The lenovo p11 pro tablet. Now this actually isn’t that model, but it’s exactly the same it’s the xiaoshin pad pro that’s. What it’s called in china it’s the import version, but it works out to be so much cheaper than me buying this one from lenovo here in europe, quale, from the spanish site at least, è 649 Euro. This is only about 330 A 360 or so euros. So much cheaper and it is exactly the same hardware exactly the same tablet flashed by banggood, where i got this one from with the global rom as well. So we have a premium, build quality on this one, and i mean absolutely premium. It is as good as the samsung galaxy tab s7, plus that i reviewed previously in the channel super thin. I mean look at this thing. È solo 5.8 Millimetri, the thickness it weighs just 486 Grammi, so it’s light it’s thin. We have a unibody build to it. This alloy on the back paint job is very nice, although it does pick up a few little bits of fingerprints and smudges i’ve, intentionally not cleaned it in this video. So you can see what it looks like after you use it for a while. Now the camera on this one we’ve got two of them on the rear, 13 fotocamera principale megapixel, and this is a sample from it. Niente di incredibile, five megapixel ultrawide again, non è incredibile, and the video quality right now that you can get from the main sensor is 1080p, just like the front facing camera with no electronic image stabilization.

So not really that great there, in terms of camera performance, dual tone led flash is there, which we don’t normally have in a tablet, and the front facing camera is eight megapixels. Here is a sample of what that front facing camera is like, and the dual array microphones two on the top it has. So this is the quality you can expect out of this camera now, è, not actually too bad i’ve turned off my powerful studio lights. I have just normal room lighting on at the moment. The audio quality from the dual array, Microfoni, is also, Credo, good it’s decent quality. Now there is also that infrared 8 Megapixel, so two eight megapixel cameras, but only one is used for video. The other is just for well assisting the face, unlocking which is rather slow on this tablet and then, when it comes to the speakers so either side. Abbiamo due oratori, four in total quad speakers. These are jbl speakers tuned by them. Suonano, really punchy good mints, very good volume, very immersive and here’s a sample of those two also at 100 Volume. They are really really good Music Applause speakers and now on the left of the tablet. There is a micro sd card, tray too, as well so i’ve tested this out with 128 Gigabyte, nessun problema. When you insert it, you can either set it up as a system storage, so you can even install apps to it or portable storage.

So you can just use it in other devices as well, when you pull it out, so there is a fingerprint reader 2 on the upper left hand corner now this one works. OK, it can be a little bit slow. I find the accuracy to be a little bit hit and miss works maybe seven times or eight times out of ten, quindi è, not great it’s, probably one of my minor complaints. It is one of my minor complaints with this and the face unlocking too from the front facing cameras with the back 8 megapixel infrared camera. I think it’s accurate, but it is a little bit slow and that’s one of my problems with it there. So all up a excellent build quality, and oh almost forgetting that down the bottom. There is a pogo port pin, connector and that’s, because you can get an optional keyboard for this. It also does support a stylus which i will cover in this in depth. Review as well now that screen, quindi è 11.5 inches. La risoluzione è 2560 da 1600. It is oled, molto profondo, Neri, good colors. You can adjust the colors through the settings as well. They’Ve got plenty of options in there, including scaling your white balance as well. Can be tweaked and one thing about thisdisplay that if you look at it very closely, you will see jagged edges to the text that’s, because this has a pentile arrangement of those pixar pixels.

So it’s not perfectly in line as it would be with say. Ips screens and you notice that little bit of jagginess so to me it doesn’t quite look as sharp as you would think it would for the resolution, but at normal viewing angles. It does look excellent. The screen very good touch response, è, fast it’s, smooth and even the performance of this particular tablet in general, as i’ll show. You now is really quite good for the six gigabytes of ram and the snapdragon 730 g. It is powered by in the box. You’Ll find a two prong power adapter now this one here is usb on the rear and we get a cable, Naturalmente,, a type c to usb type a, and that is a reasonable length. One so charge. Time is 2 ore e 20 minutes approximately and also included. Is this a type c to 3.5 adattatore millimetrico, because this tablet does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone out jack on it? Purtroppo, so the performance of this rom has been very, Molto bene. It seems to be well optimized from lenovo. We have full screen gesture support and going through all of our recent apps here, swapping over really good, really fast and one thing to point out. A lot of people have been asking about this, and that is netflix. So netflix is supported, widevine level one and we are getting full hd, full hd, Amazon, prime video as well. Now originally, i thought it didn’t have it because it looked blurry to me, but it found out that it was my internet connection causing problems.

So i will run just something right here quickly and if you let it go first it’s very blurry, but once it starts the cache, of course build up that data packet information. It then does swap over, and we will be happily looking at this in full hd, che è grande. Now the gestures are working well, i haven’t really had any issues with gsjs with this particular tablet, and just the overall performance is quick and snappy with no real lag and that i’m noticing it doesn’t seem to bulk down or anything like that now in our settings. Here we do have options for the color mode, for the display we’ve got our dark mode on there, che è buono, raise to wake race to weight works with the face unlocking face, unlocking is a little slow. I don’t find it to be particularly fast or the fingerprint reader, which is probably my biggest con of this tablet, which is really not that much. You can still put in a code as well, and if you add your fingerprint a few more times, it tends to work a little better there. Now the rom is android 10 e sì, we are getting over the air updates, which i will show you shortly too i’ll just bring this right up. We’Ll take a little bit a look at the performance of it now so antutu. This score is about 50 000 points more than the tick class t40 or the iplay 40, which is one of my favorite budget tablets, probably one of the best out there at the moment, step up and performance.

It is noticeable feels smooth with a tablet and, Naturalmente,, we’ve got. The slim bezels premium build quality on this wide vine level. One display out fingerprint reader just offers so much more. Internal storage speeds aren’t amazing, but they are good. When you take a look at our random reads and writes so, this is not going to bottleneck a snapdragon 730 g, which is the main thing, and i haven’t seen any issues with very slow installs or loading. Apps wireless performance is better than those other budget tablets. I’Ve reviewed we can get around a maximum speeds of about 370 megabits per second and i’m. Looking at a lowest score here, where i always measure of about 94., just under my 100 threshold, i don’t like to go any lower than 100 at that point, but it’s still not bad. It has decent wireless. ora, the battery charge time is 146 minuti. ok. This is going from 16 A 100 for the eight thousand four hundred million hour battery, che è, Suppongo, considering their capacity it’s. ok, è, Niente, incredibile, è, 20 watt charging battery life very good. So this was a test i do. I always do pc mark a fixed battery life test, so there’s no variables it’s always the same, and this was this display calibrated to 200 nits of brightness and it will run for almost 10 hours so realistically for light content use website streaming, you’re looking at up To about 11 ore, depending on your brightness, so very good battery life that’s great gps works.

Bene, it sees a lot of satellites, but it doesn’t tend to lock on to too many. There is a hardware compass so for navigators out there, people with boats and other people that want to use this, maybe even in a car or whatever gps navigation will be good. With this tablet with the hardware compass, it definitely does aid it. So free available storage, just looking at over about 106 Gigabyte, do remember. We do have micro, sd card support on this, so we can expand upon that storage capacity and when you install it, it asks you if you want to set up the micro sd card as system storage or as portable storage. So you can just install all your apps and more apps if you needed to on an sd card, but use a fast one. I recommend using a fast one there and yes over there updates. This was the update i received on the global rom. So the rom is not broken, it does allow for updates, che è buono, and i do hope we are going to get android 11 eventually from lenovo pushed out onto this particular tablet and a little bit more on the video playback too so youtube. This does support 1440p60 maximum as the option we get right here, as you can see 1440p. 60.. Now i have noticed that, because the screen is pentile the arrangement of the pixels on this oled screen, then when you look at text when it’s really small, it might not quite seem as sharp as you would think it would for a 1600 p screen and that’s.

Just because of the pin tile arrangement there, unfortunately that but at normal viewing distances, this screen does look good. So i do have amazon prime video here in the background running as well, so this one is working again in 1080p without any problems. So it’ll start out. Looking all blurry in standard definition, but then it steps it up to hd and then later full hd. Allora 10 da nove aspetto, ratio content like youtube. You will have bored as a course top and bottom that’s normal, and what about ebooks now with that pen, tile arrangement on the oled screen, if you’re looking at again at a normal distance, it’s fine, it does look sharp and clear the text now built into the Rom and also built into google play books. We have options to change the color uh to invert. This background, Naturalmente,, and you’ll see too from the toggles on the top that we can also set this into the night vision, mode eye care mode and things like that, so it’s not going to hurt our eyes the white, so just a quick little double tap There brings that up looks great and, Naturalmente,, you can hold it in portrait, which tends to probably look a little bit better for our ebooks and what about pdf files too? So let’s take a look at a pdf file. I’Ve got quite a heavy one, which is a large file. This one right here, history book and it looks really good on the screen again at your normal viewing distances.

If you look really really close, then you will see the jagged edges of the fonts due to the pen tile arrangement of this oled, but it is a very good screen and just going ahead here in a normal kind of place, you can see it will play A little bit of catch up there, it’s not going to be as fast as an ipad for large pdf files. The ipads are the king at loading pdf files that are very large. So the great news is this particular tablet: yes supports n trig styluses, and what am i talking about? Intrigue well they’re, the ones that microsoft use, so i happen to actually have a budget oneand someone mentioned this on my website toothat the autocube thinker, which is an entry stylus, does actually work on this particular tablet here. So we get palm rejection. Abbiamo 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, and here is the official stylus that it works with. It actually works with two or three different lenovo styluses. This one is the precision, precision pin two and there has a little pouch for it. Everything too, as well we’ve, got two buttons on it. Little status led charges with type c, so they use something called bamboo paper with this for sketching there’s different apps that already pre installed installed, and this is one that i’m just going to test out here. Just to show you a little bit of how it works with the pressure sensitivity, so there’s a hover function so as soon as it’s about half an inch well, not actually less than that about a quarter of an inch away from the screen.

Half a centimeter or so you’ll see, then it is being detected and as soon as that is detected. That then enables the palm rejection so i’m, just going to quickly write something hello world right here and for jotting and notes. I find this pin is actually pretty good. This stylus mine’s my messy writing there. There is a little bit of latency delay to it. You can see here that it’s going to trail behind a little bit, but it is pretty quick as long as you don’t have any games running in the background. You clear your memory and keep just the performance up: 100 è, quite good pressure sensitivity. So as soon as i press harder, the line becomes, Naturalmente,, a lot thicker that is working very well now the stylus works right up close to the very very edge, but there is a bit of a gap you can see, so it only really wants to Be usable up to about there not completely on the wall, it will mark it, but it doesn’t like it too much that’s about really as close as you should get to the edge before it will start to see, trigger gestures or something like that. Allora, Nel complesso, the stylus for me and the time i’ve been testing it out i’m, not a big stylus user myself. It does seem very, Molto bene, good latency and overall, i like the feeling of the tip as well, which is rubber on the glass screen, is good and then that pressure sensitivity as well is working, and you can get yourself these cheaper styluses that will work or Just find the original surface pro or surface pro sorry, not the original one, but the surface pro 456.

I think it is the ones that use intrigue onwards will work on this or a cheap audio cube thinker stylus that works so gaming performance. How is it well all of the titles out there demanding games like this one like gen chen impact, you will have to lower the visual settings, so if you run it on the maximum extreme setting, this becomes very, very laggy, but right now all i’ve got it On is lowest settings and all i’ve done is just tweak up the resolution, so it does look a little bit sharp and i find this does actually work reasonably well. Sono, not having too much of a problem with any huge hiccups with lag or anything like that. So i think, Subito, i’ve got to kill a lot of enemies and it’s a good time to test out to see their performance. Just how laggy is it going to get you see the lady occasional frame dips? I know where i am now in one of the dungeons isn’t the best place to show off exactly how good the performance is, but take my word for it out on the open map in other areas that it is good it’s all going to be playable. Even on the 730g here, it’s really not too bad, and it goes for other games. All the other games in the play store just lower down your visual settings on the most demanding games and you’ll still have very playable frame rates and call of duty.

This one is running on the very high frame rate. Setting with high settings runs excellent, really good and i haven’t noticed any major lags or anything as well with this title, so that’s good, so gaming performance is better than i expected and what about the thermals? Bene, it does get a little bit warm around that area, but it’s nothing alarming, not even warm enough for me to break out my thermal probe, okay so as well. I don’t want to drop it as you guessed that this is for me. This is an awesome tablet. This is really right up there. ok, lo snapdragon 730 is not the most powerful chipset out there, but it’s still very good for gaming. You just got to lower down the visuals on the really demanding games and the build quality. I cannot stress this enough. This is the same level of build that you’ll get on samsung’s snapdragon 865 powered tab s7 plus it really is at the same level that’s a much more expensive tablet. Amazing jbl speakers very good display: okay it’s, not as good as samsung’s, but we are looking at a nice display with this one. As long as you don’t look at it too close, then you may see some jagged edges with those pen tile arrangement, oled pixels, but that’s only when you’re looking at it really really close at a stupid distance, normal distance, not an issue. It is a very nice screen battery life about 10 ore.

It’S got a stylus support, video out wide vine level. One micro sd card support pretty much all the things we want there, Ma no 3.5 millimeter headphone out. Purtroppo, but it works with the type c adapter. They do include at least in the box charge times, aren’t amazing, but over two hours, è, non troppo male per quello che è: 20 watt charging and then the camera is average fingerprint unlocking face unlocking yeah, non è incredibile, that’s one gray area. But to me it’s kind of minor, because the rest of the tablet is just so nice. It is premium, fantastico, assolutamente amore. This one for me is a keeper, the p11 pro or the xiaoshin pad pro that this one has the import version. So save yourself for money, if you don’t want to get it locally, you’ve got the local warranty and the rom is exactly the same as on this with those over the air updates. So thank you so much for watching my review.