with me Zeus OS they fly me, then you know your way around.

Here we have a quick vlog, so that is Android 6.0 and see under storage. So I managed to find the storage settings here. We'Ve got 53 gigabytes free and there is no micro SD card support. So you cannot expand on that so it's, not even on the maximum brightness here, which looks pretty good well on the auto brightness setting. So this must be our ambient light sensor now, that's something other models. Don'T normally have they're going to crank that brightness up a little. I need to disable that auto brightness so really quite bright there. That looks good. That should be close. I think it's 300 Lux that the Retina screen has. This is the flow me skin, it's, more customized, the icons look a little bit flat there and it's energy does have a nice aesthetic to it. It doesn't look bad to me and we do have a couple of GD comm principle applications on there. So a little bit of glow where there's li echos at there now lease hopefully can be removed, perhaps and install yes, so it takes some of the spam. We can at least get rid of now you'll notice that there's no Play Store on this. Now I expected that so I'm going to have to use a Google Play installer or slide loader to get that on there now it could actually be under the App Store I'm going to have to connect to the internet just to find out.

If it will. Let me download play 3d rap store and it will say the account center ebooks Game Center as well. Some applications on there a little bit floaty, but really not too much bloat on their camera. Application, just launch that and have a look so that's rear camera. Of course – and there is my a meaning outlook – 12 just take a couple of snaps now shadow rate – things pretty good quality. Yeah me now looks okay. Normally in these tablets you don't get very good quality out of the cameras. Unfortunately, look at the front webcam you can see. It actually looks throughout the quality, not too bad, but I do have good lighting on in here at the moment, that's definitely helping, but is 5 megapixels and so far the quality seems to be alright. So the back the menu button – sorry here are backlit, always still one the homeowners in the middle. You can see that just looking a little bit there, so you can see it's quite a nice looking panel. Your typical retina panel is always to me, looks pretty good because you've got a high resolution without 324 PPI here so 2048 by 1536 resolution, and that really does look quite nice. That screen to me that is also fully laminated. I can't really see any gap between the touch glass on the top there and the actual IPS below okay. So just gon na have a look at the weight of it.

Now comes in at 377 grams, which isn't too bad. If I weigh the mini forest that one's 335, but yet remember that it has a small battery in it, so now it's time to have a listen to those hopefully premium sounding speakers Music, you, that sounds actually quite good for a tablet very decent – and this is The 99 I 5 mini 4s, which doesn't sound as good go back to these ones, Music bit louder on the JD tears, and they also have a little bit more bass to them. So just wanted to point out that on the left there this is ci5 mini 4s, which is around 99 to 120 us this one here is a little bit pricey because it's over 230 us now. What do you get on both of these? Both of them have fully laminated displays, premium builds on them, but I must say that yes, ok, the JD tab is a step up and build quality this one, because it just feels a little bit better, but it doesn't have a micro SD card slot, both of Them lack HDMI out, and the other thing too is well operating systems you're getting Android 6 on both, but you have a custom skin on this one that doesn't come with. Google Play stock Android. It does have Google Play Store on there to me. If you value value battery life, this one's going to be better because that has 2000 million hours more, but I think value for money that's a definite winner there, because this one just has an offered.

So much more to me personally having that micro SD card slot is a big bonus and then, of course, stock. Android word Google Play. That means you don't have to muck around with installers, which is what I'm going to have to do with this one here. Ok, so that's their GD tab, a jo0 in overall so far, my first impressions are good. This thing has a premium feel to it: really: nice Retina screen very familiar panel, of course, and so many tablets, so there's just a couple of downsides to this. Personally, the price of it it's pricier than your average 7.9 inch tablet, and really is it offering enough to compensate for that price difference? Personally, I don't really think it is, but I'll see in the final review, so you've got that slimy OS on there. It doesn't have Google Play you're going to have to mess about and get that installed. The other thing is no micro, SD card slot isn't, shame there, but yes, the audio is better. It will have a better battery life than other options out there, like the mini 4s, so overall, its stacking up to be a good tablet here, hopefully we'll catch. You back with my final review on this we'll, be up and coming.