Today i have a java, jabra, evolve75, uh, we’re gon na take a look at it and see how well it works now that everybody’s working from home doing their studies, their team chats their go zoom classes. This is perfect for you guys out there so we’re going to take a look at it, see what you get when you purchase something like this all right, so you get two manuals very important to go over the menu in case you’re, not familiar how to set Up the bluetooth or the usb, so you have two different options: i’m, gon na show you guys how to set it up here. First of all, you know: go over your menu, make sure that you have it properly set up, and you know how to charge it because you definitely need to charge the system out of the box it’s not charged. You got to make sure it’s fully charged. So if you’re gon na it’s gon na last, you a couple hours, of course, and if you can see they give you a nice little case in here, a nice little enclosure in here let’s put the box on the side, we’ll open the enclosure. Of course, we just took out the charger, so we could keep it charged, but this is pretty much what you get your little side pocket here. So you put all your extra features in here on the center. If you guys see, this is the actual hits itself really light.

Really nice little soft cushion play area here right here, it’s a pleather right here, but it’s really soft, really simple to use um. It is expandable if you can see it now now this one there is no clipping, sounds or anything like that. It just opens up slides, very simple, no noisy, no, no, nothing clipping or locking in now on the center. If you guys can see, this is the actual usb that you’re going to require to connect to your computer, but not necessary. You can actually connect this to a bluetooth. This is an easy option that people attempt to use all the time. This will be on automatically identify as a plug and play feature compatible with mac, microsoft, windows, of course. So now here, if let’s go over the volume, this is the two dots it’s for higher volume. One dot is actually for one uh lower your volume. So, if you’re, not if you’re going by feel, you could feel the two dots in here you’re gon na know this is to increase the audio, and this is to decrease the audio and, of course, your microphone. If you guys could see the microphone, it has a little stainless top on the microphone itself. Um uh, the internals all plastic in here uh. If you could see it little tiny internal mic, so the mic does mute when you actually move it to the top. It completely mutes it so, but this is very, very, very smooth transition, if you guys can see it very simple.

I like this, the cushion is um it’s, going to fit everybody’s ear, pretty much, but it’s a little smaller than usual all right this right here. This button right here on the left hand, side, is to answer the calls when you click on it, you can answer the call on the other one’s listening. If you want your music pause or change, the next one is to Music, so because it has noise cancellation on this. One right here itself on the one on the left is actually to answer calls the one on the right is because you have noise cancellation. You want to hear your surrounding you hit this button. It will automatically enable all uh all noise cancellations, so the anc is what you have to turn on and off and that’s the noise cancellation feature that is located right underneath here. If you guys can see it. So that’s a great feature to if you want to mute or block your noise surrounding all right. So if you guys want to know it’s a 14 hour battery life on it, it takes about three hours to charge an hour and a half depends on the usage. Um so it’s about it lasts you a while and, of course, let’s go over some of the features here right now. If you can see it it’s off completely, the center will be on and then on. The top will be the bluetooth, so that’s pretty much how it works on the side, all right, guys so i’m, going to take a look at the actual headset and if you can see on the headset there’s the really good indication which is left to right on The headset itself so that’s one thing i didn’t like about it.

It would automatically tell you left to right here. We are we’re gon na put it on and if you can see, um noise cancellation is pretty much covering from the actual ear itself, but it doesn’t completely cover the whole entire ear um. So if, for somebody with big ears like me, i might need some better cushions and unfortunately i don’t know if they sell any um replacement because they don’t look like they could be replacing replaceable um, so pretty much small little device, the head top. The cushion is really soft. Really. This is a different material here, it’s more like a rubber in – and this is the pleather part – and this is more like memory – foam that’s – how it feels like memory foam on this part. So very simple: you guys, like it so we’re going to do a test on the microphone, see how well it sounds and we’ll come back testing one. Two three it’s testing, one, two three! So we are recording on jabra and, to be honest, there is some feedback back on the system itself and, of course, when you turn it on, it gives you an indication of how much hours you have available. So a great indication of how much time you’re going to need to charge it too. So if right now we are recording – and i know my line – is not very good but we’re – recording on the system itself and now we’re going to do another test.

So the other test i like to do all the time is i like to put a play of music in the background or a video in case it’s, a good noise cancellation, so we’re going to do that and the way i do. I play a video okay. We’Re going to put amc on so it’s, no cancellation is completely on and we’re going to go ahead and do the a video that i have and i’m going to put the race the volume all the way up: Music and we’re going to go ahead and play Some audio it’s, going to a red mark on my actual recording so we’re, going to turn it down right now in the enc completely and as you can see so you can still see some movement on the actual system itself, so it’s working pretty good. Okay.