Every week we talk about the latest news, Hardware, apps and now all the developery goodness happening in the Android ecosystem. Im Jason Howe also joined by Ron Richards Florence ion and our newest co host on the panel when to Dao who brings her developer chops really great stuff. We also invite people from all over the Android ecosystem to talk about this mobile platform. We love so much join us every Tuesday, All About Android on Twitter TV, a friend here at twit, Anthony Nielsen, uh, told me a couple of weeks ago. He said: hey, I just got the Logitech gcloud, you want to check it out, um and of course I said, okay, because guess what this bad boy runs: Android thats right its running on Android, but it is a cloud device so uh. You know that is a that is a chunker, its a yeah, its a large handheld. I mean you know its were getting uh more and more accustomed to seeing devices like this. Obviously the Nintendo switch is the easy kind of go to because its been around for a while, and it has this form factor. Uh weve seen some. You know aftermarket kind of things for hooking your phone into a controller um and you know having it having the controller tap into the phone uh and the apps that you install for the Play, Store and everything this is and then, of course, we got like the Steam deck, which is actually larger than the gcloud that I have here, also costs a little bit more.

This gcloud uh runs 349 dollars so 350 for this device and, as you can see like, though its running Android, it has a different interface theres, a way to boot. This into a standard like Android tablet um uh UI, but you end up having to do a little bit more of kind of like the manual mapping for your controls and everything, and I think I read somewhere. I didnt test it myself, but if youre using this for an emulation device that you can run into some issues with mapping and and uh kind of how things are set up, it might not be the the perfect device to get. If you really, you know, enjoy emulating, even though in my mind like this is the kind of device you want if youre, if youre emulating you want something that really um is, is designed for gaming and so but but like I said, I cant really speak to That I didnt take the time to kind of set this up for emulation. I was really curious to see how this worked as a cloud gaming device which is really kind of what its about I mean its right in the name right, Logitech G Cloud. So this is really meant to be a cloud gaming device and it has some really good support. As far as thats concerned, its got G Class. Sorry, its got Xbox cloud gaming, its got Nvidia GeForce, now um it. Of course it does not have stadia youre, not gon na fight stadia in here right you got steam link um.

You can connect this to your Xbox. So if youre in your local network – or maybe even you, know remote networking into your Xbox at home, you can do that. I dont have an Xbox, so I couldnt test that out either but um like Ive, been doing with some reviews in the past and this I wouldnt say that this is like a full top to bottom Soup To Nuts review, because you know I had this. While I was sick, so I played it a handful of times uh. I would. I would not say that I put this through the absolute ringer, but I got us enough of a sense in playing it to understand whether, if I had 350 dollars – and I wanted a cloud gaming portable device would, I feel like this – was a good spend of That money or a rip off or or maybe you know its just its fine and theres others out there, and this is just another and you know in a in a in the marketplace. So I think the pros here is that the design is really nice. I mean it is, it is quite large, but it feels really nice to kind of the curvature. The grip is comfy um, the controllers themselves, its got that vertical layout, which you either like or you dont like. I know that when I was talking to Anthony he was kind of wishing that things were a little bit more angular than they are right now, because it can be a little strange going top to bottom.

Didnt bother me that much, but I would say that Im Im not really of discerning taste when it comes to gaming. These days, I just dont game enough to be that Discerning, but I, like it uh its got a seven inch touchscreen. As you can see, you got your analog and digital controllers. You also have your your bumper buttons, some analog triggers up here, so really nice little switch for the for the power. This is a SD slot which youre probably going to want Ill talk about that in a second uh, your volume rocker. You got your USBC on the bottom and some speakers um and uh. You know a couple, a handful of other buttons, like uh, the gcloud button. Uh for pulling up, you know extra context when youre in within a game you want to like quit the game, you would push that and you could exit out or the home button. You know a number of other things, but um, so I think the controls uh kind of capabilities of this I liked it uh streaming from your local console. You know, like I said I cant really speak to that, because I dont have the Xbox, but Anthony uh has done that a lot on this device and said that he he enjoys using the controller like when hes in his you know in bed wanting to play His Xbox, this allows him to just kind of lay in bed and you know play it on a handheld device, thats pretty sweet, um and then, of course, that micro SD card slot thats nice to have because Id say in the meh category kind of the middle Of the road uh its, it only has uh 64 gigs of onboard storage.

That might be enough, if youre, if you, if youre strictly cloud gaming and stuff like that, but if you want to you know, do some Android gaming on that as well. You might run out of space so having that extra storage is going to be nice, its running a Snapdragon 720g, which is a three year old chip on the inside. So you know Im a little anytime. I see that it that I especially a device this thats. This pricey and I think, to a certain degree, you know it kind of hangs its hat on performance, its kind of hard to go; okay, but its got a three year old chip, thats okay, especially when its coupled with four gigs of RAM, which feels incredibly low To me, I feel, like our phones are constantly like 12 gigs, like how does this thing? How does this have four gigs of RAM? I dont even know, but its like thats like a a Chromecast, is four gigs of RAM yeah totally totally, but again were were doing you know, cloud gaming largely or streaming to you know a browser when you think of the stadium model, you know thats what was Happening there, so maybe its a little bit less necessary as far as thats concerned um, I I dont know. I think I think that that remains to be seen depending on how you choose to use the device again. I really kind of stuck with kind of the cloud gaming uh portion of this and uh the display kind of Falls in in that category, which maybe Im off base on this, but its a 1080p LCD display its large enough that I dont know I I just I felt like theres a there was a lack of clarity like like.

If Im, if Im on my phone and its 1080p, its a its a narrower display, I I dont really care as much how things look 1080p feels good enough. 4K feels like overkill on this larger display. I kind of feel like I feel, like kind of how do I turn up the brightness thats, a great question Burke here Ill just launch something: thats thats, maybe a little bit easier here. I know that its a little dark and so Brooks telling me to increase the brightness and off the cuff. I cant remember how to do that so Im going to go ahead and just launch into the cloud gaming interface and load, something else uh that was uh Halo, infinite by the way, but um anyways. I felt like the display is not like the most amazing asset of this I feel like it could be a little bit sharper but its fine. I think where the downfall, like the Forza Horizon, uh, which I played of for quite a bit um latency, just like streaming, you know clouds streaming latency for me here at the studio, weve got really great Wi Fi and youre youre gon na be bored by the The load screen, which is kind of what Im, what Im looking at right now um, you know so here I was kind of using the Wi Fi here, which is, which is pretty strong. I feel, like things were, were pretty latent at home um.

I really felt like things were latent, and I dont feel like my internet is – is too crazy? Slow, I think the the down is a hundred megabits somewhere around there 100 200 somewhere around there. I cant even remember at this point, but it felt like things should be a lot clearer and a lot um. I dont know a lot less of like the breakup and fast action. Sometimes I felt like my actions uh on you know that I was punching it with my fingers were behind what I was seeing on the screen by like a half second, I dont know its just little things like that that um kind of I dont know impact The experience I might throw in some some extra b roll in post just so that you get some actual gameplay because as Im talking about its kind of hard to do that, I think ultimately the value for me in my time with it anyways. If I had 350 and I wanted to buy a cloud gaming, you know system, I dont know man like its its kind of hard when you compare it against. You know something like the steam deck. That does a ton more for 50 bucks more or you know you compare it against the quality of the Nintendo switch. I mean you can get those for 199. You can get the the regular. You know, thats the light version. The step up. You know 100 more youre, still 50 bucks less for the Nintendo switch than you are for the the gcloud uh, which is running.

You know an Android kind of processor thats. Three years old, I dont know I feel like the price is off. If this was a hundred hundred fifty dollars cheaper, I feel like it would be a no brainer, but at 350 It Feels Like A Hard Sell to me. I dont know. Does this speak to either of you is the Android aspect of it like the fact that it can do like? Can it do more than a switch or a steam deck yeah yeah sure? Certainly it has the play store installed right. It has the play store installed but again, like even Im, trying to remember the game that Anthony was playing uh through Android. I want to say it was a gentian impact and uh and the performance was really low from yeah, and I mean that makes sense right. Its got four gigs of RAM, so how is this thing going to compete with, like even a you know, a many mid range phones nowadays have more RAM and theyre able to run games like that uh better than apparently this can. When it comes to Android gaming. You know but like as a media device or something yeah I mean you can install Netflix on it. You know you can use it as a media device, no problem, um thats, its fine, but but arent. We Awash with media devices. At this point I dont know. Oh yeah, that just feels like table Stakes to me.

You know so yeah I mean I have a steam deck and Ive been playing. It non, stop uh Hades! If youre curious um, it is interesting to kind of compare specs because I think the steam deck screen is less its got a lower resolution, because I think I was reading Im looking here at the specs uh, its only 400 nits, whereas thats 450 knits. So, presumably a less brighter a brighter skin, it is heavier, but it also has like the haptic pads that seamless, but it is more powerful. So, even though it quote only runs steam, you know Steam games, it does have storage, you can download games, you can play offline, whereas um I dont know I is it only Android games. You can play only certain Android games. You can play offline with the gcloud because everything else is well. I think I think you could load. You know any any Android games on here that are served in the Play Store, so any games in the Play Store that you know allow for offline play. Absolutely so there seems to be nominally like a broader. You know: content range that you can play on it, but yeah there is yeah yeah, youre youre, probably right it is lighter. Um yeah, I dont Im, not sure uh Im, not an Xbox live person, so maybe its not yeah, its sort of like hitting me on the Android side, but not hitting me on the the steam side, because I already have it.

You know I have a steam deck and I have a. I have a big phone with a big screen, so I dont know it feels like its overlapping a little bit, at least for me, like a couple devices that I have. I do love the idea of cloud gaming and I do like the idea of putting cloud gaming in a device of this form factor Im. Not, I guess, Im not blown away um, especially yeah, four gigabytes of RAM again sorry not to compare but to compare the the steam deck has 16 gigabytes of RAM yeah. I mean I, I think you have to compare when its a gaming system. You know when its a gaming device, a device created for gaming, four gigs just seems uh, I dont know it just seems criminally low to me. Yeah. You know its odd. It is very bizarre yeah, so anywho so thats, my thats my thoughts and on some relatively short amount of time with the the Logitech uh g cloud. 350 bucks. You know Id be really curious to hear from uh hear from you know, folks, fans of the show who want one who have one uh, who decided not to get one like what are your thoughts, that what is it doing or not doing for that price? It just it seems expensive to me, but maybe Im, not the right person for it, because I you know I dont. Do it a whole lot of gaming uh these days so curious to know what you think AAA twitter.

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