The macbook requires before we get deep into this review. Let’S see what comes in the box Music. This compact docking station takes up minimal space on your desk while offering many different types of ports. You will connect the dual usbc connector to your macbook pro then plug in the included power. Brick. The design of this dock is well thought out, along with the docking station itself, you get an external power adapter and an ac power cord. The power adapter connects to the docking station with a barrel style, adapter, so it’s easy to plug and unplug the external power adapter is almost as big as the docking station itself, so the entire kit occupies a bit more desk space than you might expect. Let’S talk about the ports included in the ivenky 12 in one docking station. In the front there is a 3.5 millimeters audio port sd card reader micro, sd card reader, 2, usb a 3.0 usb c 3.0 and 18 watt power delivery port for fast charging. Phones in the back side, starting with two hdmi 2.0 rj45 gigabit ethernet port, two usb a 3.0 180 watt dc input. The ports that will have less frequent disconnections are located on the back of the device while more commonly used ports are located on the front. This makes for much better cable management, the evenky docking station pro measure 142 millimeters in length 76 millimeters width and 22 millimeters thickness it weights 3.14 pounds. The construction is elegant and stylish befitting a mac accessory.

It has a glossy black top and bottom panel, which makes it very easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, this glossy finish can show fingerprints and dust if it’s not regularly maintained one great feature of the ivenky docking station pro is that it’s plug and play you won’t have to spend any time downloading or installing drivers. It will work out of the box. The ivanke 12 in one docking station offers 96 watt of charging to keep even the beefiest macbook pro charged up at full speed, while in use additionally it’s compatible with a 16 inch macbook pro and a 15 and 13 inch macbook pro 2016 and later 13 inch. Macbook air, 2018 and later final verdict. If you want a dual screen space with 4k resolution, the ivenky docking station pro is your savior. It allows you to connect up to two external displays to your laptop or other usbc devices, with 4k monitors at full 60 hertz. The ivanke docking station easily portable, you can carry it in your pocket or throw it in a bag with equal ease and with its fairly compact size. It won’t occupy much desk space, all right guys that all for that review.