If you wonder, if it works on a chromebook, just plug it into a chromebook and see a lot of stuff actually does but google’s taking this a step further and has created the new works with chromebook initiative that aims to help users understand which peripherals have been Tested and certified to work seamlessly on their chromebooks, so let’s check it out and test some of this Music stuff. But before we get into all that, a big shout out, and thanks to western digital for sponsoring this video and providing a handful of certified works with chromebook devices for us to test and show you later in this video they’ve even provided a few of these. For us to give away so make sure you stick around to the end to get details on how you can get entered to win from the time that i began using chromebooks. I have long been a fan of saying to other people who ask me: will this work on a chromebook sure yeah just plug it in and see and honestly about six to seven times out of ten? It seems like that’s just the case you can just plug stuff into a chromebook and it tends to work but that’s, not true across the board. Not everything just works on a chromebook and for a lot of users, especially new users, coming into the chrome os ecosystem. It may not be quite as clear as it feels like it should be, which peripheral devices will and won’t work on your chromebook, and so google has come up with this new initiative.

That’S launched in the past few months called works with chromebook, and it does exactly what you would think it does. These certified peripherals things like storage devices, charging bricks, Cavi, docks mice, Tastiere, are tested and proven to meet google’s own chromebook compatibility standards and they’re sold at lots of different stores and over time. What we’re going to end up seeing is a bunch of accessories that have a sticker on them. That makes it very clear to end users that they’re built to work with their chromebook and sure these accessories will work with other things too, but there’s just this assurance that they’ll function properly. The way you expect the minute you plug them into your chromebook. So now that you know what works with, chromebook is and to be looking for it on shelves at best buys and walmarts, and those kind of stores, when you’re out picking up accessories, Let ' s, actually take a handful of these things that are already tested already certified to Meet the standards google is set and just see how they do all these devices already have the works with chromebook sticker on the outside of the box. So we’re just going to start plugging some of this stuff in so you can see how quickly and how seamlessly these types of accessories work with a chromebook, ok, so here’s, how we’re going to do this a little bit kind of unboxing style. We actually have three different chromebooks here, so we wanted to make sure and cover the fact that you know it doesn’t matter what type of chromebook or what processor you’ve got if it works with chromebook, it works with chromebook.

So i’ve got the acer spin 713, which is a 10th gen intel. Processor i’ve got the pixelbook go, which is an 8th, gen, intel processor and then we’ve got the lenovo c13 thinkpad yoga, which is one of the newer amd ryzen processors. So we’ve got a nice little assortment of devices here and we’ve got a handful of accessories um. So first up we’ve got the wd my passport and you can see right on the outside they’ve affixed the sticker here, uh kind of as a after thought kind of thing like hey. We got it tested, we got it passed slap the sticker on, but then you’ve got devices like this cable matters that, instead of having a sticker affixed to it, it’s part of the packaging like this is something they thought about prior to shipping. This particular box in this particular dock and it works with chromebook and they’ve, got it certified and they’ve got it right there on the box, which is kind of cool same thing, goes with this sandisk ultra it’s, just an sd card, nothing special here, but again right On the outside of the packaging works with chromebook, so all really cool to see, and then we went ahead and included not that we haven’t tested or messed with these. Before heck, we made a whole video on this uh, the logitech uh k580 keyboard and then the three 355 m355 uh mouse, and these again the packaging for these works with chromebook and just like.

We said in that video i’m not going to go to great links here on this, but whether you’re using this with bluetooth or the usb dongle that goes with these keyboards and mice. It works so well in either mode that it’s shockingly good uh we’ve. If you’ve used chromebooks before you know, bluetooth accessories can really be a pain in the butt and even on bluetooth. These things work better than just about any other accessory that we’ve used that utilizes bluetooth to connect with all right, so let’s just start plugging some stuff. In here the sandisk ultra micro sd xcthis is just a decently fast micro sd card and it comes with an adapter which is handy for certain devices. Most chromebooks, anche se, just take the micro sd card, so we’re just gon na pop it in the slot here and this lenovo actually has it nice and flush, which is handy pop, the chromebook, open and boom. I mean it. It was ready to go before i even had the lid open. Uh shows sd card right here and just like with you know, any other removable storage. I can eject it. I can format the device i can start moving files to and from it no big deal works exactly like you’d expect well cool, quindi c'è, a amd chromebook working well with a works with chromebook thing, so let’s pop open this 10th gen device now and let’s go With the cable matters here, so this is a usb type c dock and it is made again to work specifically with chromebooks.

It doesn’t mean it’s the only thing it’s going to work with, but idea being usb type c. You place it in the port and you can plug basically anything else you want to into that dock. You would use something like this at a desktop that you would set up with for most days. So you just have this connected to your monitor, connected to your storage peripherals, all that kind of stuffand you know you can seeit’s got a usb type c: passthrough you’re, getting ethernet you’re, getting hdmi you’re, getting a couple usb type, a ports so you’re getting A nice extension of your port selection on your chromebook and again it’s one thing that you plug in i use a dock very similar to this on a day to day basis, it’s not labeled works with chromebook, Ma è. A very similar dock. To this that samsung makes, and so uh let’s just plug this thing in see what happens. ok, light came on so now that we have this plugged in let’s plug something into it. So we’ll take this usb dongle that we have with this particular mouse and it is set to work it’s already set up with this dongle but i’m going to plug it in right. There again no further setup needed and just like that mouse is on the screen and you know for kicks and giggles this uh. This keyboard actually works over that same dongle and so right away.

You can see keys working right there on the screen, so just plug the stuff in boom works, so we didn’t plan on doing it this way, but there’s this working on this chromebook without really any setup there’s this keyboard and mouse working on this without really any Setup either it just works plug it in things, just work: ok, so let’s move on to the my passport from wd and for that one, what do we have under here? We’Ve got the pixelbook go so this this presents uh another opportunity for us to find something that works plugs and plays with the chromebook. So the reason being this device. This particular device only has usb type, a or usb type c, Sono, Mi dispiace, E così, whenever you’re buying a accessory for a chromebook that’s, only a usb type, a device which is like this it’s actually going to plug in with usb type a if your chromebook doesn’t Have usb type a ports that’s, really the only asterisk. Here i mean it’s not like this works with most chromebooks, but some chromebooks with these processors. Won’T work, that’s not really the case, but if the hardware doesn’t line up, obviously you’re going to need something to get. You to the right type of usb so here’s this wd, my passport, really slim cool, design dall'aspetto, nice and pocketable. This is going to go in your bag, no problem whatsoever, so we’re going to plug that bad boy. In and again, if the hardware doesn’t line up doesn’t mean it won’t work, you just need something to change it.

So i’ve got type a cables here and only type c import inputs here, so we’re going to go back and just grab this guy we’ll plug him. In and again there are adapters that are much smaller than this that you could use for this case, ma ancora una volta, if you’ve got the adapter, why not use it we’re going to plug that right into the side there and boom removal device detected same thing applies here. I can right click, i can format rename eject the device start moving files to it immediately. It works exactly like it’s supposed to and now we’ve got heck. If i put this in here, um we’ve got just about all of our peripherals. This doesn’t have an sd card reader. If i had an sd card reader, i put the sd card in there and we just kind of have this frankenstein going on here, but basically we’ve got our keyboard, our mouse, our dock, our external storage, all working together. All working on this chromebook and again no previous setup was done here. I’M opening this stuff up out of the box, plugging it in and boom it just works. So there you have it stuff marked works with chromebook does exactly what it promises to do. It just works: we’ve shown you that we can plug this stuff into multiple chromebooks and get the exact same result across the board, doesn’t matter what kind of processors we’re talking about and for users.

We really hope and we’re sure that google hopes this as well that it’s going to be something that makes buying peripherals for chromebooks so much simpler, because you can just know, as i pick something up off the shelf. If i see that sticker on it, i am good to go it’s going to work with my chromebook again huge thanks to western digital for providing a lot of these peripherals that we tried out in this video today and as a part of that promotion. They’Re actually giving us three wd my passports to give away completely free there’s, a five terabyte version and two two terabyte versions: all certified works with chromebook and all available to win.