Real world skills are otherwise learning about. Linux, for example, is easy, thanks to a bunch of courses on improving your skills on the command line becoming a sysadmin or just generally learning more about linux’s internals personally, i’m. Taking these classes on color correction in davinci, resolve skillshare is affordable, with free account creation and your access to skillshare premium being only eight dollars a month. This gives you access to all the chapters in all the classes and offline viewing now the first thousand subscribers that click, the link in the description below will get a free trial of skillshare premium so head over there and start learning. So, to begin with, i used kd plasma on manjaro for the past month. I customized the interface to my liking, emulating some kind of elementary os layout. If you want to have this kind of customization, linuxcoop made a dedicated video, which i definitely followed to make this, and i left a link to that video on the description below so check it out. If you want something that looks like this, it kind of looks even better what he did, but i didn’t want to go to the trouble to do all of these customizations let’s begin with what i liked about kde, and the first thing that really struck me is How customizable the desktop is now i started using the default layout, but after a while, i wanted to customize it and i kind of emulated the layout of elementor os, but went a little beyond that.

I created one that looks and feels completely different, using latte dark, but apart from completely changing the layout, the number of small things you can change is just amazing from how the task manager looks and behaves to which notification icons you want to see and when or The clock style: you can really change everything you want now. My needs are pretty simple, but i like to get rid of small annoyances like having too many notification. Icons visible at the same time and kd lets me do that the default alt tab. Look wasn’t! Really. My favorite, so i changed it as well to a thumbnail style. I like my windows appearing at the center of the screen because i’m, not an animal, so i changed that as well. I wanted buttons on the left side of window decorations and i could do that as well. I could list all options here. No honestly, no, i couldn’t there are too many, but generally, if you see something you don’t like in kde, you can change it it’s that simple. Now this is kind of incredible in and of itself, because whether you just want to change a few things that annoy you and keep the default experience intact, or if you want to completely create your whole new, desktop environment or desktop experience, you can do that with Kde there’s, nothing stopping you from creating something entirely different or just using the default layout and tweaking a few things here and there to remove the small annoyances that you have with it now also enjoy the widget system that you can add to your desktop.

I added my video folder and a few system monitoring ones but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here there are hundreds of widgets you can download from the plasma let’s call it store for lack of a better word from crypto trackers to different menus clocks, docs resizable browser windows. You can really create the desktop you want to use now. That’S always been one of the main selling points of plasma customization, and this get new stuff button is pervasive. Throughout the interface whether it’s application themes, plasma themes, icons, cursors, wallpapers, widgets, you name it. You can download some new ones from an online library in one click and use them immediately afterwards. It’S super well integrated and it’s. A really nice feature that i enjoyed. It was also nice to rediscover notification icons, especially as they’ve been integrated in plasma. They all feel part of the same interface, which is pretty rare. Usually you get a disjointed collection of icons of varying shapes sizes and colors, but here they’re all looking nice and similar, and i must admit i had missed them quite a lot on elementor os among the best ones. The media player. Applet is just fantastic listing. All your video or audio playing apps in the same place, so you don’t, have to hunt for them. The removable media applet is also cool popping up when you insert something. So you can open the contents in one click. The ones you don’t need or want to see, can be tucked away in an overflow menu, which is also very nice now having a full fledged menu is also something that i truly missed.

On elementor os, you don’t just get an app grid or an app list. You get access to your places to your recent files to your history and also, more importantly, you get access to file search system wide now, that’s, something that most of you will find pretty normal, but on elementor ios there is no dedicated way to search for files At the system level, you have to open a file manager for that and having this integrated into the menu makes a whole lot of a difference and please elementor ios devs. If you’re reading this please integrate file search in your menu, it is solely needed. Please now another thing that i had missed was kde connect. I used it on elementor os, but there is no way to really integrate it. All that well, especially since the elementary os notification system. Doesn’T really support actionable notifications, so there was no way to answer messages or share files, so it was a glorified remote control. Now i get access to the power of a fully operational cadi connect running on my slash e smartphone, and it is amazing i can do anything. I want it’s just apple levels of integration between your phone and your desktop love. It now, of course, not everything is roses and rainbows, and there are some things that i really don’t like about. Kde the default theme in light mode is pretty bland and looks a bit old, especially the buttons i’m, using the dark theme which kinda resolves the issue, but the default application’s theme really needs an update, in my opinion, of course, that’s only an issue if you don’t Change it now, my main issue with kde is the applications.

Those are very inconsistent. They don’t look or feel the same at all. On the one hand, you have apps that have really simple defaults and a lot of power under the hood. If you need it like dolphin, on the other hand, you have applications that really want you to see every single feature panel and option available right out of the box, like the calendar now dolphin, is a great example of how you can get an app super simple And still have a lot of power under the hood by default, there is no menu bar very few toolbar icons and a simple layout. But if you live in your file manager, you can show a folder list, an info panel and even a terminal that’s. What i’d? Like all kd apps to be a simple layout without too many panels, but for users who really need something more powerful, just keep the options to show more panels more toolbars, the menu bar everything, but out of the box, please make simpler, layouts it’s, really really a Better experience for somebody who gets used to your app to add features instead of trying to remove them because you don’t use them now. There also seems to be a less sizable community of application developers for kde than for gnome or at least gdk applications. A lot of apps look pretty old like k, organizer or kmail. They don’t look updated visually to look like something like dolphin or discover.

I also couldn’t find a to do list application along the lines of getting things gnome or planner, and i couldn’t find an equivalent of audacity for the kde desktop. Now, generally, all the smaller utilities, like a very simple one purpose, image, resizer or file format. Converter don’t seem to exist on kde. You have big monolithic applications with ton of options, but if you want a simple one purpose, two clicks application then you’re out of luck. Now, of course, you can always install non kde apps on kde and that’s. What i did with the planner audacity, i also installed the gnome disks app because for some reason, the kde partition manager just wouldn’t, want to. Let me restore an disk image into an sd card which gnome disk did in two clicks now that’s, where kde grabs the advantage. Again, it integrates gtk apps a lot better than gnome integrates cute apps. The fact that you can choose any theme you want for gdk applications under kde is great, because it means that these things will look a lot better, integrated and not feel so. Alien using kde apps on gnome or elementor os is a weird experience. Those applications do not look integrated and they do not look native, but using no maps on kde is a more simpler experience and it honestly looks good to the point that i was wondering if i could just run a plasma desktop with gnome apps behind. Instead of the kde ones, now i praised the avalanche of settings before and i’m not going to apologize for it, but it’s also a bit of a hassle, sometimes to find a specific thing.

You’Re. Looking for the system, settings have a handy search feature, but it looks for the category names and not the settings inside. If, for example, i want to know where i can enable the fact that i can move my window to an edge of the screen to move it to another virtual desktop, i was trying to type sliding. I was trying to try to type moving or virtual desktop. It only showed me categories that were named using one of these words or that had sub categories that matched this request. The setting i was looking for is in screen edges, but it could just as easily have been in window behavior or virtual desktops. Now these settings are awesome, but finding them, if you don’t know where they are, can be a bit of a hassle and that’s about it. For what i didn’t like now, if i needed to conclude i’d say i really enjoyed using kde rediscovering the power of notification. Icons really well integrated with the system rediscovering the power of a full fire search in the menu and rediscovering the power of kde connect really made a whole lot of a difference. Compared to my experience with elementary os. Previously, though, i also rediscovered the power of having desktop icons and no, i still think that having a desktop folder with tons of icons and files inside that are displayed on top of your wallpaper is a horrible user experience. It looks terrible it’s bad for file management.

You’Re going to lose or delete stuff, it just should never be done, but having a specific little window, that is always visible on your desktop choosing the folder that you want to display things is a great experience and that’s something that really should be done on every Desktop environment. I know you can do it on elementor os with the desktop folder app, but it should be the default not just putting a parameter mishmash of files that you just stored inside of a folder and that are displayed with no consequence and no rule at all. It’S. Just not good now, widgets are also impressive and they are really well integrated inside the panel inside your desktop. They just add a lot of power and functionality so to conclude i’m to keep using kde plasma for a while, at least until amentorius 6 releases, because that’s, probably what i’m gon na be willing to use when it’s out let’s be honest. But i will definitely keep plasma on one of my devices because it’s an amazing system super powerful and i really enjoy using it daily that’s it for this video guys. If you enjoyed don’t hesitate to like or dislike, if you didn’t, you can also subscribe and turn on notifications. If you want to see more videos like this one, if you want to watch somewhere else than on youtube, you can also follow me on audi, say i left a link in the description below.

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