We have ahmed again from in depth tech reviews and in today’s video i’m gon na review. The vue sonic td 1655 touch screen portable monitor. If you are looking for options online, you probably came across view sonic portable monitors, so in this video i’m going to help you decide if the td1655 is a good choice for you, but before getting started, let’s make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to Get notified every time i post a new video, so let’s jump in so let’s start with the box contents. You will get the quick start guide and the three different cables. I use bc to usb c a usb a to usb c and a full hdmi to many hdmi, a relatively big power, brick that can power up your monitor through a usbc connection, a magnetic cover that looks and feels a premium in hand. It’S made from a very high quality material. It gets attached to the monitor with very strong magnets on the back. It only covers the front side. It also has magnets on the front to stay securely in place, a stylus with an extra tip to get the most out of your touch, screen and it’s made from metal. So you can easily attach it to the back of your monitor, even with the magnetic cover already on so now. Let’S talk about the monitor itself. The body is entirely made from metal, which means it has a very solid, costruire la qualità.

On the back side, you have the power button joystick for navigating the menu. You also have the built in stand, which is also made from metal, and it has very strong hinges. The stand is magnetically attached to the back and it can allow you to tilt your monitor from 20 fino a 60 gradi. On the left side, you have two usb type c ports, one mini hdmi and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right side. You only have the power indicator and at the bottom you have two stereo speakers and two rubber pads talking about the thickness. The top half is 6.1 millimeter thick, which is a slightly slimmer than my eight millimeter mobile phone. The bottom half is 14.7 Millimetri, which is almost the same thickness of two mobile phones stacked on top of each other. The monitor weighs 956 grams without the magnetic cover using the cover adds 196 grams extra. That brings the total weight to 1152 Grammi, which is reasonable. Considering the very premium build quality overall, there are a lot to like about the design and build the quality. It has a metal body. It looks great only one joystick to navigate and the change the settings. The magnetic cover is lightweight. It looks great and feels premium. The overall weight with the cover attached is reasonable and finally, it has a solid built in stand with up to 60 degree tilt in landscape mode. It can allow you to use the monitor in portrait mode and it’s far more convenient to use than covers that act.

As a stand, so when it comes to the design and build the quality, the td1655 nailed it now let’s talk about the display. Ha un 15.6 inches ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1920×1080, a 16×9 Aspetto, rapporto, 250, nits peak brightness and 1001 rapporto di contrasto. The colors of this monitor are washed out if you used the default settings. Tuttavia, after playing around with the different viewing modes, i managed to overcome this issue by choosing a view mode called fps2 under the game category now the colors are vibrant. The white balance is on point: everything is well balanced and looks great. Anche, the blacks are deep, so videos with dark backgrounds look really nice on this monitor the 250 nits are more than enough for indoors usage. I found that from 70 A 80 percent to brightness will be enough in a will, let environment the bezels of the td 1655 are very slim, which are going to give you a great viewing experience when it comes to the viewing angles it performed really. Bene, thanks to the ips lcd panel, i didn’t see any color shifting while tilting the display. Tuttavia, it becomes noticeably dimmer at extreme angles, which is normal so far. Everything about the display is great, but i also found some drawbacks. The display has a glossy finish, which is very reflective, so if you have any light source behind you or if you’re gon na use it outdoors, it’s gon na make it harder for you to see what’s on the display plus the closely finish, attracts fingerprints easily.

It could have been a lot better if it had a matte finish to avoid those two issues. La mia raccomandazione, if you are planning to buy this, Monitor, use the stylus that came with it for any touch input to minimize fingerprints, and you might need an anti glare screen protector to minimize the light reflections based on where you’re gon na use it now let’s talk About the touch input, the td 165 has a capacitive touch screen with up to 10 touch points which is more than enough, and it responds really well to touches when i use my fingers, but the stylus is not as sensitive as i expected. You have to push it firmly for the display to recognize it and if you didn’t do so you’re gon na end up getting empty spots in the middle of your drawing or handwriting. So try to be slightly firm while using the stylus to get the best experience and it’s not gon na take long to get used to it. ora. Let’S talk about the connectivity. You can use the td 1655 as an extended monitor on windows. Android, linux, Chrome, os mac, os ipad, os and ios. The monitor supports usb c to usbc and hdmi to many hdmi connections, but there are some differences between the two. If you’re gon na connect the monitor via hdmi, that will require an external power source, the power source can be the power brick included in the box, any usb port in your computer or a power bank if you’re gon na use usbc in this case the external Power source is not required and you will be able to use one cable to provide power and extend your display if you’re gon na use it with an android device.

It should support displayport, 1.2 alternative mode and the power delivery via usbc connection. If you are not familiar with the displayport 1.2 alternative mode, this is simply a protocol that can allow you to connect your device to external monitors via usbc. So you need to check with the manufacturer, if it’s supported by your device. Infine, for iphone and the ipad users, you will need a lightning to hdmi adapter that you need to purchase separately, the hdmi to many hdmi cable, which is included in the box, and the monitor needs to be connected to an external power source when it comes to Touch input, it only works with windows, Android, linux and mac os, so chrome, iphones and ipads are not supported. I tested this monitor with windows 10 and the touch input worked flawlessly just plugged in the monitor, and everything worked without me doing anything if you’re gon na use it with a mac, and you want to activate the touch capability, you need to install a software called V touch which is available on the website, and it only works with the intel based models that have mac os catalina, which means it’s not yet supported by mac, os pixer or mac models with m1 chip. Tuttavia, as per view sonic, they will extend the support to include both later so stay tuned. For that one more feature worth mentioning is the two way power with usb type c let’s say you connected your monitor to a power bank or the power brick included in the box.

In questo caso, you can use the other usb c port to charge your laptop and extend your display. Allo stesso tempo,, also keep in mind the included power. Brake delivers up to 60 watt di potenza, which is more than enough to power up the monitor and charge your laptop at the same time, which is very convenient. Now let’s talk about the stereo speaker’s sound quality don’t expect a great sound from any portable monitor, but the td 1655 is a slightly better than a lot of other portable monitors out. lì. It’S also recommended to use the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack instead and here’s. An audio sample Applause, Applausi musicali, so now let’s sum up everything. The td 1655 is not a cheap monitor by any means here in the uae. It costs around 435 dollars so paying all this money for a portable monitor has to be for a good reason, and the question is: who is it? For the td 1655 is for heavy users. The people who gon na take it with them every day and the planning to keep it for years without an upgrade. In questo caso, you need to consider the build the quality, and this monitor has a premium. Build quality that i didn’t see in any portable monitor before it looks great, and the built in stand is something that will make your life a lot easier, but it’s not for someone who’s going to use it casually, because in this case, the premium build quality will Not be something important and it’s better to save money and get a cheaper option so that’s pretty much it.

That was my review for the vue sonic td1655 touchscreen portable monitor, please let me know in the comments. Che ne pensi – and i hope you like my video and if you do, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.