This time I will tell you about the chronology and what steps we took starting from how to report and so on, trying to get our channel back. OK, so I’ll tell you the sequence of events when our YouTube channel was hijacked and what we tried to do to get our YouTube channel. We share this so that it can be a reference for you in maintaining your account and your YouTube channel. For those of you who …, I don’t wish this to happen to you not at all. This might be useful for those of you who are hit by a similar disaster. Who knows this? Video can help you 4th of February 2021 morning around 7. In the morning, we realized that the Jagat Review channel is no longer ours. Panic, certainly stress very, very stressful, David GadgedIn. Is one who noticed that early in the morning our channel was used to stream videos about Bitcoin and Ethereum all of our team. No one could access the YouTube channel to do anything. No one could log in The hijacker has changed the owner’s email account to his own, so we couldn’t recover that email account. Se, Per esempio, you guys are Goggling how to deal with this, You have to recover your email, but we couldn’t recover it then, because the email has been changed, the account has been changed. One funny thing for changing that account is not easy, actually it’s hard. The unique thing is when it was hijacked it was the owner account that was taken, and luckily we have a manager account there as well.

Fortunatamente, that account has not been taken over. So our team, who is holding the account, was able to turn off the live stream that was run by the owner account. Nel frattempo, we looked for ways to do reporting if you search on Google, maybe this type of reporting falls under quotMy YouTube is Hijackedquot. The result is the one I discussed earlier to recover our main account. This will be effective for what happens when your main account is overtaken and it’s still in use. This is really effective. Just try it it’s really effective for those whose accounts are changed. This is similar to Irwan Sobat HAPE. This will be a big problem, because this method will not be effective. Just like what happened to us too. Allora, after doing some consultation with friends, including David GadgetIn., Thanks yes, Bro big thanks and some other friends who have a PIC Person In Charge. Mille Grazie, Wisnu Kumoro for your input. We found that if the channel doesn’t have Person In Charge yet or Account Manager or whatever it is from YouTube for guiding the channel. This thing this incident must be handled by their global team, must be a global team and what we came across was a way to quotpokequot this global team in order to quickly respond is via Twitter, Twitter, TeamYouTube. No, you can’t DM the Twitter account. It is mandatory to mention them in your Tweets, then for amplification. You should ask your friends to help you retweet, so that account will notice you.

These are the quottipsquot as they say. Please don’t, I don’t suggest you using any harsh words, use informative words without being intimidating and without sharing a personal account. That’S really important. So don’t put your email account in tweet we’re asking for help. No need for swearing. Those of you who are used to using harsh words, please restrain yourself. I assumed that if you used English, it would be better because you guys will poke their global team, although it should be that the response can use several languages to make sure that later my account can receive DM the response DM. Allora, first of all.. I followed the YouTube team account before I tweet about my problem. At the time I tweeted I used my personal Twitter account. The tweet sounded more or less like this see the tweet above more or less. That was the content. We were lucky enough at the time the tweet was posted, either David Wisnu Putu, Reza Sobat, HAPE team and many accounts of other YouTuber friends and other friends who we just get acquainted at that time. Retweeted hundreds of retweets happened fast at the time we tweeted at around 9 in the morning, the same date and around 930 am so 30 minutes later we received an answer via DM from a YouTube account on Twitter. Naturalmente,, the DM recommended to recover the previous account email as usual, the standard response will be clich and we couldn’t do that because the account was changed here.

It is important to be brief and concise if necessary, use specific points. Don’T make it like a long essay after YouTube, understood our position still in the DM. They asked us to set up a Gmail account that was never linked to the hacked YouTube channel. We then set up an account making sure the password is difficult. Then turn on 2 Factor Authentication and communicate that via DM after that, our account was given access to fill out a special form regarding the problem that occurred. Sì, this is a special form that is opened specifically for the account in question here. I noted some important things that need to be done. The first is, you should do all this with a desktop browser can be laptop, can be tablet using desktop mode. Poi, if you use the Chrome browser login into Chrome, with your account on a desktop browser, then just use the link to the form. If you log in to the browser using another account quotclick, this linkquot will not work. The browser itself must be logged in to the account you used earlier that they asked you to use because, come accennato, it will only work for a specific account. The easiest open, a new browser, then login with the prepared account then open the link to the form. Then here we find that we have to fill in the channel ID. The question is: have you guys saved your Channel ID? If you haven’t make sure you save it copy it put it somewhere? Because you have to be able to put the Channel ID here without Channel ID YouTube team will be confused, which one is really the problem.

It will be very hard, quindi. The next point is prepare as many screenshots as possible. Related to this incident. We provide a screenshot of an email notification of the change from the old account to the hijacker account. There is a screenshot of our account with our real email: hijackers live stream, screenshot and so on. E, incidentally, since we have a manager account, we could take screenshots from the inside and indicates that ownership has changed So as many related screenshots as possible. It should definitely be in the email, because that change occurs in email. So it shows usually it’s like that. After filling out the form complete, everything is filled, including with many explanations. The managing team will move the case to the team, specially handling hijacking issues. So we have to be on standby, with our email that we have prepared for correspondence, then it was 930 am and later around 1216 pm at noon time, an email from Google regarding this issue arrived. It stated that our account is being checked and that the last live stream file has been hidden, Wow, incredibile, that was pretty fast. Purtroppo, at this point the channel was not frozen or hidden. At least the sense of calm came because there has been a response that we think was very very fast. Then the next response we did not check, ma a 9 pm we took a peek because we can still peek into our YouTube channel and we saw that the hijacker account no longer existed and at that time it was a bit funny because or channel had no Owner only had a manager; luckily we have a manager account, so we can take a peek but it’s interesting, since it turns out that by 9 pm YouTube already took actions since by the time we checked it already happened.

So we don’t know if it happened by 12 hours or before that we don’t know, but at least by 9 pm on the same day, it was already in order. The hijacker account was not there anymore. It felt really calming at least we were able to sleep peacefully that night, knowing that at least there has been progress on 5th of February at 555. Am We received an email confirmation from Google that our account was indeed hijacked and we got a step by step method to return the ownership to us again after going through several email replies to make sure which steps to choose? Infine, we managed to get our account back at around 1 pm on the 5th of February and we then changed the account name check marked the return verification. Tuttavia, our channel status was still in protection and we were not allowed yet to uploads and do activities as usual On 6th of February at 817. In the morning, we again received an email from YouTube or Google, with a statement that we can do normal uploads and it was accompanied by a complete list of suggestions for security and others. So we’ve been able to continue uploading videos in less than 48 ore. Since our first report was responded to, Ad essere onesti, this is a very fast recovery. Many have asked us: why did this happen? Our answer is simple. We don’t understand because the account was not an active account.

The original account was not an active account. So if you say it was phishing, how do you do phishing, since the account is not in use? The password was also complicated, complex using 2 Factor. Authentication too. Even we ourselves have a little trouble if we want to do livestream, but we do not rule out that there are traces of previous use. Maybe or maybe we didn’t change the passwords, often enough It could be the cause we don’t know what was the cause, in our opinion, make sure you use 2 Factor, Authentication change, passwords regularly and never store passwords or provide passwords digitally. I think this is the best practice and the easiest to do. Nel frattempo, what we notice in this experience is the first is calm down, calm and strive to think logically that’s very important don’t get angry just yet, although I really really understand that would be annoying. I really understand the feel angry upset, sad and all kinds of things mixed together. I really understand, But calm down, that is the most important factor. Having lots of friends is obviously very important without our friends, it might have been a mental breakdown. We perhaps wouldn’t get support and advice. If asked, is it possible to retweet from friends on Twitter, which is quite a lot influenced the poking of the YouTube team on Twitter to be faster, it’s possible possible? Nobody knows, then save your YouTube ID that’s very important. Senza di essa, if your channel is deleted, you will lose your channel for those who don’t know how to save it.

You are sign into YouTube, quindi, on the top right there is a profile picture, click that and then you enter Settings then look at the menu on the left. There is Advanced Settings enter in Advanced Settings on the left. There is a Channel ID and User ID copy and save that then trying to take actions as quickly as possible is the most correct practice because, based on the info, we got when it’s past 30 days and the hijacker deletes your videos. Then those videos will disappear completely. Can’T be recovered anymore. OK, so this is our brief overview regarding the hijacking incident on our channel. I hope this video can help you. speriamo, you will not experience the same incident or at least to make you more alert against a variety of possibilities that could occur over time. Our method may not be effective anymore. There may be other more effective ways check. Primo, Tuttavia, at least in the around 2020 A 2021, this is the most efficient way of reporting. How do we know from seeing several videos discussing other similar incidents? Ancora una volta, we would like to say a big thank you to YouTube and Google, Naturalmente,, for the quick response in solving this problem. Deep thanks also to all the friends who helped us in this process. Thank you to everyone, maybe even those I may not know yet, which helped and supported us in these difficult times, without your prayers and support.

It feels like this time would be very tough. Thank you and hope you were helped with our explanation.