We’Ve got lots of news from the delay in the uk world, update to a plethora of airports being released to updates on freeware and payware aircraft. Certainly not one to miss so be sure to hit that like button subscribe and comment down below about what bit of news you’re most excited about today, if you’re new around here, i do videos like this all the time providing flight simulation content on an almost daily Basis let’s get into this news, Dei video, ok, so i thought i’d start off with the recent news that microsoft flow simulator world update 3 or the uk and island world update has been delayed until february the 16th. Now the response among the community was really really hyped up for this update, so it is a bit of a letdown, but it means that a sobo are really putting all of the effort into this update no i’m, not too sure why this update was met with Such hype, because we’ve had the usa and japan world update already, and this certainly wasn’t the excitement we have around this one. I guess it’s because the uk and ireland in comparison to the usa and japan are quite small countries, but they’ve still got a massive audience from there. I’M certainly excited for it, and but it’s been delayed until february the 16th. This is the second delay. I’Ve already talked about it in another video, quindi sono, not going to go too much into the detail, but after this update we’ll be getting the france and benelux world updates, which is scheduled for release in march now.

This may mean that that one is pushed back as well, Perché, of course it does affect down the line, but we’ll just have to wait and see with that one. On the bright side, we’ve got some new world update screenshots, showing some stuff on the island of ireland, including northern ireland and ireland, certainly an interesting development. I cannot wait for this update. All the delay means is that they’re really putting their effort and, of course detail into this world update and it is locked to being february 16th, so there’ll be no more delays. We’Re now going to move on to a selection of paywere airports and then we’ll delve right into freeware and payway aircraft, so all backs have released the singapore landmarks pack for microsoft flow simulator. Now orbex is a fantastic australian development company that work on loads of things. From airports to scenery packs like the ones we’ve seen with paris and london, this looks beautiful. I have to admit all backstage a really good job here. Well worth it guys i’m proud to be a partner with them. They do a great job. This includes 20 high detail, custom landmarks, including super tree grove, helix bridge marina, 1 fullerton hotel and the supreme court buildings, as well as singapore cable cars. I mean you can’t argue with that that’s, pretty cool and, Naturalmente,, we’ve got the beautiful albex night lighting. They do a fantastic job there now moving on to paywear airports, just seeing once again upping the quality.

They are really really great developer and their payload airports do look fantastic they’ve released brussels airport echo. Bravo, bravo! Romeo for microsoft, flight simulator, Naturalmente,, located in the heart of belgium just 7.5 miles out of the capital. This airport handles over 26 million passengers a year with over a quarter of a million aircraft movements. Now this does look amazing and we’ve got some before and after photos comparing it to the default scenery as well and i’m really tempted to take a look at this, because it does look excellent. Infatti, i think i’m going to get it now, he’s a bit on the expensive side. I’Ll admit coming in at around 24 Euro, excluding v80. But if you own the p3d or x, plane version, you do get a discount, which is always very nice, but the people standing outside it is a really highly detailed. Airport looks very nice. Moving on jet stream designs releases, milano lenanto here in beautiful italy, it’s the country i’ve been to a few times. It is a very beautiful country. I have to admit i haven’t done much flying on here on microsoft. Flight simulator because i haven’t got rome champino airport out yet, which is a bit of a disappointment for me, i’m still waiting on it. A very nice airport, but milan airport here in the north of italy, is looking absolutely amazing. Mi sento, like i sound a bit too positive on my videos but yeah.

They are very beautiful. I try and include the best custom jet ways as well or, to a certain extent, i should say, and light lighting looks very good as well. Certamente, i must have for any italian viewersand i know i’ve got quite a few two more payware airports to go before we move into the freeware and payway aircraft. Now i do apologize with my pronunciation on this one, but dozeki designs have released tokyo, narita international airport. I believe the bigger airport in tokyo we’ve already got an airport over in tokyo. So you know this is a nice update. Now this airport looks absolutely stunning. We’Ve got interiors in some places, it’s a must have for any long. Haul pilots that likes going over to japan also perfectly compatible and a perfect addition to the world update, one which was in japan very performance friendly. Anche, they stayed with control towers hanging, static aircraft, advanced nightingale custom, animations custom offer everything you’d expect from a beautiful airport by this fantastic developer. ora, with this airport there’s a bit of aviation trivia and the end of one of the runways, there is, Naturalmente,, a farm and that’s. Basically because the farm owner did refuse to move out of the way for the airport and they had to build up loads. Of sound barriers to protect the farm now latin vfr have released madrid bahara’s airport in, Naturalmente,, sunny spain. This is latin vfr’s biggest airport, one of the biggest airports they’ve made so far, and they really are well known for their high quality airports.

We’Ve got custom jet ways which are, Naturalmente,, Molto bello. Arriva poco meno 18 us dollars available from their website. You can also purchase it from sim markets for 18 euros and, Naturalmente,, p3d users get a discount moving on to paywear aircraft. Now the just flight pa28r arrow3 for microsoft, flight simulator has got some comparison, shots comparing it to the previous version with flight simulator x. ora, looking closely at this, it would look like the exterior model. Hasn’T changed too much since the flight simulator x version, which is actually a bit disheartening for me, yeah sure it’s, increased infidelity a bit more because microsoft flight simulator allows it, but i really can’t see too much difference. It does worry me a bit if i’m completely honest a little worry there, but the cockpit looks absolutely beautiful. This aircraft is really popular in the uk and just like are doing a fantastic job, so this will prove to be a best seller, i’m sure now, Sono. Closely following the freeware 757 by parallel flight simulationsand we started to get some renders of the cockpit now fully remodeled with some new textures and my goodness, does it look epic now i hope they do commit to this, because i’ve got a deep feeling with some Of these developers that they will kind of give up and maybe put the model up as an open source kind of file for everyone else to work on the parallel flow simulations as well as the kc 10 developers seem really committed to this project.

I really hope they keep it up. È. Looking very nice we’ve got the main instrument panel, as well as the early grinder of the cockpit, with the seats in there and it’s looking beautiful, i have to say the 757 is personally the aircraft i’m most excited for. Effettivamente, it kind of gets put into second place, i guess with the 737 ora, Naturalmente,, we had a payware 737, but we won’t talk about that. Moving on we’ve got some more cockpit shots from the team at aerodynamics, with the kc 10 that’s being released with the aircraft mega pack and it’s. Looking very beautiful, i have to say it’s kind of quite a good, hybrid, cockpit with steam gauges, as well as your fmc and, Naturalmente,, primary flight display so it’s a bit of an older aircraft. But i really do love the way it’s going it’s. Looking very nice, so there we have it guys more flight simulator news for you here was your weekly update on the development of the sim. I do try and keep it weekly um, ma naturalmente, there’s only so much news i can fit into a video, so sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to roll a video out on the week but be sure to like comment and subscribe. If you haven’t done already subscribing is, Naturalmente,, the best thing you can do, ma naturalmente, if you want to support the channel even more consider donating by buying me a coffee or becoming a channel member it’s, molto apprezzato, but certainly not needed, Cioè.