Thank you to all you guys for making this drop of the server and this new car pack as a great success, Cioè, something we want to do for a very long time. Allora, throughout the past couple days the server has been full of amazing driving and amazing people, and so much talent and i’ve just been going to replays after replays of things i’ve saved just watching some of these replays and just seeing the amount of like talent. That is in this server and in this discord with you know, we’re running four man, trains right here there gets bigger trains. You know later in this day, this was like a 60 minute session of just non stop driving and it was just so much fun. You know getting tandem with all you guys in tandem. You know with the community, and you know just have a blast, and you know having my own server up. 24, 7 is a great thing and it’s just an incredible thing. For me and one of the big things i want to do to start off the 2021 anno. 2021 is a big year for the channel there’s. A lot of big things happening not only with the cars, the discord, the team, the server and everything like that there’s. A lot of other big things that are gon na be coming in to this channel this year, so it’s great that you guys are now can be a full part of it with the discord, Cioè, open and it’s amazing, and i can’t, like i said i can’t.

Thank you guys enough for the amount of people and the amount of support and the amount of you know good feedback, i’ve gotten with these cars. You can see this. This was just day one of the server release and we were just thrashing there’s cars everywhere 16 slots were full almost all the time and opened up a second server on the opening day, just to go with all of these people, come potete vedere, just look At there’s one two, Tre, Quattro: Cinque: Sei, Sette, eight nine. We were nine cars deep at one point and the tandems just keep getting better and better people getting more comfortable in the cars they’re understanding the flow they’re realizing which cars they’re most comfortable in so it’s. Definitely an amazing sight to see this community growing the way it is and it’s just crazy to me to think that you know this is the effort i put forth to do this, and this is what comes out of it. You can see there’s just people stacking up getting doors having a good time. I was throwing on some leads we’re going to take a look at some other clips from these replays. I think it gets to the point where i get to follow a 14 and we start running another train. We got starions 13s, our 33s, i kind of stacked them up there, a little bit that was kind of my mistake, but people are just incredible on this server and you know in the discord everybody’s willing to help everybody it’s.

An amazing thing to see, come ho detto, it’s incredible, that you know i was able to finally do something like this. That i’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and it’s here and it’s bigger than i could have imagined right now. Allora, come si vede, we’re just running trains after trains we’re just throwing in deep angles having a lot of fun, doing some door, bangs and just a great time – e si sa – because i i had so much fun, just tandeming with you know everybody on opening day For a little bit when i could actually get a spot on the server and a little deep there, but he uh managed to uh bring it out alive. Allora, come ho detto, everybody knows about the team and that all you got ta do is drive and say: haha arthur three kind of decided to uh cut in stage left there and kind of have a little bit of a fault there. But as you can see we’re you know six cars deep right now going into the first turn at clutch. Kickersand you know it’s, just it’s awesome to see just snacks doing a little agricultural racing there, uh sì, i know it’s grassroots. You don’t come in the grass there buddy, so i hope you guys are all enjoying the cars, the positive feedback i’m getting on the on the discord, and everything is incredible. Quindi sai, come ho detto, if you guys have any types of tweaks or things that you think could be a little bit better.

Let me know down in the comments: if you’re not in the discord, if you’re not in the discord and you don’thave these cars well, the link to the discord will be in the description. Join the discord, get the cars hop on the server. Have some fun grab some doors. The community is great. Finora, everybody in my server has been an amazing. Sai, drivers and people that were just learning are starting to. You know get even better in tandems and are starting to get more comfortable and they’re, starting to you know, feel the flow and get you know able to get doors with people and things of that nature, so it’s what i wanted to do with the server i Wanted to make the server on you know some lower power cars to give people a chance from rookies to pros that could learn and grow with community and people are going to help out and everything like that and that’s what we have so the evil rabbit community. The people you guys the subscribers it’s definitely a huge thing man i would that corolla was throwing sauce on my door for sure brian b, throwing throwing some sauce there trying to get to uh some other parts. In this replay. I got a couple more another few replays that i’m gon na show up there. I think i think i was chasing uh christmas. There could have uh or christmas was chasing me, no still, brian b, so everybody is loving.

The car, so we’re gon na go. Take a look at another replay and get some more footage from opening day recorded a bunch of different things, so let’s switch over replays and see what other kind of cool, tandems and cool things we got from day. One basically release of the server on monday. So let’s uh see what else we got. Oh sean going deep so, like i said i recorded so many replays on day, one and there’s just so much to go through just so many good drivers that i wanted to watch and just you know be able to scroll through and just take a look at. You know the progression from now from then until now, it’s definitely extremely great to go back and watch. Some of these runsand you know pan through different drivers and watch certain drivers, that you know we’re on day one so where they are now and everybody’s improving, which is the best thing in the world. Sean is on my door, not giving me a inch on that. He was running my door during that time. I was following drift snacks and we had a fax 120 back. Anche lì, we were just having feeling the vibe vibing off each other having a good time. Quindi sai, come ho detto, a lot of great drivers came from day one and they’re continuing to grow. The discord, Credo che, is over 300 Oltre 300 now and it’s.

You know just growing every day, and you know just watching raw tandems like this and just the raw basically thrasher bashing that was going on in the server is always fun to look at, and i know this is a little different than my normal videos. Normalmente, i show you know me driving with the wheel, cam and stuff like that, but i thought this: what better way to actually show you guys who maybe weren’t in day one drop of the server to like what was happening like it was a massively good time. We were throwing doors, we were having fun, everybody was getting to know each other who didn’t know each other. Ero, you know so got a chance to hop in and talk to a bunch of people, ed è stato. It was a great time. Sai, Un. Jumping into the server into the discord chat and talking to you know some subscribers that have been around for a very long time. Since back when i had 2 000 3 000 subscribers they’ve been subscribed to the channel, and you know you know i’ve communicated them with through chat and messaging, and all that you know, and then you know hopping in there and getting to talk to them. You know on chat, was you know totally different? You know you don’t understand. You know the diversity of people that follow you. You know you can see names, you can see the diversity from the countries, the regions, the states, the areas, but when you actually get a chance to talk to a lot of people, you can realize how diverse the community really is and how much drifting just brings.

These people together and a server that is nice chill and you know very good and flowing and people just are out there just to have fun and do the same thing. It makes it so much better because then there’s there’s, no hate that’s one thing: there’s no hate in my discord, there’s no hate on my channel. You know i don’t like when people hate on new drivers. I don’t, come sapete: everybody started somewhere. You know i started where i couldn’t drive or couldn’t drift. I mean everybody starts somewhere and the best thing to do is to pick those people up and tell them. You know it’ll get better and you know everybody starts somewhere help them out, get them learning, get them smoother, get them up. There build their confidence up because drifting in a tandem or an online server or in real life, o qualcosa di simile. It’S all about confidence like when i first drifted in real life. It was super scary because i didn’t want to wreck a car and then you just build up confidence, and you start throwing more angle. You start throwing more speed. You just keep building up confidence. It goes the same way in say a set of corsa, and you know when you’re first starting out, you may not have the confidence to go up there and just try and charge somebody’s door, but you can so like if you, but the thing is, if you Have a server that has a lot of people that’ll just be get real mad if you charge the door and hit them, maybe make a mistake or whatever you know, that’s not on here like i, i challenge any new driver.

If you ever see me on a server and you want to try and get up on my door charge my door try and catch up as close as you can you bump me, you push me around, i can take some bumps. I can take some licking and keep on going and, if you, if you hit me too hard, we mess up whatever it’s drifting it’s, how you learn, get confident get comfortable the more confidence you have, the more you can build people up, the better everybody’s going to Be and it’s just going to make the community that much better. So i hope you guys enjoyed this little recap of the drift bash entry of my server there’s gon na be a lot more content coming with the server with random tandems. The search for the streets team is real, so make sure you guys follow me on all social media all which found the description box below. Come sempre.