They decided to create their own custom tablet with a few other companies like Lyoko, Harman Kardon, who handles the speakers me xud operating system, and we have Foxconn D assembly and everything else. So this one has the written panel that we’re all familiar seven point. Nine inches 2048 by 1536 resolution has four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of internal storage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any expansion to that, so there’s, no micro, SD card slot, there’s, no GPS as well, and no HDMI else on it. So the CPU, which running is a quad core. It has two cortex a 72 causes it can to about up to two gigahertz and then another two lower powered ones with a maximum of 1.6 gigahertz. The GPU is a power VR, rogue GSX, 6250 and the battery is 6200 milliamp hours. So the full of this tablet is very nice it’s premium. It has a unibody metal, rear housing on there, a rear, eight megapixel camera with a microphone. Next to it, you can see that little dot there, you see down the bottom there, the branding with the Harman Kardon, so they have handled and change the speakers and audio on this to downward firing speakers and the USB type c port at the bottom there. For data and charging now charging is one of the downsides to this tablet. It’S very slow. The charge is only 5 volts, 2 amps and it takes around 5 hours and 10 minutes or so to fully charge.

This thing they’re making use of this large bottom bezel. We have a mess that I’ve included menu keys here, capacitive ones, so I think that JD tab did a good thing doing this. A lot of people don’t actually like them, but I prefer having two Hardware navigation keys. Then you don’t lose space with on screen keys. There, the front facing camera is 5 megapixels. Next, to that is the ambient light sensor, which can control the screens brightness automatically and then, on the right hand, side we have metal volume buttons and, at the top there another metal power button. These buttons feel really good. Overall, the build quality is excellent, very high quality here, mostly along the top there’s, a secondary microphone 3 point: five millimeter headphone jack that supports microphones and the stun little strip along the top. Here you can just see it. That’S actually plastic. There that’s for the wireless antenna reception, so the screen looks great, very good contrast. Colors, look, excellent, swell, deep blacks, fully laminated now I don’t know whether it has Gorilla Glass on there or actually Dragan tell what Brando views, but I would say: it’s. Definitely scratch resistant glass because it doesn’t come up reapplied screen protectors and at this price I definitely expected it to be so. 324 PPI and the maximum brightness comes out to be exactly 450 Lux, which is very good so overall, a nice panel. If you want to see it in person, all you need to do is just step down into your local Apple store and take a look at the iPad Mini for the same panel.

The tablet is running Android 6.0 and it’s based on the skin, which is mizu zone. Flamey 5.2 is version of it. So when you get it as I expected, there’s no Google Play on there because they don’t allow that in China, so you have to go along and install that luckily it’s not hard. All you need to do is just google google play and store a version two for me. Ui8 that’ll bring out the results it’s an apk, install that this is it right here and once you run through that, it will actually get Play services framework everything on there and it works perfectly without any problems. So quick, look at Chrome performance which works okay, but I’ve noticed that it isn’t the smoothest or the fastest tablet I have used when it comes to Chrome there. Perhaps it needs just a little bit more optimization, but loading things up in general does work okay and because the screen is so sharp and the brightness of it it’s. A real pleasure to use of things like this for website for reading and we’ll have a look at ebooks now. This ebook here is Dan Brown’s Inferno. So just your basic text and that actually looks really good. Now you can see some of that light leakage. I was mentioning at the start of the video, where it’s slightly whiter along the top there, so I minor nuisance, the performance of that is fine and you’ll, see that auto rotation yeah a little bit slower there, but these kind of ebooks performance is, I find it’s Fine, because no one’s going to be skipping through that fast on it now here, Hevy a PDF file.

This one, on the other hand, is a little slower, so you skip ahead too fast and, of course, it’s going to be playing a bit of catch up. Then, if you’re searching for something or you want to skim through the pages real quick, then you can’t go too fast you’re going to have to go about that pace setter. Because if you skip ahead like this, then you see there that’s yeah, the chipset needs a bit of time there, but overall performance is good and again because of the screen, the sharpness of it. It looks really nice great for reading and there’s just a little bit of zoom there of the text there. So very good screen for ebooks audio is one of the strengths of this tablet. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack puts out some really good audio it’s crystal clear and has a good level of volume to it as well, when they normally limit that right down to stop you from damaging your ears. Here I find it’s a little bit louder than normal and excellent quality. So let’s have a listen to the downwards firing. Speakers now there’s, two of them, of course, they’re tuned by hard and come on and you’ll hear just how good they sound they’re, really not bad. At all Music Applause, you can see from that they have a maximum output of 88 decibels, which is quite good for the size of this tablet and on to the fun part.

So let’s have a look at gaming performance now, I’m, going to use a Bluetooth controller. Just a little easy and you can see more of the screen and for that I’m going to use a game. Sir g4, so first up is Ashe felt extreme. You can see there are some choppy moments now the graphics quality is set to optimal. I think it’s doing all right considering the screen resolution, you always got to remember that the GPU is driving 2048 by 1536, which is a demanding resolution. This is a touch based fighting game. This is Mortal Kombat X, so bitter slow to understand not running the fastest, but it looks like it’s running better than the addams, at least, which tended to be more slide. Show Wow, okay, this one’s lagging pretty bad it’s almost as if and they can’t really handle. This game, can it or maybe it’s throttling oh that’s, too slow, look at that that shocking lag so stuttery dropping down to like five frames per second or something so this game, this isn’t playable, not this one, and this last title was a real racing: 3 Music. At least this game has label framerate not looking too bad so far: Music Applause a little bit of stutter there, but it’s liable. So after they game in a tent look at the temperatures, so the front of it 34 degrees. It is still flashed up to spin, gets warm to the church that’s about it, but a longer game.

Of course, the warmer it’s going to get. I notice that most of the heat will generate just around here, that’s, obviously where the chipset is located so 30 degrees. That’S dropping down quite quickly per sense of just stopped gaming. The cameras on this tablet I find to be better than your typical budget Chinese tablet, although this really isn’t a budget tablets booth its retaining for around about 260. So, on the rear, we have an autofocus, 8 megapixel camera on the front, a 5 megapixel one. I did take a few snaps with it and over. I think the quality it’s okay, but I wouldn’t be walking around like an American tourist with my iPad taking photos and easily with this. No, this doesn’t have that kind of quality, save that for your mobile phone. Please look at the webcam. This is the front facing one and it’s alright, as long as you have enough light now, that’s pretty much the case for any tablet, even laptop webcam. So as soon as I step into irresistable the stock – and here you can see now it becomes very grainy. So I need to write the camera. I haven’t seen a hell of a lot worse than this one. It mean just don’t expect flagship performance from the front camera topple here from the rear camera. So you can shoot up to 1080p, which isn’t bad for a tablet. Quality, as you can see, is well, except which really to be, does have autofocus to and very quickly to run through some benchmarks.

So this is an two to six point. Two point: seven, not a bad score. This is better than a Snapdragon six to five. Although the GPU well, I don’t know I’ll have to look into that in more detail. Now here is Geekbench. Four okay scores mean a single core score. There that’s actually quite decent 1500, not bad! You see the higher end devices get about 1800. 1900. So really not too bad multi core scores a little less, and here we have the internal storage. So hundred and forty megabytes per second reads and 120 writes again: okay, this is fine. There’S there’s, nothing amazing, but it’s. Alright, that’s just more details there with the sensors. So battery life is very important in the tablet now using the work to battery life test set the display to 200 Nats of brightness, and here we have 6000 ‘ minutes from the 6200 hour battery. I thought this was actually a decent score. This is a lot better than the i5 mini Flores, which gets around 4 hours, so good battery life. If you lower the brightness, I do believe you can get at least seven hours out of this thing, so not too bad and lastly, wireless speeds connected up to a wireless AC dead, managed to get over 100 megabits per second, not the fastest of seeing better other Mobile phones and other tablets, but the range seems decent as well, not too bad, ok, not too bad here, and that is it for benchmarks.

So that concludes my review day of the j 31 from JD dot com. So the JD tab seems like a very nice little tablet. The build quality is great premium screen. We all know the screen it’s a great screen, it’s been in hundreds of tablets. Now on probably a hundred feet, you get the point. There excellent build good battery life where it comes down to the cons. I would say that it’s just a little bit too expensive, really for what they’re asking yes, it has the premium audio on it, which does sound good and better than most tablets, but the performance of it is just lacking if they’d put something like an Exynos octa Core in there that would be a little bit. Somebody performed a little bit faster could actually push this resolution a little better when it came to gaming because, as you saw, their modern combat 5 got quite lagging stuttery. In fact, it wasn’t even really playable, so very disappointing performance there. It also has no microsd card slot, no HDMI out, so it makes it a little bit hard to recommend this tablet if you’re after a premium tablet with really good speakers good for ebooks and media. With the battery, ok, yes and the price is right, then yeah this will be a tablet to get otherwise. I would look towards other options out there.