This one is from caseology on the pixel 4a, so i’ve got a couple of cases on there shout out to caseology for getting these cases in full review for the pixel 4a, and also we’ve got a couple of them. Two of the parallax cases and we’ve also got the vault case right here, got a volt case in black and you’ve got the parallax in blue and two different shades of blue you’ve got actually notice, the classic blue and also the purple ish as they’re calling it We’Re gon na get straight into it, see how they feel to fit the protection on the pixel 4a, so without wasting more time, we’re gon na get on to the first case now. Primo, one up is the case. Oleg fall in black and, come potete vedere qui, it comes in the matte black color. So a bit of a confession. I have actually been using this case and it’s really nice i’m gon na open it put this on the side. Packaging is very simple from caseology, come voi sapete, from before. You’Ve seen it right here, Musica, pretty much very simple and straightforward. Welcome to the club happy to have you here, chat that to the side, simple packaging now i’ve actually already been using this now what’s interesting about the pixel 4a is the pixel 4a. Let me just stick this into aeroplane mode, quindi sono, not getting the notifications coming through. Ah, the pixel 4 itself really does feel like a phone.

That does not need a case right, but i still recommend it man, because obviously we’re going to test we’re going to test the lay on the table protection in terms of the lip around the screen. I cracked my screen before did not, if you’ve not seen the vlog, where i had my screen fixed i’ve cracked, the screen on this pixel 4a before so, i still recommend still putting a case on it, even though it does feel nice about case and this yeah. It feels really solid, i think it’s based on a tpu material, um è, really nice it’s got texture to it at the back as well, and already you can see that it’s, a rocker based system here with the power button right there cutter for the headphone port Nice, cancelling microphone at the top and the cutouts for obviously the speaker microphone at the bottom, as well as the usbc ports, so yeah man let’s, fit this in and also the cutout, obviously for the rear hardware, fingerprint scanner i’m gon na put this in there and Do you know my first instinct here? My first thought on the pixel 4a is it’s one of those odd few phones where i feel like it feels better with the case on it. I don’t know if anyone’s ever had this feeling before, but i think it feels better with the case on it, so let’s run it through buttons. Ovviamente, the pixel 4a has a rocker.

So i like the fact that it’s, based on the same rocker design that you’ve got over there, they feel very clicky power button and yeah this. This is really really nice really really nice. I really dig that um not much to really say apart from that man, the fingerprint scanner at the back very easy to get to is well recessed. I think what it does is. It gives better guidance for it because the pixel 4, without the case when you’re searching for the fingerprint scanner it’s not difficult, è, actually still very easy, but this makes it even easier now the cutout for the camera, great lip and great protection around the single camera. With the flash, so that’s really good, i like the texture here for some reason, the differentiation at the top here versus the back here and if we look at the bottom, the cutouts for the usb c port, as well as the speaker and the bottom speaker and The microphone really really good, nessuna lamentela, uomo, we’re testing it the layer on the table protection is excellent. That’S literally, the best way i can put it it’s got a solid, Solido, raise where you can really see the raised difference from the screen to the case and it’s it’s, davvero buono. The lay on the table protection it’s really really good. Where slams, you can trust it at it’s, going to really protect the screen a lot better. I still do recommend getting a screen protector for it, which i haven’t done yet and i need to do, but so far man i’ve been using this one and it’s been really working.

Bene, so that’s pretty much bringing it back and then that’s the case. Ology vault. In the matte black color we’re gon na go into the next case next case in question: is the parallax in the purple ish color, so we’re gon na unbox? This open this up see if the fit and fill is ever so slightly different. Parallax cases always are the ones that come with a much more stylish design, no doubt again, Come sempre, simple packaging, not gon na waste much time. So this is based on a two piece, bumper design by the looks of it, because obviously you can, as you can see you can remove so it’s based on a two piece design. So it should be a bit more rigid in terms of obviously the shell being a lot more harder, che è grande. Ho, like obviously, the perforated pattern design of what you have here with the parallax that’s. Ovviamente, the parallax effect cut out for obviously the fingerprint scanner. The raise as well as obviously the rocker button for the volume, as well as obviously the power button and the cutouts for the bottom firing speaker as well as the usbc, and also the microphone as well and you’ve, got to cut out for the noise cancelling microphone. As well as the headphone port, all right let’s take this in here man, Questo, oh yeah already. I feel it, but this feels really really solid and obviously the pixel 4a, depending on where you are in the uk, only comes in a just black color um.

I don’t know i don’t know about this color per se, but okay let’s run for it buttons, Eccellente, feel nice and clicky, obviously it’s, based on a rocker design, che è grande, so it matches obviously the button configuration of the pixel 4a, che è grande. I love to see that great cut outs at the top for the headphone port, as well as a noise canceller microphone great raised lip protection for the camera bump and the camera housing, che è grande. I feel like it’s, even higher than the first case, that we talked about and great recessed in guidance for the rear, scanner di impronte digitali – not really much else to say now. The late on the table. Protection is actually still very good, very excellent, great difference there, but it feels actually a little bit smoother still well raised where i feel like. If it drops on the table like you know, you’ll get great protection monday and you can trust it really going through. I don’t really see much else to be said. Apart from that man, buttons are really excellent. Non lo so, maybe because the plastic doesn’t feel as grippy just based on instinct, but overall man, if you want a bit of style and a bit of swagger to the just black pixel 4a yeah man, the parallax cases will definitely give you a bit more flavor. In that sense, so that is it man that is the parallax case in blue ish, Sono.

Sorry in purple, ish and we’re gon na go on to the last case. Ultima, but not the least, is the parallax with the classic blue color for the pixel 4a. From case ology, just unbox that and i’m suspecting, obviously the field to be exactly the same as the other parallax one that we actually did as well. So put this to the side same two piece base design. This one is a lot more glossy on the frame by the looks of it, Credo, maybe because of the color design it’s based on a two piece: bumper hard plastic, shell design, yeah cool, really solid, cutouts, obviously for the rear, scanner di impronte digitali, the camera bump. Ovviamente, the headphone port noise canceller microphone at the top usbc bottom firing speaker and microphone, and obviously that parallax perforate design, caseology logo at the bottom that’s the same man, oh very, very tight, fit solid again man, so you see how the finish is: try and bring It to the light, so you see a bit more. I really like these parallax effects. uomo. Sono. Effettivamente, this is you know i’m warming up to this particular blue one. I might use it a bit more, but it’s the lack of grip. It feels i feel like it feels a bit more slippery. These parallax um cases, for whatever reason, but again one for it. Buttons are solid volume. Rocker buttons are clicky, Solido, obviously the pixel 4. It comes with some of the clickiest buttons that you can ever see on a smartphone graze rate great, raise on a camera bump, no doubt great access to the rear, fingerprint scanner at the back great cars, Ovviamente, for the headphone port nice cancelling microphone as well as Perfect cutouts with good headroom and room for the usbc ports, the microphones and also the bottom firing speed card.

So absolutely no complaints later table protection great, raise again same design as the previous parallax case, much smoother, compared to obviously the you know. The first just black case and um yeah, really honestly, nessuna lamentela, we’re gon na line up all three cases at the end and basically see which one i’m going to be rocking with my pixel 4a. So these are the three cases in question: you’ve got the vault in the matte black you’ve got the two parallax cases in the purplish, as well as the classic blue and the parallax cases definitely have to say the blue does it for me, but out of the Two, the one i’m probably going to be using. No doubt man is this: the vault and the matte black reason why the grip texture! This just feels much more grippy as a case for the pixel 4a. The other two feel a bit too much slippery too much slippery, but the blue one has a bit more style to my shooting, but definitely going to be rocking with this one man, all the cases that you want to see with a pixel for you that you’ve Seen in this, video will be linked in the description below so where you can get them from great prices on them again. Grande. Thank you to caseology for bringing these cases in for review and that’s it. Per me, uomo, ben from love with tech. If you enjoy videos like this, you know exactly what to do hit that button hit, that subscribe.

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