It coral nonetheless we’ll talk about all that in just a bit, but here are some things you need to know about the imac before picking one up check them out, Music, all right guys before we kick things off. I do want to let you know i’m not paid or sponsored for this review. These are my thoughts and my thoughts only and i’m not going to go through all the specs, because if you want to know the specs apple’s got a beautiful website. Okay, i’m, going to talk to you guys about what it’s like to use and some of the points i think, are more valuable for you. If you’re going to pick up one of these and things that you should know about all right so first off, i want to talk about the packaging on this just to cut things short. This is the most beautiful packaging i’ve seen on any computer. To date, it cuts color, coordinating to the imac it’s beautiful, it’s, recyclables it’s, just all that sustainability it’s all in there. But it is awesome to see, and it just gives you that whole experience when you first unbox the imac, like you just have this big smile on your face, at least for me that’s what it was like the colors as good as they are on the website. They’Re, even better in person case in point, i got the orange variant here now. Orange would not be my first choice in getting an imac, but when i open up the box – and i saw it’s like a deep coral, color and it’s just got these it’s multi dimensional in terms of the back the stand area, this peach color here the white Frame around the display it just all works and it’s beautiful, even the track pad the keyboard, the mouse it’s, all color coordinated, even the cable, is color coordinated, so it’s.

This whole thing that it’s going to be hard for you guys to choose and i would recommend going to the apple store first, if you can do so, if there’s one near you to see all the colors and then decide because you might be surprised, you might Go for a color that you weren’t necessarily going to go for in the beginning, because they just look so different in person and they actually look better. In my personal opinion, the next things we’re going to talk about is just how beautiful this thing is. I mean apple makes great looking products. We know this, but this is stunning: it’s really thin, um it’s compact in its size and it’s, really lightweight. Honestly, you can pick this up and you can move it around with you, i’m not going to travel with it. Some people do, but you can it’s, actually very lightweight. You’Ve got four ports on the back of it. You’Ve got two usbc 3 ports. You’Ve got two thunderbolt 3 usb 4 ports on this. So you are you’re pretty much good to go. You might want to get a dock if you want to get it it’s in the back, so it’s a little bit hard to see in the beginning. I personally would recommend getting a dock but they’re there, for you got a course. You got a headphone jack there. You can plug into your speakers if you want to do that, so the auxiliary input you’re good to go, but it’s so thin and it’s just beautiful.

So you got a 1080p hd webcam on this now, which is great because a lot of people we were complaining. Why is apple? Putting on these like 720 low res webcams we’re working from home? Now we we need high resolution and the front facing camera on the iphones are fantastic and that’s small they could put in this, and they did so hats off to apple. For that, it makes a big difference in terms of your you know: you’re doing your web conferencing and chatting with that it’s fantastic. The display on this 4.5 k, retina display it’s beautiful colors, are great it’s bright enough. You’Re gon na have no issues with this. At all, as a matter of fact, you might even want a larger display, you go. Why did apple and give us 24 inches. Now 24 is great for most of us out there, but i’ve been spoiled with larger sized displays and yeah. I would. I would take a larger imac if they made one, maybe they will in the future. Who knows, but this is a beautiful display. But besides that i mean everything, as i mentioned: color coordinated, it’s all wireless, except for the mag safe cord in the back of it. It’S, just a very simple setup, but it’s it’s, one of those things that i think that if you want something, that’s minimalist for your home or your office or your your studio and you don’t want to fuss with a lot of cables.

And you want to look really good, and maybe you have maybe your configuration set up that you’re going to see the back of your computer as well as the front you’re going to really love these imacs. They really are that good. So now let’s talk about configuration on this thing, because this is where it’s going to be a little bit challenging for a lot of you out there to figure out like do. I go 7 core 8 core 8 gigabytes of ram 16 gigabytes of ram. You know how much storage do i go for so let’s chat about that right now now. The first thing you got to know about the m1 chip is that it’s got unified ram inside of it, so it’s configured differently than pc, laptops and desktops. So when people mention eight gigabytes of ram, normally pc people would be like. Oh that’s, i mean how can i run anything off eight gigabytes of ram, but because it’s unified ram? What i mean by unified ram is that the ram is on the same chipset as the is the m1 chip, so it’s sort of, like the pathway for them to to talk to each other and to share information, is much shorter. So you don’t need that much in terms of numbers versus let’s, say you know, dedicated ram that’s outside of the chipset that you would get on a pc for that matter. So eight gigabytes performs like a 16 gigabyte ram configuration and 16 gigabytes performs closer to 32 gigabytes.

You know what i’m talking about if you were to compare pc to apple with this m1 chip. This is a very efficient setup within apple’s, m1 chipset. So, for a lot of you out there, the 8 gigabyte version is going to be more than plenty and even 7 core versus 8 core you’re, not going to notice that much of a difference. If you’re just browsing the web or doing word documents or doing basic school work or watching videos, i mean save your money, get the basic imac and then spin a little extra. If you want external storage or if you want to get you know another desk for that matter or another setup say put your money towards that versus trying to max it out now. The only reason i would say to max out this imac in terms of eight core and 16 gigabytes of ram. If you’re doing final cut pro editing, you know premiere pro heavy photoshop autocad all that stuff that’s going to really push the system. Then i would go eight core 16 gigabytes of ram and then, of course i would up my storage, because the one thing you need to know about the imacs, unlike the older ones, is that you cannot change your ram or change your storage once you get it From apple it’s built in it’s on the board, and that is it, so you really got to take into consideration how you’re going to use the imac today and how you’re going to use it in a couple years from now, but um.

So on. My very next 512 gigabytes and for me, because i do a lot of photo editing with medium format: i’m using shooting around 100 megapixels. So my images are around 200 megabytes raw 600 megabytes in a tiff file, format and i’m. Also editing in 4k. 6K. 8K. 512. Is not going to last me, so i personally would opt for maybe one terabyte and then get an ssd drive or if i have the means, i would go two terabytes and then get an ssd drive. Now people will say: save your money, get the ssd drive. Don’T worry about it, but you know here’s the thing that i’ve realized. Yes, these thunderbolt ssd drives are very fast, but it’s not the same as one that’s built in onto the uh. The board right it’s, never as it can be almost there, but never as fast. So now that brings us into performance now to give you the cliffnotes version of the performance of this imac. If you’ve used a 13 inch macbook pro m1 variant, the performance is relatively the same. It’S fast, it’s, efficient, i’ve never heard the fans kick on. It runs final cut, with ease photoshop with ease. Lightroom is getting better. You know, adobe hasn’t updated all their applications for the m1 chip. As of yet, i think, premiere pro is still outstanding, so i mean personally, i would just move over to final cut pro. Your life will be a lot easier.

Trust me, your rendering times, like i mentioned before my previous uh macbook pro review, that i did is that i had about an 8 gigabyte file was all 4k that i shot for a review edit. It myself and i rendered it out into 4k and my rendering time was around 15 to 20 minutes for an 8 gigabyte file. Now in premiere, i would have to go out for dinner. Have some drinks come back and maybe it would be done on final cut? It’S very efficient and the fans weren’t even kicking on that’s how good the m1 chipset is. Photoshop is fantastic with it as well. Lightroom is also good. You also have it running this virtual world with rosetta 2. So if you have programs that are not designed for the m1 chip, they still run relatively well case. In point, i use capture one capture. One is updating their software very soon for the m1 and chip, and it runs pretty good on this chipset. I have to be honest with you it’s a little slow at times, but i’m, also using pretty high. You know high resolution files, so that could be also an issue, but my day to day, usage is no issues at all with capture. One and you’ll find this a lot with a lot of other software out there that the rosetta 2 does a phenomenal job. In terms of you know, transcoding that software to work on the m1 chipset and and you don’t even notice that it’s working it just works, which is great and also in terms of gaming.

So if you don’t wan na, if you’re not into intensive games out there, if you’re, using apple arcade or if you wan na play a little bit of fortnite, no issues at all should be fine. Now, if you wan na, if you’re an intensive gamer, then i think you might wan na look elsewhere for the time being, unless the rumored m1x chip or whatever you’re gon na call it comes out and maybe they’ll have a different graphics card configuration with that, and Maybe that’ll just blow everybody’s doors off, but until that happens, casual gaming, yes, productivity, yes, video, editing! Yes, you can do 8k on this. No issues at all, multiple 4k tracks, no issues at all. It works well, especially in final cut pro and your day to day tasks, it’s it’s any it works with these now. A couple things that i wish were a little bit different on it case in point i’m, not a big fan of the white bezels i’m. Just not, i prefer a black bezel, because it gives you that sense that the screen is larger white makes things smaller. I know there’s companies like dbrand out there that do make a skin that you can cover the white um. Also, the ports are on the back of this here and, while that’s great in terms of you know keeping things hidden, you know from you know, keeping your desktop. Looking clean apple doesn’t make a hub, so you have to buy an external hub.

That means you have to plug something here or you have to use their dongles, which they made that go into the ipad. You’Ll have to use it for the back of the imac case in point for the sd cards. There’S no sd card slot on this. So you need a dongle and it’s a little bit, it kind of flimsy how it hangs there and it just sort of neither here nor there. So i wish apple would have come out with a hub. Maybe they will in the future, who knows color coordinated hub. That would be ideal but that’s, something to take note of there’s no number numeric pad on this keyboard. Here some people like that some people – don’t doesn’t, really bother me, but it is something to point out and that’s pretty much it um i mean overall, the imac is not meant to be the professional pro computer in apple’s lineup. This is meant for day to day usage. Yes, you can do some productivity. Yes, you can. You can push it a bit more than you probably would normally push an imac in you know, previous years, but this is something that’s just much more it’s aesthetically pleasing it’s great to have in the house it’s gon na look great in your office, your studio, even In your kitchen and it’s, just a beautiful machine, it’s fun, it’s, fun zacky. That is the word. This computer is fun, but anyway, those are my thoughts on the all new imac.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below any questions you have on it. Let me know, and i’ll try to answer that for you with that, though, stay safe, take care.