Finora, i am coming from using the huion canvas gt152 version. Due. This thing is an absolute beast, it’s huge, but i had a few very glaring issues with this model, so i decided it was time to actually downsize. The wacom is about a fourth of the size of the huion tablet, not to mention the wacom. Is a pen tablet, so you don’t actually get the screen, whereas the huion is a graphics tablet, so it actually had the full screen to kind of treat it as like. A second monitor. So it came in this nice box, very beautiful art on the outside of the box, nice little compact packaging. You can see it comes with the tablet right on top and everything as far as accessories is underneath it. So you get the charger. You’Ve got a nice little disc, holder, type of deal that screws open and inside it has extra nibs for your pen and then the pen itself and the pen is really really nice. The wacom pen is great because it does not need a charge. That was one of my complaints about the huion pen as it actually needed to be charged up uh, and it comes with a little sort of instruction manual too. So taking the plastic off of the tablet itself. Super super solid, build feels good to the touch it has a gummy kind of surface on the bottom so that it can lay horizontally flat on your desk and not move around the uh.

The instructions manual has a nice little graphical thing to show you how to use all of the accessories so i’m going to check out the disc thing i don’t even know what to call it. It’S got a top portion. You can stick your current pen nib in to take it out and inside it has a whole bunch of replacement nibs as well as, if you flip it over. You can just use it as a stand for your pen, so the pen itself is super solid. Feels good has kind of a gummy exterior easy to hold it’s it’s kind of a fat pen and the charging cord too now what’s nice about the wacom is. It is actually doesn’t necessarily need to be plugged in uh. It can run wirelessly on bluetooth as well. Another plus in my book would i use tablets, for especially these days is, is for teaching code. I like to do a whole lot of whiteboarding. I did used to do some art and graphics type of stuff, but now that i’m primarily focusing on code, i don’t really need anything quite as heavy duty. So one of my main, i guess i’ll, say disappointments in the huion tabletis the driver support, even though the tablet, the huion tablet that i have is only a couple of years old. The model is already expired and the driver support is pretty lackluster. It worked for a while and then it started intermittently not working, and i tried to redownload the drivers to kind of do like a hard reset and unfortunately that did not work so it’s been kind of in and out as far as whether it will even respond To being plugged into my laptop and it’s been that way for about a year now, but what’s really really nice about the wacom is that i pretty much plugged it in.

I downloaded the driver straight off the wacom website uh and it pretty much just worked there really wasn’t anything that i needed to set up. I mean it was a super super easy setup process. Ho, after downloading i pretty much opened photoshop right away and i was just good to go. No need to calibrate your inputs. No need to do a whole bunch of fancy setup in like a setup. Wizard it’s, molto semplice, very simple Music feels good to draw with, and i just have mine set to only sort of work as a canvas on the external display here, so it doesn’t actually transfer over to my laptop display. I have the screen setting so that it only uses that second display as the viewport now something that’s super super nice that i’m loving about. This is the wireless feature, and for that matter the fact that, even if you do use the wired feature, it’s only one single wire, as opposed to you know if you are opting for a full graphics tablet. Uh, Sai, with its own screen, display sort of thing you are potentially looking at having one, if not multiple inputs, to not only power it up, but then also power. Your you know, pin touch configuration which was kind of a disappointment in my book as well. È, just too many wires for kind of what you get out of it. Another issue with it was that with the huion tablet, even though it is a graphics tablet and you’re working with it, Sai, as if it’s another computer monitor it’s a second screen.

If you will uh the the the pen area, doesn’t actually extend all the way to the edges of the screen, there’s sort of like a half inch border around it, and that became super annoying for working with programs like photoshop or illustrator. Where often, you need to work with the toolbars and menus which you can’t even reach, sometimes because they’re out of the sort of pen area, so yeah overall, really really nice setup experience so far. I am very curious to see how the tablet hardware itself and the driver software hold up over time. Questo è stato, Sai, one of the biggest issues that i had in the past so i’m, hoping that this will be a product which lasts me a long time and hopefully you’ll get to see me use it in some of the next videos that i put out.