I want to thank them for sending this over to review on the channel Ill leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information Music. This is a two in one PC with a 10.95 inch. Touchscreen comes with Windows, 11 Intel Core 11th gen, i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM has Intel Iris R, XE, Graphics, 512 gigabytes of SSD storage. Its got a full HD IPS display 1200 by 2000 resolution. Also comes with Wi Fi 6 Bluetooth, 5.1 USBC connection also has an HDMI port has 45 watt Quick Charge 40 minutes to 50 percent and weve also got the keyboard attachment as well does sort of look like the magic keyboard that you would see from Apple, pretty Good size, USBC, charging, port, USBC, the USBC charging, cable and, of course the quick start guide, might as well take a look at the keyboard while were at it. Okay, the keyboard looks decent on here, a little tricky to get the plastic off the track pad Im. Not gon na feel like the most expensive keyboard out there, but still pretty decent quality, see youve got some air vents here on the top. Youve got a headphone jack micro SD card slot, USB 3 Port there as well over on the other side. Youve got two USBC ports and a mini HDMI port there as well rear facing camera up in the corner, Pogo pins there on the back for the keyboard, nice and strong, magnet here on the keyboard.

Okay, so I feel like the battery must be dead on here. Im just going to leave it charged in for a while, as far as setting up looks like pretty standard stuff here, youll also want to set up security questions in case you forget your password, probably not a bad idea. Its gon na take a few minutes here to get everything ready. Okay, so it didnt take too long to set up there, as you can see pretty typical, looking Windows 11 device here, everything you need just right here in the middle, get all of your abs here. Search area you can also add or remove desktops youll, also have widgets over here. Once you sign in with your Microsoft, account, of course, its got Microsoft teams, file explorer youve also got Microsoft Edge and then, of course, the Microsoft store. You can also move around the windows pretty easily here or expand it to fill the screen just long press down here on the icons to close all the windows over here. On the right hand, side youve got your notifications, some of your shortcuts down here, like screen. Brightness Focus assist battery saver, accessibility, airplane mode, Bluetooth and Wi Fi, so far its using just under 37 gigabytes of storage, and it looks like its got. A lot of updates to do so Ill go ahead and do this and then come back. One thing I do like on the lock screens for Windows devices: they always show you some pretty cool landscape photos or Wildlife.

Sometimes, just a really cool looking place that Id like to visit someday now, one nice thing about having a Windows tablet is you can download some of the apps through the Microsoft store or you can just go right to the website and you can watch YouTube videos Up to 4K resolution to me, I feel like the screen. Quality on here actually looks pretty decent for a mid range device. I think most people will enjoy watching movies. Tv shows playing games on here. Its got decent viewing angles and the screen quality actually looks pretty good. In my opinion, Im not sure what kind of pen works with this one. I know a Capacitive Stylus will work, but I would think theres going to be some better options out there for pens, but I havent really had time to look into it. While the keyboard doesnt feel that premium on here compared to some others, Ive used functionality, wise, actually works pretty good and the trackpad seems pretty responsive as well. Now to me, Im not really used to using Windows tablets and while Windows 11 definitely feels like its a little more tablet friendly. It definitely doesnt feel as polished as an iPad or even an Android tablet. Things on here just seem a lot smaller, and if I was going to be using this device on a regular basis, I would probably be using the keyboard attachment and using it more like a laptop. It is nice that has the touch screen on here, though, because sometimes thats just quicker to tap on things, but just something to keep in mind if youre looking at getting this or just any Windows tablet in general.

Now, as far as performance goes for, cinebench youve got ’06 multi core score 1307 for single core and then geekbench 5 testing 1281 for single core 4628 for multi core score, so not going to be the best performance out there, but still pretty decent. Considering the price. Now, surprisingly, it let me download Steam on here to play some games like rocket League which actually played pretty smooth at 144 frames per second. Unfortunately, the resolution is a little too low only about 1280 by 800 thats about as high as I could go. So obviously it may depend on what types of games youre going to be playing on here, because Asphalt 9 was nice and smooth on here and has nice high res Graphics. It does tend to blow some heat out of the vents there at the top, but doesnt seem to overheat or anything like that. Havent had a chance to run a battery drain test on this yet, but from what I can tell so far, it should last over five hours of continuous video streaming. So about average I would say, maybe just a tad less than some other tablets. Ive tested should be plenty of power to get you through a normal work day even longer. If you turn the screen brightness down now the speakers on here not going to be the loudest out there, I feel like they could be a little bit louder, but at least you you do have one on each side.

Let me give you a quick audio test. Just to give you an idea of what this sounds like Music now as far as the cameras on here definitely not going to be the best quality out there, pretty decent shutter speed, you can scan documents. Youve got whiteboard scan barcode as far as video recording goes. It can shoot up to 1440p 30 frames per second heres, a few samples of photos and video. Just to give you an idea of what to expect on the iWork GT now, unfortunately, video and photo quality on this is not really good at all, probably even worse than most of the tablets that Ive reviewed even budget tablets, which is kind of surprising on something. Like this, because I could see people using this for Zoom meetings, video conference calls stuff like that, especially with the keyboard stand, but unfortunately the quality is going to be really bad on here. So I probably wouldnt recommend that so hopefully this gave you a little closer. Look at the iWork GT two in one Windows: PC buy all the cube foreign, so if youve made it this far into the video you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is Brian from fish B Productions.