They are some very pricey tws earbuds. They sell for 170 euros here in Spain and for that price. You'D expect super high quality, sound great, build good feature set and they definitely deliver on that front. However, unlike some of the competitors, they are missing out on active noise cancellation, but apart from that, these to me are fantastic sounding earbuds, the best that I have heard small disclaimers. Well, these were sent out to me free of charge in exchange. For this honest review now I have not been paid for this I'm, not passing this video by Jabra first before they are approve it and all the opinions here expressed 100, my own inside our box, you'll find them nicely presented. Now we get to small tips and two large tips if the mediums that are already pre applied do not fit in a Type C to USB cable, the lead. Seventy five T's have a very small case that they come in, and this gives you an additional up to 28 hours of charge, and I have noticed that with the earbuds they claim 7.5 hours I'm getting around 6 to 6 and a half. But it all depends on your volume, genre of music, etc. You get the idea, that's just an estimate. I guess, if you lower the volume, then you probably could actually get the 7 to 7 half hours. So this case is really nice and compact do like what they've done here and we've got this excellent finish to it.

Nice plastics, there's, no, sharp edges, it does fit the price tag as you'd expect that these are expensive, tws earbuds, but the build quality. They definitely deliver their in that department, so the buttons on the top, where it says Jabra, they are hardware clicking buttons, and this is the best I hate those capacitive ones, because they don't often work all of the time these ones work 100 of the time. So you tap and hold to volume up or tap and hold to volume down, depending on which one you're using they will work with assistants like Google Assistant Suri and you can even assign, if you want, through the application, to use Amazon assistant as well. There too, if you wanted to so when you pull them out, they will automatically pair up. You can see the Pogo port connector pen right there for them, and they do have four microphones, so there's one here, one at the top. I believe the top one is the one that's using the noise cancellation fit in place with magnets, nice and snug and I'll just put them back in here. You can see that status LED flashing. It would probably come on if it needed to charge, but I do believe I have a hundred cien battery at the moment. So if Clips down very nice with a nice little bit of noise there to it that the magnets going to hold it in place a very portable size on the back there, there is our type C port and status LED.

This is the optional app here. So you don't have to use it. It'S called sound plus from Jabra that works with their tech, but I do recommend that you, at least when you first get them, run this app because there's a firmware update that comes through just to help improve the quality and fix even a few little bugs and Things now and then with these earbuds so that's, why it's really recommended so you haven't equalized it in here now. A lot of you are probably going to say. Well, I don't need an equalizer because I use power. Amp or my music player has an equalizer, but this is very handy because remember it's as a global equalizer. So if you're watching a movie that the bass is overpowering, you can go in here and go no. You know what I'm gon na just tone that bass down a little and then it won't be affecting that movie then. So that is why it is actually quite handy to have this now I'm running it, of course, in default, for this review. So you've got this really handy feature here called hear through now. What this does is it passes through the sound from those four microphones to you? Okay, so you can hear those announcements from when the next train is coming. You know which platform to get or if you want to hear office workers you're in the office. When you hear your co workers talking to you, it asked you, oh hey, did you get my message or whatever? Then you enable this, and you can hear that now view boosts this right up with the mic, the gain, basically, it almost acts like then a spying device or a hearing aid boosting your hearing, and you can even hear things that probably you shouldn't be like other People'S conversations from the desk over there, so it is actually quite effective and I normally wouldn't use it, but if you're definitely on a bus or a train, and you need to hear those announcements and things, this is very handy to have there's a few other things.

In there, with the app that you can go through and set up, but really I won't go into any of that there's. Another handy thing too, that you've got your battery life percent at the top. Even though, when you connect these up, it will actually show you so when you connect them up for the first time, it'll come up and tell you the remaining battery percent. Most importantly, how do these sound now, these 170 euros that they sell for here in Spain, and are they worth that money? Do you get high quality sound out of these the best that you'd expect for that price? And yes, they do not disappoint in that area. These sound, absolutely fantastic. To put it this way, when I first got these, I was up until 130 in the morning, listening to all my favourite tracks and basically just going while these actually sound, really really good. Now, I think the bass, the way they are tuned just out of the box, their default tune is a little bit on the heavy side. Now a lot of people probably like this. This is subjective, of course, but to me it's just a little bit overpowering a couple of movies that I was watching. I found the explosions and things like that. Bass was just rumbling away and I felt that you know it's just a little bit too overpowering, then so a little disappointed they tuned that so high for the bass there, but otherwise the vocals, the mids, the separation you get from the instruments, the clarity we're getting Here and those instruments really do come alive.

This has superb sound both of them. Thus these tws earbuds hands down the best that I have heard so far, so they really do come highly recommended for that, but also, as you hear now, from my sample of the microphones it's, also probably one of the best you'll hear in terms of microphone performance From Tim, WS earbuds, so I've got those four microphone and two of them on each. So one on each of the earbuds is also using noise cancellation, so you do get much better quality. I find when voice calls this microphone quality versus all the rest that I have reviewed in the channel now, certainly when it comes to the sync here now, bluetooth never is the best. There always seems to be a little bit of a delay in the content, you're watching and you'll notice that it doesn't perfectly sync with people's lips when they're talking, for example, here in Amazon, Prime watching Picard, there is about a millisecond or two delay, though most people Probably wouldn't even detect it or see it. It looks like it's going with their lips, but it is actually the audio behind the video just a fraction of a second there that may irritate some people. So let's talk about the comfort of these and I've got them in my ear now and I haven't had them come out on me and I don't feel like especially when you take off a t, shirt or something like that.

You get changed and you're wearing them and they shouldn't snag on anything it's a much smaller design compared to previous model, 265 tees and the case I love the size of this case. It is so small, so they're not going to be class winning in terms of battery performance with these that will still go to the creative outlet goals that I have. These sound a lot better and I'm willing to trade off a better battery life. For the amazing sound that these here have so they came 7.5 hours that's what you can get out of these on a single charge: I'm, getting around 6 hours towards six and a half they're so slightly lower. But it of course depends on your violin settings. The genre of music you're listening to, if it's, got heavy bass in it, then that will probably consume a little bit more battery, so that's to be expected an additional 28 hours out of the case. So you do get quite a few more charges there, which is a great there, so really good, build quality, very good microphones, as you heard from my sample. Trust me. Those mics are actually quite good, not quite as good as say your mobile phone, but almost I've heard some terrible microphones on tdos tech and those ones are really right up there as much much much better, so great for call quality. Now the range disconnects I've had no problems with that very good range as well.

With these, you get a bit of passive noise cancellation, but it doesn't have active noise cancellation that's. One thing I feel for the price of these hundred 70 euros, they're quite pricy – that should really have that active noise cancellation competitors now are also introducing that into TV area. Stick so really, I think, with the next model, we will probably actually see that that they will incorporate some form thereof: active noise cancellation, so fantastic, sound, really good. Out of these I mean when I first started to use them. I ended up getting into one of those modes there that I started listening to all my favourite churns, and I was up until 130 in the morning. Listening to these going hey, this actually really sound good and really rekindled that fire in me to start listening to more tracks with these now the base. However, I feel now. This is subjective, of course, to me personally. I think they went just a tad overboard on the default tuning of these. The way they sound out of the box but they've just up the base a little too much but saying that it doesn't distort so very loud base that doesn't distort clear heavy hard hitting base rumbling if you've got explosions in movies, and things like that, you could Almost you can actually feel it. It feels like big base, and that is pretty amazing, considering that the drivers – and these are only six millimeters, but they have tuned them really well.

It shows their experience that Jabra have with their audio tech, and so your high as your vocals very crisp eyes, their vocals come through instruments just sound great. I can't emphasize enough how good they sound. The TW is tech, so that is my review there of the Jabra elite. 75 T's come highly recommended for those that don't mind on missing out on that active noise cancellation. Thank you so much for watching this review.