I guess., Its 1600. Am intrigued, probably gon na be so stupid, but okay Ill check it out.. I really liked the little high fiving paw thing from the company whats. It called Something miao term miao., Jono, Angry Miao., Angry Miao., Okay, I went to their website tried to scope this thing out ahead of time.. There was nothing there was barely anything on the website., So lets just look at it.. I bet this is actually the case. You get not just like a reviewer case., Squishy cool fragrant, but in an off gassy kind of way., Its a split key, ergonomic keyboard. And now this is garbage thanks. Angry Miao., James purring, To get these open a bit and then your generic plastic on the inside.. They had to to keep it food safe., Theyre kind of heavy. I was hoping they would be even heavier., Oh its kind of white., So they made this with a 5 axis CNC machine and they think theyre pretty cool for doing that., No ones ever done it. Before. Lots of thoughts immediately looking at this, but lets take our time. Here. Lets not get ahead of ourselves David.. What is going on theres, a bunch of weird stuff, happening. Like what are these Is that gon na be RGB. This looks badass., You will be cool. If you have this, I didnt see an option on the website for choosing different key caps. Im, not sure everybody will like this kind of P green, depending on the color of your P.

. The legend actually is, has two colors.. If you see the bottom of the key caps theres some extra theres, an extra legend for secondary functions, which is great, which is cool its subtle. – Are these non skid Yeah theres, some feet., So even off of the LTT Store desk, mat theres yeah sufficiently non skid. How about that Basically the only criteria my wife was interested in when I proposed to her. Is he sufficiently non skid, No Im a skid. Whoa. I havent actually touched these yet and they feel super like lacquered.. They feel as shiny as they look Ill say. That.. You kind of got this keywell thing going on, where its concave in both dimensions, which reminds me of the Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard, which itself was what 350, and that was expensive.. This feels like its heavier its metal and stuff., So its maybe higher quality than that or at least more premium looking, but Im not convinced, yet that this is like more ergonomic solution or that they did more research than those other guys.. Take note of this. What do you call this bed that theyre all on Its so cool and contoured its definitely all 3D printed, and that looks really badass.? This is a beautiful keywell, Ill say that. Now. The reason this is split is so that your shoulders can be ergonomically placed.. You can be out like this or in you. Dont have to be like this or your mouse arm.

Doesnt have to be way over here., So thats the deal with split.. It also reduces ulnar deviation, which is when your arms go like that, because you dont have to. If this was super close together, you might be like this, but you dont have to be.. You can just go like this and be super ergo.. The website said nothing about what key switches. This thing comes with. Its a bit weird to begin with, because your pinky is higher up than your than Im used to.. You can see that even on the home row, these keys are at different levels.. The K key is lower its sunken deeper than the J and L keys and thats, because your middle finger typically is longer unless youre, a psychopath or a genius.. I dont know I think, theres a thing.. Maybe women have different lengths, or is it just the length of the ring finger? I dont know Im, not an astrologer. Alls, I know is my middle finger is longer so that key is farther away. And then, when you, by the time you get to the pinky that will the semi colon key there is even higher.. So its a bit of a weird feeling., There is a little notch on the J key for home row, which is nice to have cause. I wouldnt be lost on this thing. Feel a little foreign.. The idea on this dimension, though the keys are all the same height, basically and thats.

So when you, when your finger, sweeps like that youre reaching up youre going back down, the key should be kind of within the same reach, which is why theyre curved like that.. Next theres, these thumb clusters. Im a huge fan of thumb clusters on my keyboard on my desk. I have all the thumbs doing all sorts of different things. And its actually not that different from what theyve set up here.. So they have, for, I would say the main: where would your thumb go by default.? I guess they want your thumb to go here by default, which is Space and Enter.. I personally would do Space and Backspace cause. I just backspace more than I Enter, but its nice to have Enter.. They do have both my main squad keys right here, which I like, but then I dont really care about Control and Alt. Those are a little farther away. System Delete these dot buttons. Who knows what they do. Theyre all here., The thumb buttons are really nice, because you do a lot of work with your thumbs and you should be able to split them out, rather than just having your like one. Buttoned space bar down there just doesnt make any sense like we have a normal keyboards.. These are linear, switches., Jono, Theyre called Icy Silver Switches. Icy Silver Switches. It says right on here: TTC. Jono, Along with TTCs technical support., Yeah, okay, theyre TTC, switches., Theyre, linear. I dont know why.

This isnt a gaming keyboard. As far as I can tell its an ergo keyboard., I would think tactile or clicky would be better., Although as far as like RSIs go, I guess linear is kind of better.. I dont know for pure typist. Linear is not usually the way they go, but they still okay.. They drop that easy to press down.. Im gon na pretend that this Enter button is a space.. How about that Wow the pinky? You could get used to this pretty quick.. I think, within a few days, youd be pretty much up to speed. USB C ports on the bottom.. Is this like an Apple mouse like you, cant charge it unless its plugged in and unusable Lets plug in and check it out right after this message from our sponsor. Secretlab chairs are engineered to keep you incredibly comfortable for long hours at work or at play.. Their new Titan Evo 2022 Chair keeps you feeling comfortable for longer hours with their four way. Lumber support, ultra comfortable line of different seat material and more.. All chairs come with up to a five year, extended warranty at a 49 day, return. Policy. So head to the link in the description and checkout Secretlab chairs today. Its, not a secret anymore., Now its time to open another. Oh, I was gon na. Do this with one hand, but James grunting, another box that I have.. This is just a whole. Other ball of wax.

, Oh its actually just more keys, guys. people laughing Just joking, oh warning.! This is also very fragrant in an off gassy way., Its a tablet. A mouse pad desk mat desk pad. First lets see the competition.. This is a very basic desk pad with some cool blueprint, looking schematics on it telling me where to place my key modules as well as the wireless charging area.. So it looks like they give you some latitude and being able to put your key modules along this axis and still have them wirelessly charge, which I guess makes the portal on the underside a little more accessible but still kind of lame. Thats, where they go.. Then theres these over here., I believe these are hold on. Lets put this pip aside., Oh my God, upbeat music. This obviously is meant to go on top of this, but it kind of just looks cooler without it cause. This is almost like a its almost like a leather phone case.. You got some doohickey at the top here, and this would be where you would plug into your machine with a USB C port. Non skid bottom, like the whole way. Yeah. That thing is pretty stable. And then a couple of peels like these are basically the nipples of the product. Ooh. Oh, what were the only cable company in town South Park? Guys. Did this even I dont think its James laughing. I dont think this even came with a cable didnt even come with the charging cable.

David. Are you kidding me Hold on? Did I miss it? This is. This smells like an old banana peel. That is crazy. David Theyre, trying to be eco, friendly. Activate. Look at the lights.: Did you see that David I did. Theres a flourish? Does that mean I can just start wireless charging right now Cause my phone supports. It. Boom Jono, More light came on. Over here, Ooh. Jono Its on the other side., Oh wow. This is indistinct., So whats gon na happen to these little. I think these are light, bars and Im, hoping they light up. When I put this on here. Good, give me the RGB.. Okay, you got some activity. There. Oh sick theres like an under glow., Its not the lights, not coming from where I thought, but right there that looks cool. So now were charging. 5000 milliampere hours in each one.. If I wan na extend the lifespan of those I might unplug this mat once in a while, because you dont wan na keep these charged at all times, but theres no switch on here is there? Is there an off switch? If you want these to discharge, you have to just slide them off. I guess or unplug the whole thing. Currently theres another aspect of this, which is these pucks Cyber Coin, designed by Angry Miao., No wire yeah. We know you didnt even put it in the box.. So thats gon na put it in this. Logitech Mouse sold separately.

So that pops out. This goes in and now you boom red.. Ah, she dead shes dead Jim.. Now we know that these change color according to battery life thats nice.. Can I just how do I pair this thing? It doesnt come with a dongle. Jono Bluetooth. Only I think. Bluetooth only.. They talked about it being super low, latency though. Hold Circle button Tab for three seconds to start pairing.. I dont know if it means any Circle button or we gon na see it blinking, blue or something like that. Somethings happening.. They got a light down. Here.. Oh there, it is HATSU. Yeah were in baby Im, in. Control, Tab. Ah, new tab. James laughing Im Pickle Rick.. This might actually be easier for someone coming from a QWERTY keyboard cause. I have like all sorts of raw muscle memory.. I dont know. If I wan na learn it., I dont love the feeling of this. Like these are very heavy, so they they have a decisive like bottoming out that aspect of is pretty nice.. I would like to have different switches on here.. Is this thing hot swappable? Can I pull that switch out., But look how wiggly that is., My God theyre all lighting up., Stop it James.. I mustve put it into like reprogram mode or something.. One thing that I dont like about ergo keyboards is that theyre always so minimal. They dont have the F keys or a number pad often.

And Im not screwing around trying to learn how to go to the second function. Row. Im not pulling out Alt and going into here. Im, not doing that.. So that is why I use the one that I have at my desk., Its like the only ergo keyboard. I know of that has thumb clusters and a bunch of extra keys.. So I guess its not RGB. Theres, just this white backlight. Do I have any options for turning it up and down and changing the pattern. Is there a Function, key function, Something I look at that you wan na light up this half the keyboard. You got to press the Function, key. James vocalizing, Output, power, three watts wireless charging turns on when the battery is less than 85 and turns off when fully charged. There, you go. You dont, need to switch on here.. All user input is error.. It charges these when theyre below 85 thats too much.. It should kick in at like 40, but and then stop at 75 thatd be better but whatever.. I guess thats to make the compromise.. So what? If you dont wan na use this mat, you wan na charge them up and then peace out. Well, then, youd use a cable. Yeah. I stand by my earlier assessment. Long press the left Circle SKP for five seconds to turn off both sides. upbeat music. No, that wouldnt turn it off.. It says both sides. All right. Whatever moving on you can turn off one side.

Circle P to view the current battery level on the side of the light. Bar. Right is this even on right now, James grunting. Why is this blinking? I cant type though. Its like you have to have them both on to work.. I guess its, not paired anymore.. It says its connected., It has 65 battery life, but she do not type no. Well. I cant really get it working.. So Im sorry. Wasnt gon na recommend you buy it anyway., But heres, a couple of other things to talk about.. Why isnt there enough room for this mouse? You got ta have to go over here to have enough room for your mouse. Thats, not an issue, but again that means, if youre gon na wan na charge it, then you kind of have to do it while youre not using it.. Unless I guess you can get as far as there, this is workable. Its just clearly, they didnt like they wanted symmetry. Instead of a good design that accommodated a mouse.. I wouldve liked hot swappable switches.. I wouldve liked something that worked.. I wouldve liked the ability to customize the keys at this price point. An online configurator tool would have been nice, like the ErgoDox. Has that ones awesome. You wan na be able to customize this stuff thats the thing with ergo and in wanting to be able to go as fast as you can., Like theyve, done an okay job with the basic layout theyve, given us, but its kind of redundant.

. Why do we need so many Control and Alt on keys for the thumbs? We could have used those for some of the functions that instead are on second layers.. Of course you can remap any keyboard using free online tools, but they should definitely provide one. RGB. I think a little more would be better.. These strips are cool, but I kind of wish it was over here as well, and I thought those are gon na line up. They dont., I think, thats just for connectivity. Theres, some kind of feature where you can have multiple Bluetooth devices, connect to the thing., Its not clear to me how that works. Theres no information in the guide about it.. This thing shouldnt be 1600.. It should be like five to 600, even 600 Id be like thats a lot., But ergo keyboards themselves are often three 400.. Then youve got this big charging, mat. Thats cool thats like a power play in itself, and those are a couple hundred dollars. Arent they Jono Yeah. Like 150 or something. Jono, But it doesnt even come with a USB C cable. Doesnt even come with a USB C cable. They forgot that okay, They meant to. And then the NFT its just like go away.. I still think the makers of this keyboard will be happy with this review, because I think the thing they care about the most is the artistry and precision with which this was cut and designed., And I think the CNC and metal aspect of it is really badass.

. I think its beautiful. – Apparently this is a Westworld inspired. Aesthetic. Theyd have that like at least twice on the webpage whatever., I dont like the color they went with for the legend.. I think that kind of serves to erode a lot of the other kind of deposits. In the beautiful bank account they made. They just I just wish it works. James laughing, But for this thats it. Save your Christmas money get something. Else. NFT stands for no fricking techomandation from James., Get that Thats a tech recommendation, not today. Thanks for watching Short Circuit.. If you liked this video hit Like if you hated it still hit Like, but then yell at me in the comments and watch our other videos about keyboards.