Perfectly worked, ive been looking for this all day. Thank you, so much blah blah blah lets, give it a real test, so he ios says well just type it in right. Here, lets see ios dot. Pro then, what did he say? This is a pretty cool website, so once youre here youre going to see at the top, it says easiest fastest and safest way to jailbreak on ios 16 and it also says, select your device and your version so im using the iphone x all right. So we just need to power. Details lets see im using the ipad pro io16. No need to create lets no problem. Jailbreak lets see what theyre gon na. Do. I dont like to comment during this process. Who knows it could work, so i dont want to be so negative about it, but lets see same time. Lets listen to this guy, so im going to go ahead and select that right here. So then, im going to put in my version im on ios 16. Obviously so i dont need to change it, and this works on a bunch of versions, so were going to go ahead and press start jailbreak and its going to jailbreak yep, so its all the same as soon as you see all the surveys and stuff gift cards, I promise you they. They already have access to my to my tablet to my ipad, so they can, you know, steal anything they have, but in fact they wont they wont be able to get anything from this one.

Yes, thats. The purpose of this video actually its to expose these suckers because all they do is turn on the backup. If you dont want to lose your data, which is something im interested in so im going to press, start jailbreak and confirm this request, and now my device is being jailbroken so yeah. This is kind of like iphone update if youve never done the jailbreak before so were just going to wait for it to jailbreak so lets just give it a second. Its just got to do the process here so lets just let it load all right. So this is super cool guys i just cant even believe it actually works, but it does so once its done guys, it should load that progress bar so lets just wait for that to go ahead and load across here, as you guys can see so lets just Give it a second all right, its almost done just let it load guys they talk so fast. They talk so positive, but its gon na bring us to the final step. So lets just wait for this to load here. So nothing is real all right and it should jailbreak our device so lets see if it works all right and just give it a minute. Okay. So here we go next step. So basically some of the jailbreak code is contained in these apps. So we just have to download, like two of them finishes the process: theyre free theyre from the app store theyre, not weird, or anything like that so yeah, these, i dont know it just triggers it so lets.

Do it so ill? Do i heart radio, as my first app its going to take me to the app store im going to download the app it doesnt matter? What apps you got just download them theyre all free, complete, whatever the instructions are. So while this is downloading im going to go back onto the list of apps and download the second app open it up and im going to make an account which is complete, i dont know what the instructions are going to be for you, so were going to. As you guys can, this should be. I didnt do lets see if it comes up and then our device is gon na be jailbroken. So oh my gosh there. It is guys it actually works, so im gon na open it up. This is gon na um. So lets see if its jailbroken, so cydia should pop up in a minute so lets see if it comes up and then our device is gon na be yeah. So i hope you have learned something from watching all these comments. I just cant even believe it actually works, so, as you can see, im now getting into the ball and it is working so be sure to go ahead and try it out for yourself. Let me just show you some of the comments here, so they pretty much seem all legit. They all look from uh. You can see the names of the of these requirements, its not like.

Here we go, none of them says it didnt work, they all say. Work greetings thanks for this. I love this. Everything was fine. Jay brick is also on my phone amazing ios, very simple, cool new year great update the day break thanks for sharing the everything is positive, but the result is abs yeah. So thank you for watching and dont fall for the scammers. I will see you in the next video exposing a different youtube channel.