You may be wondering, is the tablet trash? Is it decent or is it the best around i’m gon na answer? All the questions regarding the huion canvas pro 16 in this video. Okay, now i can play the title card Music. This is the huion canvas pro 16. it’s got a 1920×1080 resolution. It’S battery free it’s got over 8 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. It’S got a 60 degree tilt support and can display over 16 million colors. I don’t know what half of that stuff means, but it sounds good right. So what comes in the box? Well, of course, you’ve got the tablet itself and all its glory there’s. Also, a three in one cable that comes with it that plugs directly into your tablet. I’Ll make sure to put up a picture of that. You have a battery free pen looks something like this. Let me just get like a good view of it yeah this. This is the pin it’s it’s good it’s got no battery, which is even cooler so yeah you got the battery free pen. You also got this uh donut thing, which is your pin holder and inside of this donut thing. You have your pen nibs, so you can just bring that to the camera, so you can replace. I can’t speak english. You can replace the pen tip whenever it’s needed. So if you want to like replace it, you have 10 free pen nibs for that. Inside of this donut pin holder whatever i call it a donut because donuts sound, i can use a donut right now.

You also get a power adapter which plugs into an outlet. So it can power the tablet you get a free, huion glove, the more technical term for this is an anti fouling glove. Also, like your your hand, can like just slide across the screen whenever you’re drawing right this isn’t for cleaning off your screen. Of course, this isn’t an oxiclean commercial and the tablet comes with a um. What was it? Oh yeah? It comes with a stand, um one. Second, let me go get that real. Quick tablet comes with this stand, it’s like really dusty, because i don’t use this. I really don’t use the stand because i i personally think this stand is just straight: booboo warner, the different angles you can have your tablet at are pretty limited, as you can tell, but if this is your only option like it gets the job done like you. Can you don’t have to like lean forward all the time? Another thing that was annoying to me was um. I have my keyboard right here, so i have my tablet on this thing. Right here, i’d have to grab it move it to the side. Whenever i was done with it, then i put my keyboard back in the middle and that’s just too much of a hassle. I don’t want to do that like i just want to draw man i want to. I want to do work, but i don’t want to do more work.

That is so instead of using that thing, i have this thing. Okay, so i have this arm mount thingy. That is attached to my tablet. Well, let me explain so: the huion canvas pro 16 doesn’t come with a vesa mount or like a place where you can screw in some stuff where your arm mount can connect directly to the tablet. So what i had to do was i had to purchase this little x. Holder thing attach this to my arm mounts using some screws, and then i put my tablet in there. So i may be wondering what the heck is. This little um this cardboard here and what’s, going on with that. So basically, when i put this uh holder here and then i put the tablet here – there’s gon na be some space in between here. So what i did was, i i put those thousands of amazon boxes. I have in my room to some good use, cut them out slip them in that space and then put my tablet on top of the cardboard. So a little engineering, little engineering that’s pretty smart right, yeah i’m, basically like the like the tony stark of art, i’m tony art. That was funny so before i get into the pros and cons of the tablet. I want to make something very clear: this isn’t a tablet setup video. If you want to learn how to set up your tablet, i recommend you check out this video or this video up here.

I always forget where the freaking card is going to pop up yeah check that video out. If you want to learn how to set up your tablet, but but you have to finish this video first, okay, all right let’s get into the pros and cons. So, first off are the express keys and they’re extremely useful for setting up commonly used shortcuts, like zooming in zooming out, and you don’t have to reach for your keyboard, which is a huge plus. I personally have my express keys set up like so so. This is my alt, for you know, selecting a color. This is for increasing the size. My pen, this is for decreasing. This is for zooming in and out. This is my undo button, which is something that us digital artists like to use a lot. This is for rotation, and this is for panning wait. No, this is for rotation. This is for painting yeah, so yeah express keys are super. Super duper useful, the next pro great screen and pin responsiveness. So, just like i mentioned in the specs, the leon cams pro 16 is able to display a variety of colors as a really good screen. I can’t really go into like all the technicalities of the entire thing, because that’s just not i don’t do that. I’M. Not marquez brownlee all right, i don’t know all the numbers and stuff all right. It’S a good screen, it’s a good screen it. It shows you all.

The colors, all the colors of the rainbow and a pen is pretty responsive, especially like in programs like photoshop clip studio paint on ms paint. If you use that there’s, basically like no parallax and strokes, come out, looking really clean. If you’re a person that does portrait drawings or anything with a lot of color, then i think this would be a pretty good tablet for you, customization settings and workspace. So there are a variety of settings on the hood on cameras. Pro 16 can control, like the color display, can change the brightness of your tablet, which is very important if you’re a night owl. You can also change the settings on your pin, because this thing has two buttons on it. You can see the buttons right, yeah yeah, those are the buttons right there, so you can program these two buttons to whatever you want. Personally, i have this set as my brush like this front button and the back button. I have it set as my eraser and you can also change the amount of output based on the amount of pressure you apply to the screen. If you want to learn how to change the settings on your tablet, you can check out this video, this video right there in the cards next pro you can use this thing, Music Applause. You can use this thing as an extra monitor, which is which is really really cool. I got like a three monitor setup going and not only is this thing a monitor but it’s a super monitor because you can draw on it too, who doesn’t like super mod, but who doesn’t like super monitors right so overall, those are my main pros for this Tablet, let’s move on to the cons all right, major major con for um huion tech support is kind of trash being completely honest here, and the instruction mail can be kind of confusing on like how to sell the tablet, which is why i made this video, which Is why i made this video and, if you’re, having a technical issue with your tablet and you submit a ticket good luck, getting that answered appropriately, it kind of take a fat minute to respond, and when they do respond, the response is kind of vague there’s.

This one dude his name’s aj um what’s up aj and aj, submitted a ticket because he had an issue with this tablet and they literally sent him a screenshot of a thumb, hey yo, what the literally just like a thumb, no explanation, just a thumb like if Aj wanted to look at thumbs, he could just watch spy, kids or something ever since i made that setup. Video i’ve been kind of acting as huions tech support and i’ve been able to help some people. Sometimes i there’s nothing i can do, but but i try to do the best that i can and if you are having issues with your tablet, you can actually check out reddit. There are a lot of people that have had problems with their tablet that i’ve actually found solutions, so read it to the rescue and you may be able to find some youtube videos here and there wink wink, alright, so holy on step, your game up, step, your Tech support game up the next con pen, cursor issues. When the pen works, when it’s calibrated and everything it works, it works pretty good it’s, a good it’s, a it’s, a good pin all right now when i first got the tablet the pin cursor was like super far away from my pen tip like so like. So i pretend this is your cursor like the little mouse, thingy and it’s over here when your pen tip is here and that’s, not good, especially when you’re drawing like i don’t need my cursor to be practicing social distancing with my pen tip right.

I got some drawings to do man. I got some content to put out there into the world and sometimes, whenever i start working on my drawing – and i put my pen to my screen – sometimes the the cursor shows up on another screen. So that issue is more related to people that have multiple monitors. However, it’s, a pretty simple fix, all you have to do is just calibrate it to the workspace that you want to. You know actually work on which, in this case is your drawing tablet. After a calibration um, the pin offset is typically like just gone like poof from there. It should be directly under your pin tip all right. Next. Con is screen size all right, so this con is like just just for me because i want to get into some animation and i i kind of found out that the screen isn’t like big enough for me, because i got this fat timeline – that i need to Work with and i need to be able to draw different frames, i’ve seen some people like actually work on smaller screen sizes, so i’m, not saying it’s impossible to do that. Work it’s! Just that it’s, not you know it’s, not enough. For me. You know i need need more real estate, all right. The next con is. You need to have like a pretty decent machine for this, so if you only have like four gigabytes of ram on your computer, i don’t really recommend getting this tablet, because i use this on my macbook air 2014 refurbished and it was lagging like a lot and The fans in my laptop were moving at maximum overdrive.

I thought it was going to blow up man. I recommend having at least eight gigs of ram to work with, so your tablet isn’t lagging at all and it’s, not negatively affecting your laptop in any way. So the final verdict, i think the huion canvas pro 16 – is an excellent tablet if you’re a digital artist, animator graphic designer, if you’re a person that needs a tablet need something to draw on. I think this is a really good tablet. It’S suitable for experienced artists and it’s also suitable for beginner artists, who are you know, just starting their digital art journey, it’s good for the hobbyist professional, all those people and, like i mentioned the cons portion of this video. You can experience like a few hiccups here and there during the setup, but they’re absolutely not deal breakers and are completely overshadowed by the pros of the tablet. So i’m gon na give the huion canvas pro 16, a b plus a good tablet, pretty good. If you have any more questions about, the tablet feel free to leave the comments down below.