. Now personally, Sono, a big fan of this little machine. I picked it up to replace my old think center, which is exactly the same size, but it was getting a bit dated. It was powered by a 4th gen i5 cpu and i got to say the boost in performance from that old machine. To this one is night and day: i recently did a video on this showing off some pc gaming 4k video playback. We also ran some benchmarks, so if you’re interested in checking that out link for that will be in the description. But in this video we’re going to be testing out nothing but emulation on this machine from dreamcast all the way up to the switch. ora, before i jump right into it, i just want to give you a quick rundown on the basic specs for the cpu. We have the ryzen 5 Pro 4650 ge 6 Core 12 threads base, clock of 3.3 aumentare fino a 4.2 for the gpu we have built in radeon, 7 graphics at 1900 megahertz and i have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz and it is in dual Channel but this thing is actually packing quite a punch, given that we have that ryzen 5 Pro 4650 ge. So what we’re going to be doing here is starting off light and then moving our way up through the emulators. First up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator i’m upscaled to 3200 da 2400.

With each one of these games. I will have afterburner up in the top left hand corner, so we know what’s going on with the pc the name of the system, the name of the emulator and, se sono, upscaled or not, and also have some box art on screen. So you know what game we’re testing out at any given time moving over to psp and going into this, i knew we weren’t going to have any trouble with this 5x resolution using the vulcan back end and if you do want to go through and play the Harder to emulate games, like ghost of sparta chains of olympus or midnight club you’re, going to be able to do it just fine either using the vulcan back end or directx, 11 upscale to 5x, with no frame skip and no hacks on this system has more than Enough power to emulate these psp games next on the list: sega saturn using retroarch with the beetle core, i usually test with the obasanshiro but that’s on lower end systems. This has a pretty high clock on that cpu and we get pretty decent single threaded performance. So using the beetle core with retroarch is totally possible on this system Music. I also wanted to throw in a little bit of naomi and a thomas wave emulation here. We have demolished fist otherwise known as demon, fist and it’s running at full speed with the flycast or inside a retroarch. Moving up on the list here from the lower end stuff to some pretty high end emulation.

We have gamecube using the dolphin emulator upscale to 1440p, using the vulcan back in, and most of these games will actually run at 4k, ma io sono. Only on a 1080p monitor right now and i can only record in 1080p, so i just took it up a little past that, and it looks absolutely amazing on this machine and performance is great too, with gamecube and even we, i got a few more games to Test here and then we’ll move up to ps2, hey great shot, luke real, quick before we jump up the ps2. I wanted to show a couple wii games running here still at 1440p, still using that vulcan back in with the dolphin emulator and we’re getting great performance. This little cpu and gpu combo is trucking through these games: Musica, Uh, Musica, all right time for ps2 using pc, sx2 upscaled to 1080p, using the directx 11 back in. We have bloody roar 3. Looking good here running at 60fps now, you’ll notice that with some games, you’ll get a lot more gpu utilization with this one that’s really not the case we’re sitting around 27 to almost 30 per cento, but in the next couple games upscaled to 1080p, using that directx 11 Back end, you’ll see that we’re around 50 A 60 percent and sometimes even higher than that, but with everything that i’ve tested so far at 1080p, with that directx 11 back in it has run at full speed and in the pc sx2 settings.

I have this set right in the middle, so there’s not a lot of hacks running around. In the background it just performs really well. Even with games like gran turismo nice four you’re in inspector carmelita fox’s office is behind. Avanti in su. We have ps3 using rpcs3 in the bulk and back in really good performance here with a lot of the games that i tested, i did run into a few that just didn’t run well like skate 3, ma nel complesso, i’m really impressed with the performance here and this Emulator does heavily rely on extra threads and we have 12 of them with this ryzen. 5. 4650G. So there’s going to be a lot of games that are going to be playable with this, but you’re going to run into some that are just too taxing for this little apu. But when it comes to games like tekken, 6 and even demon souls run great on this machine, so here’s demon, souls and then we’ll move over to skate. Three and i’ll show you the performance there, ah so initially going into skate 3. I wanted to run this at 60 fps on this system, but i just wouldn’t hit it. So what i did was just turn it down to 30 in hopes that we could at least keep a steady 30. Ma sfortunatamente, there are some areas where it still drops down with the cpu setup here’s, the wii. U version of breath of the wild using simu and the vulcan back in.

I do have fps, plus plus enabled and i’ve personally, set it to 30 fps. If i have this set at 60, it only goes to around 48, but if you did want to lock this at 30, come potete vedere qui, it’s gon na run it all day and it’s still a really enjoyable experience playing it. On a machine like this and finally, for this video we’re moving over to switch with the yuzu emulatorand i just kind of wanted to pull back here and just give you an idea of how small this pc really is. Questo è un 24 inch ips monitor and it sits right underneath it you can actually mount it to the back. Se vuoi – and it does come with a vertical stand so fari’ve been really impressed with the performance of this little pc, but let’s see how it handles switch we’re going to go with sword here using the vulcan back in, and this does run at 30.. As you can see up in the top left hand corner, i still have afterburner running and we’re at 30 fps every once in a while. I do see it dipped down, especially when there’s lots of effects on screen or new effects that haven’t cached yet, but once i do kind of a little play through it’s really really smooth. It still goes down to around 28 every once in a while. The developers over at yuzu have been doing an amazing job with this emulator and it’s just a matter of time before all this stuff is going to be fully playable on a machine like this.

Generale, we got some really great emulation performance out of this machine and it actually does pc gaming quite well also definitely check out my first video now this actually wasn’t specifically bought for emulation or gaming. This is my new work: pc è, replacing an older one, that’s exactly the same size it’s an older m5 think center m92p. But since i had the added power here, i figured i’d go ahead and test a few things out and overall. This is a great little machine but that’s going to wrap it up for this one.