We went to walmart, but they were out of stock on laptops and chromebooks. It was during that time that everybody was doing virtual learning. Allora, Naturalmente,, they need to get laptops for that purpose. So christmas time i said, i need to get one, so i can use it for my youtube channel. Do some live streaming, Modifica, some videos and, of course i wanted to have a laptop with an hd camera. That was the main thing, because if you look at my old live streaming videos my face looks grainy and blurred. The camera was not hd on our old laptop, so that was one thing that i was looking for in a laptop. So last week i went to walmart to buy some extra eggs and milk for baking, because i wanted to make some banana bread. I was walking down that aisle, they have the laptops on display and lo and behold there was only one. There was only one available at the time and they had 10 units in stock. So i said i think, it’s time for me to just go ahead and get this one. I looked at the specs, it had an hd camera. It has some good amount of memory just enough for just enough for what i need and i like the color too. So i’m gon na show you what i got it’s the hp 15 laptop pc. Hopefully i could get some good use out of it and help me with my youtube channel.

So are you ready to do the unboxing with me because i’m excited okay guys? So this is the laptop that i got: it’s the hb 15 laptop pc and just take a quick look at the specs here and the color is scarlet red, oops it’s, the other way around Music, the color. Si dice: è, scarlet red, so let’s open this one. It’S a 15.6 inch hd display and of course i was looking for the hd webcam Music, too Music, so Music do Music. These are the chargers and the electric cord here’s your warranty and technical support, and just Music it’s scarlet red it’s red. Just like the youtube play button, Sei, probably thinking that’sprobably why she got that laptop because it’s, red Music, okay and there’s the setup instructions on how to set it up. Music it’s, actually pretty light it’s, not that heavy Music Music Music. Here is the hp 15 laptop pc, it’s bright it’s, not really bright, red scarlet, red Music, Musica, Musica, Musica, abs and cat videos as soon as possible. How about the first one on Music now let’s see what’s new from windows, Music next up the legal stuff? In breve,, you’ll need to select accept to use windows Music, so i just wanted to let you know guys. Setting up the pc i mean setting up, the laptop was not too hard and there’s cortana, which is voice assistance, and it helps you and walks you through setting up your laptop.

If you want to sign up for a microsoft account, so that way they can update. You with some new products and information you can do that. You can also register for hp to help you with some services for your laptop and register. You um it’s, like registering your laptop with hp, but i skipped some of it. I just didn’t want all of my information out there so now it’s just setting up the pc. Oh, i keep calling it a pc, so it’s just setting up the laptop and then it will be ready for use in a few minutes. Musica. Do? Can you see me voila, oh so cute? I love those different colors of umbrellas. Mi piace un sacco. Ayan redina and Music i’m so excited to use this new laptop. I just need to learn more about it and set it up and personalize it. So it will be ready for use i’m, so excited okay, guys so that’s it for my video for today. I hope that you enjoyed watching my video and if you are out there looking for a laptop, this might be an option for you. You can comment down below if you have any questions about it or any questions about my video at all. Fammi sapere, and you can connect with me on facebook and instagram as well again. Grazie. So much for watching don’t forget to subscribe.