This is the i5 version, so it's got the 6300. U in it and a gigabytes of RAM. ora, what I'm doing here is just trying to test just how loud the fan gets because it's one of the main questions I had before, I actually got this tablet. I just wanted to know. How often does that fan come on really because and how loud is it because I sold my surface pro 3 because it just got hot? The fan was always cycling on and off, basically just sitting in Internet Explorer or Chrome, and I found that really annoying and it was loud and it just came on literally at idle. So what I'm going to do now is just put the microphone up to the vent at the top here, where the fairness has been running now, what I'm trying to do is get it as hot as possible. So I have the screen on maximum brightness and you can see that's connected in here it's charging I'm just trying to just simulate getting the tablet as hot as possible. So I've had it running now, probably for about 30 minutes non stop during the fire strike benchmark, which is extremely demanding so pushing the tablet to its absolute max there with thermals and all look at the tips as well. So now let's have a look at how the fan noises, so this is probably about maximum found noise at the moment so I'm just holding the mic up there close to it.

So you can get an idea of just how loud it sounds. I you can actually hear the fan rpm changing when it chops down a little bit, but the fan really only comes on in my experience so far, it's only coming on when I'm benchmarking, gaming or video encoding just in the internet and doing other things I haven't. Actually heard that fan come on at all just doing light tasks like that it's not needed, so the hybrid system does seem to actually work, and I know there have been a lot of people on on reddit they're posting that the fans always coming on, and I Was really concerned and worried about that, but so far I think it hasn't actually been too bad for me at all, not even seen at the time for my kind of use the tablet, the surface pro 4 here is actually just running quite silent, so that's really Good now just show you the temperatures right here, so maximum has actually got up to is 61 gradi, and it has been on for two hours at 53 minutes zoom in there for you. So there are those temperatures up close and I think that's actually really good. That'S amazing, really considering how long have had it on for now benchmarking constantly only about 30 minuti, but the rest of that time. I did actually run Geekbench some other through email through my colon as well recording another video, so it has been on it has being text and we'll see how long that fan takes to drop down it's, actually just starting to drop down.

Now on the fan speed. Now I estimate that the fan is probably running about 60 ora, so I put the microphone up to it. Infatti, now the microphone just turned off, so that was very quick. It didn't take long at all to cool itself down and then turn the fan off. Just after doing that, benchmarking, so all in all I'm really actually impressed with that, because I was just, as I mentioned so worried about what I had with my surface pro 3 constant fan, cycling on and off on and off. Just for no reason, just drove me crazy with almost stopped me from buying this one here, so that's really good to see. Hopefully that answered a few questions there with information that I was searching and searching for myself and I couldn't find it until I finally got this there. You go so for me personally this unit, at least that I have maybe it's a good one. Maybe it's not one notice problems with other ones, but the fan noise isn't an issue really and it's going to come on with your benchmarking game. Only really thanks for watching the video.