The best all around controller for emulation is the xbox one controller. Bene, because it’s windows and it works for every emulator out there with no extra software needed but emulating something like the n64can be a bit complicated because of the button layout now to get the best experience, you want to have something like the original controller, so That’S, why i decided to pick up the vlros retro gaming set, so i can have close to a real experience now. Not only do i get the n64 controller, but they also have a fake nes super nes, the one i wanted, n64 mega drive and a ps2 controller in the box as well. Now when it comes to build quality, this controller feels super light. I really don’t remember how actual nes controller feels, but i do know that this is super light. The buttons feel okay, Ma è, just a controller super light. I also don’t remember the original size of an nes controller i’m, not sure if they was this small i’m. Pretty sure they are they pretty much nailed these controllers with the size but wow. I really forgot how small the nes controller was, but other than that buttons feel good, Sono, pretty sure to do what it got to do now. Super nintendo controller whoa. This feels a lot better right here. This actually has some weight on it. I really like the way this one feels now. I do remember how super nintendo controller feels, and i think it felt just like this.

The buttons feel super good d pad feels good xyba buttons feel good triggers feel good. This right here. This is spot on now. The reason i brought this entire set was mostly because of this controller right here: it’s really hard to set your xbox one or ps4 controller up to play n64 games. And honestly, i really didn’t care how this felt i’m, pretty sure it would feel kind of cheap made in china no offense but um. It actually feels pretty good and i have those extra buttons over there. That makes emulating the n64 perfect. I don’t really like the way this analog stick feels there’s too much give in it, but i’ll find out how this really plays out in game, Ma sì. This really feels good and, like i said this, and the ps2 controller was the main reason i wanted this set now for the sega mega drive controller. I already have one of these laying around and the other one. I have actually feels better than this, but i probably would never really use this like. I said those two are what i wanted to set for, but if you don’t have one of these sega genesis controllers, then a you’ll get one in this set and the second controller. I wanted this for the playstation 2 Controller. This is super light, so i know i don’t have a rumble feature in here, but i really don’t expect that for this price point, the buttons feel okay side triggers feel okay, analogs, ah not sure how responsive they are gon na be either like.

I said it’s hard to judge these analog sticks until you have these controllers actually plugged in and you’re playing a game, and you can see how these things really function. So let’s go ahead and plug these in try them out, and i can really see what these analogs are made of. All of these controllers are plug and play every stand alone. Emulator as well as retro arch will detect them, but you will have to go to your settings at each emulator and map out your buttons. Qui. I am using the nes emulator called nystopia playing mega man 3. e, come ho detto, this controller is super light and it would really be uncomfortable for long gaming sessions, but the buttons are responsive, ecco, the super nintendo emulator scns 9x and i’m playing aladdin. Now someone was to give me this controller in the dark. I would probably think it was the real controller that’s how good this one is. They did everything right with this one and i have no complaints. This is the sega genesis. Last mega drive emulator kegger fusion and i’m playing golden axe now. The thing i don’t like about this controller is how the d pad sets out, even though that’s the way the original is. But here the entire d pad is a little loose, but hey it’s still responsive and it still gets the job done with that retro feel this is the nintendo 64 emulator moving 64 and i’m playing hot wheels turbo racing.

Now i really love this controller. Come ho detto, this is the reason i picked this setup and they really didn’t disappoint with this one. It feels just like the original controller, but just a little lighter and just like the others. The buttons are responsive and, last but not least, the playstation 2 emulator pcsx2 and i’m playing dragon ball z, budoka3 now i really didn’t think i was gon na like this controller, but i do just like all the others is really light, but all the buttons are Responsive, even the analog sticks are spot on. They also added the analog button and it works. The only thing missing here is the vibration so yeah. I really think this is a great usb controller set and it is worth the price tag of 35 dollari. Applausi. Musica. Thank you guys for checking out the video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did like it make sure to hit that like button and make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already.