We cover diablo immortal every single day and stream diablo immortal every day over on twitch. If you haven’t yet come through the twitch channel, make sure you do right now. It’S also linked down below in the pinned comments and in the description, so i want to see you guys live so make sure you come on through, but we’re talking about requirements. Oggi, noterete, we are rocking the monk my newly created monk level, 29 i’m gon na get into some rift game play as well after we talk about these requirements, but first it’s worth noting that the device that i’m playing on is an ipad. That is three years old. So with that being said, i can’t turn on the high spec option. I actually have a video coming out on that very soon because of my iphone, on which i will record that video. I am able to do the option so we’re going to compare both make sure you check out that video when it goes live, but first of all let’s check out the specs for android and ios. Now i’m no expert on android devices, but the minimum specs for android are a cpu of snapdragon 710, a histile con current 810 and higher the gpu is adreno 616 arm mali, g52 and higher, and the ram is two gigs of ram and higher. So if you’re an android person and if that makes sense to you well, then you know exactly what you need: i’m more of an iphone ipad person myself, so let’s get into those specs.

Much more simple to understand here. The minimum specs for ios are an iphone 8 or higher, or an ios 12 operating system or higher. So those are the answers to the questions that you’ve been asking about. The devices that you can play on, but now let’s talk about how big the file is. So you can determine if you have space on your phone, especially if you have an older phone or older tablet a lot of times you run into those space issues where you find yourself deleting apps well, Subito, remember we are in the technical alpha. The game is not full. ok, the game is not the entire game, there’s elements that have been left out for the alpha or maybe even haven’t, been built yet and as of right now, the alpha the size 4.45 concerto, so about four and a half gigabytes. It needs on your device to be able to download and play the game, so i don’t know if you think that’s a lot or a little but that’s what you’re gon na need to play. ora. A moment ago i mentioned the high fps mode notice. I have it off right here, Cioè, because it won’t work on my ipad that’s three years old, but i am still running ultra quality graphics and i keep the recommended setting for display brightness and uh. It really looks good. Come ho detto, i do have that video coming for you guys in a day or two comparing this high fps mode on versus off on my iphone 11.

So you guys will be able to see what that comparison looks like, but we’re about to enter this elder rift. As my monk let’s check out my monk because he’s not op, yet we don’t have him all beasted out, because he’s only a level 29, maybe an hour and a half two hours inside of him, we’re rocking some skills right here. I really like the wave of light combined with the cyclone strike and the seven sided strike. They work really well when you get all the enemies in together, but let’s enter the rift i’m, not gon na be putting any crests in. Oh actually, i do have some crests, so we’re gon na add a crest we’re gon na hit okay. What adding crest does is, it adds modifiers to the rift and allows for it either to be easier or harder. It’S all random, but you do get more rewards at the end of things. So we’re gon na do is we’re gon na have some fun right now and if you guys wan na have more fun. On top of coming through my my my twitch, why don’t you come through my discord, server, also link down below and the pin comment, so monsters sometimes explode on deft death that’s the rift modifier, which is going to make things a little bit more difficult, but nothing Crazy, so here we go we’re going to get into these battles. Take these guys out now what you want to do.

Is you want to take down these blue enemies as quickly as you can they’re what’s going to make spawn the rift guardian? ok, so we’re going to get ourselves out of here there we go we’re gon na get some experience globes because we are looking to upgrade ourselves. Maybe we’ll even be able to do that within this video here we go. Seven sided strike: we’ll drop down the liberty bell on them. As i like to say all right, we did get ourselves a little bit right there, making our way through i’m, telling you what guys this stuff doesn’t get old and if you’re wondering you know, if i just do these riffs over and over, does it get repetitive? Does it get boring and the answer is no, if you like to grind diablo immortal, this is what it’s all about, and these things are changed and modified all the time. You’Re not gon na be doing the same rift over and over and i’ll tell you what this one’s not easy. It’S taking me quite a while to get through these guys, they’re gon na spawn there we go some more experience. Globes i’m gon na take a little health right here, i’m gon na run on in use this to pull everyone into the core we’re gon na drop that drop the seven sided strike and that was uh pretty good. That was pretty good. I have to say myself now i did put out a video on monk gameplay, so you guys got to see a good look at the monk to see how well he played and all that okay, i’m gon na bring all these together, i’m gon na see.

If i could beat them all, we’re gon na bring them all in sucking them in that we’re gon na go with this as well another bell of light on top wow that was uh. That was a massacre. The game called it right so i’m, not rushing for time, Sono, actually just trying to enjoy the battles, because they are a lot of fun. You do you know time is of the essence here all right. Quindi cosa abbiamo qui? We have braylon. We need to take down braylon right now. Seven sides strike the ray of light. We’Re gon na go here pop that out as well all right there’s, some uh there’s a battle to be had, and we are in the midst of it right now, i’m gon na seven we’re gon na get that kick to get myself out of here it’s. Fondamentalmente, my evade so i’ll just use that to get out of dodge i’m gon na keep on taking braylon down and uh well that’s that’s over check out all the orbs are picking up, plus the experience plus the gold we’re gon na pop a health right here, Because we have got to get them out of here and this one too get out of here, so fun literally doesn’t get old. So if you guys want to know my schedule for the day i wake up every day and i try to record myself two or three youtube videos basically take my kids to school, do all the dad stuff and then i record my videos.

I try to record one diablo video a day, one clash of clans video a day for my other channel and usually like a top list, video o qualcosa del genere – that i also do on the other channel. Sometimes i even get two or three diablo videos done in the morning before i go: live and stream around 12 p.m. Eastern around noon, Cioè, where i’m live every day on twitch, quindi questo è, just kind of my schedule. For the day you know, i felt like sharing we’ve, been here on the channel for a year, guys i’m. Finally able to bring you guys, content that you’ve been waiting for. So i feel like we’re a family. You got, you guys know me already all right. We got i’m gon na pop a health i’m gon na bring all them in i’m gon na wait for the here. Andiamo. Seven side strike we’re gon na drop the light we’re gon na kick out we’re gon na pull them all. In again. There we go and another bell right on top that should take them down. I don’t i keep calling it the bell it’s totally what i’m gon na call it from now on nothing, i could do about uh, oh let’s, get out of here. I want to wait for things to charge up a little bit here. We go way to get in there. We’Re gon na pull them in seven sided strike a light. Bene, these guys are hard.

These are not easy, easy enemies to take down. ora. Remember that that i forget which one it’s called, but the one that sucks everyone in pulls them into the center. Cioè, that does cause damage as well. It looks like i’m, non gon na. Here we go let’s right here: we’re gon na suck, everyone in seven sided strike them didn’t get as much as i wanted a little bit of a fail. ora, my soup, my ultimate, is ready. I’M gon na save it, though cause i’m, not sure if this is the final boss, it’s definitely it’s, not the final boss, yet but we’re getting close it’s gon na be right after this it’s gon na spawn. Here we go now we’re gon na start, seeing that boss, Credo, got more see all those blue skulls up there on the map. Let’S zoom in on see all these skulls right there. Those are going to be the final group of enemies that we need to take down we’re full on health. Per la maggior parte. Now the battle will begin and uh we’re gon na do our best to make this a good one. Let’S make this epic let’s go. Sì, wow brutality is unparalleled, did i just take everyone out totally did, and here is the rift guardian going in we’re gon na pop the super let’s go or the alt hold it down and just beat down on the crusader king. He has no hope to survive against my wrath, we’re taking them down super hard right now, going in with all this stuff kicking ourselves out of there we’re going to grab a health orb and get back into action, not let him get uh! Oh oh! He struck me he’s trying, but we need to take out these enemies around him as well.

So we’re gon na go seven side strike that’s gon na get some of them. We’Re gon na kick out of here. Get this guy out of my face. Kick back in there we go we’re gon na you’re gon na wray a light on top of them kick out there we go. I want to take out all these guys. We got a seven side strike, all of them with the with the light on top. This is why the monk is just so fun guys so fun to play as this monk we’re. We have him down to a third of his health ring of light. Seven sided strike. We should be getting him down pretty soon. I’M gon na go grab an orb of health i’m gon na get out of the way because he’s he’s swinging at the fences right now he doesn’t he doesn’t realize who he’s actually up against and that that’s sad for him. Sai, or is it sad for me that i’m talking about video games like they’re real people, either way no legendaries popping out right now, but we did get a couple of things that are going to be of value. Wondering if i have anything that can give me, you know like any upgraded gear, let’s check. This is something i like to do after everything here, nothing on the upgrade. Not even this helm, No, No, No, ok, nothing of value besides being able to trade stuff up at the blacksmith, so i’m gon na do that before we get out of here salvage and we’re gon na salvage.

All because i don’t want any of those, but now we’re gon na head back to the home i’m gon na see the entrance again and close out the video back to westmarch. We go so guys. Let me know if your phones are gon na be compatible with diablo immortal, if you think they are or if you’re concerned about that. But already we have to collect our daily rewards. Can’T forget about that kind of stuff and let’s see. Did i get anything from the codex? We got something here on activities not enough for the battle pass, anche se, on the day we’ll be getting there later on the day on the live stream, but guys i hope you enjoyed the video hope. You got a little bit of information regarding if your devices will work or not if you need to get the upgrade on or if what you have is going to be suitable for you. Let me know your thoughts down below come through my live streams over on twitch every single day and come through the discord become part of the family.