. Although it still lacks a 4g lte network to the advantage of the p37 pro what’s up guys it’s victor here again, i have timestamps as a table of contents to this itel p37 unboxing and review video in the description box below so you can get to where You want to be quickly informed about quickly. Please subscribe to the channel if you’re not and also ring the bell, so that you’ll be notified the next time and every other time i post a new video like this one. The ital p37 is a basic smartphone targeted at the entry level smartphone market costing only 80 usd or 38 000 nigerian eras. Is it worth the price tag, or is it worth the upgrade that’s coming from the itel p 36? Before we get into that part, let’s enjoy this unboxing experience, the phone is packed in a red container, as always for every itel device on the pack. You’Ll see key specs highlighted 2 gigabytes ram, that’s 2 gigabyte, rom big memory, 5000 mah, big ai powered master battery, mad full screen, big water drop, ai, dual rear, big camera and a whole lot of other big things. Wow see. Well, let me design this one with a golden pen. That means olamide is using this phone. Nothing. Should you be that back to the unboxing guys see, the outer part is a pack to another inner part. Just like this door. Opener is an opener to another door.

Opener does that make sense, let’s break the seal and finally, we are in. We are first greeted by a white envelope housing the hard plastic case. Then the phone itself, which looks better than the p 36 and feels good to hold the phone sits tightly inside the case. When i tried it and will surely get back to this probing for the into the boss, we have a 5 watts charging brake. Then micro, usb 2.0 truly expected at this price range. But when are we going to see usbc on an itel device? Think about it and let me know your thoughts in the comments below next is the earpiece, and that is sincerely everything in the box back to the ital p37. The p37 has a 6.5 inch, hd plus display with 720 by 1600 pixels on the front, as well as a notch. Above the screen, the display is surprisingly sweet to behold. The color is vibrant punchy and sharp, making content consumption enjoyable here on the right of the device are the volume broadcast and power button. The headphone jack is seated at the top beneath the device. You would find the microphone and usb port for charging and fire transfer for the camera department. You are getting two lenses at the back of the phone: an 8 megapixel main snapper, a 0.3 megapixel depth, sensing lens and an led flash while a single, eight megapixel surface. That is fixed in the notch up front.

Also, at the back, you get a fingerprint sensor that is not so fast. What gets the job done? Really at this price? This is fantastic. I have a problem with the placement of the finger sensor. You need to always stretch your fingers to reach it. Still on the back, you get item branding and the back firing speaker hole to access the dual sim card and memory card slot. You would have to open the back cover of the device, which was at first tricky to figure out where and how to open the cover on the inside. The new italia p37 is powered by a quad core unisock processor running at 1.3 gigahertz, along with the mali t820 mp1 gpu, 2 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage performance is what you would expect from an entry level device it’s usable and can get Basic tags done, but don’t try to play call of duty team over here. I tried call of duty here and the experience was an 80 experience. The software here is called ital os, which is essentially android, 10 gold garnished and customized by ital. Here you get 100 mode, dark theme, screenshot and nearby share. You also have souchatubu, which is a powerful assistant for chatting apps like whatsapp, facebook, messenger and the likes. There is also an option to activate gesture navigation here. The camera is what you would want from an 80 usd device. At least i prefer the shorter sound to that of techno and infinite cameras.

The p37 shoots only 720p videos, and this is how it looks and sounds so. The camera of the ital p j7. The front music camera is descent, nothing breathtaking it’s, just that the ital p37 has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and a 5 watts charger out of the box. For me, i think this device is a great deal for 38. 000 eras or 80 usd you get a very decent screen, a comfortable build a software with all the basic features you would need on a smartphone at this price point i’m sure no one is expecting the i2p37 to have the 120 hertz refresh rate or a 4k Display or maybe a 64 megapixel camera, if you want more power and more features, you can go for the itil p37 pro, which comes with a slightly larger 6.8 inches display a 30 megapixel main camera 3 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal storage, and it Has 4g lte connectivity, the ital p37 is a smartphone for people who want a functional mobile phone, but want to spend a quarter: the price of techno camon, 17 pro or half the price of infinix hot 20.. If you have any questions pertaining in the ital p107 that i haven’t mentioned or covered in this video, let me know in the comments below and i’ll be delighted to answer as soon as possible subscribe if you’re not like and share, if it was helpful. Thank you for watching this.

One and i’ll see you.