So just how well does it run in games? Ive testato 20 different games at all settings and compared it against some other laptops to find out.. My 7i has some nice specs inside, but it is available with different options. Puoi trovare esempi e prezzi aggiornati collegati nella descrizione.. Il software Lenovo Vantage consente di scegliere tra diverse modalità di prestazioni. Ive used the highest performance mode for best results.. The software also lets you disable optimus for G Sync, which will give us a performance boost. Per impostazione predefinita. Max Q, Dynamic Boost is enabled meaning the GPU should be able to boost higher when the CPU doesnt need. The power. Beh solo coprendo le prestazioni di gioco. In questo video, so if youre new then get subscribed for the upcoming thermal testing and full review, Video. Let's start out by going through all 20 games at all setting levels then afterwards well see how other laptops, paragonare. Redenzione Rosso Morto 2 è stato testato. Using the games built in benchmark tool were just able to pass 60 FPS with the high setting preset max settings seems to be too much for all, but the highest specced laptops. Campo di battaglia 5 è stato testato in modalità campagna. No problems playing at ultra settings just a little under 100 FPS, so a good result and well see how other laptops compare in this game. Un po' più tardi. Il controllo è stato testato con e senza RTX abilitato. Ho ottenuto i risultati con RTX off in viola RTX sulle barre verdi, which was much worse.

Comparatively then RTX on with DLSS enabled, come mostrato dalle barre rosse, which was running much better while also looking good. Shadow of the Tomb Raider è stato testato con il punto di riferimento integrato, and these are great results from a 2070 Max Q laptop but again well. Compare with some other laptops, Presto. Apex Legends è stato testato con tutte le impostazioni al massimo o tutte le impostazioni sui valori più bassi possibili in quanto non ha preimpostazioni di impostazione predefinite.. It was running fine at max settings, though we could get the 1 low above the screens. Refresh rate at minimum. Il necessario, Modern Warfare è stato testato in modalità campagna con impostazioni max o min per lo stesso motivo, and although the frame rates are lower compared to Apex, it was still playing without any issues at max settings. Fortnite was tested with the Replay feature and the 1 low results from high settings were close to the screens refresh rate with way higher possible at lower levels if thats, what youre, Dopo. CSGO è stato testato con il benchmark FPS ulletico, and this game sees big improvements with optimus disabled compared to other Laptops that are stuck with it. DotA 2 wasnt much different compared to far lower specced laptops, but either way still great results at max. Impostazioni. Overwatch è un altro gioco meno impegnativo ed è stato testato nella gamma di prove. Nessun problema che colpisce il 300 FPS frame cap at low and medium settings, mentre anche il 1 low at epic settings was at the screens refresh rate.

Rainbow Six Siege è stato testato con il benchmark integrato utilizzando Vulkan. There wasnt much difference in average, FPS between high and ultra settings and even the 1 low at very high was near the refresh rate of the screen. Metro Exodus è stato testato utilizzando il benchmark integrato. La maggior parte delle parti del gioco eseguire un po 'meglio di questo. Quindi non prendere questi risultati come una buona indicazione di cosa aspettarsi in tutto il gioco la sua più di un caso peggiore.. La Divisione 2 was also tested with the built in benchmark.. Ultra settings was above 60 FPS and we could more than double this. At low. Monster Hunter World è stato testato in esecuzione attraverso la città principale, and I had no issues with the highest setting preset. It felt quite smooth, but again we could basically double frame rate at low settings. If thats the priority. Borderlands 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark again quite good results. Max settings was basically on 60 FPS, which is good for this test. While medium was able to surpass 100 Fps., Ghost Recon Breakpoint è stato testato anche con lo strumento di riferimento. di nuovo, good results compared to other laptops tested above 60 FPS at ultimate is a good result and is likely thanks to the option of dynamic boost more on that soon. Assassini. Creed Odyssey is another that was tested with the games benchmark and the results were fairly good. Here not quite 60 FPS at max, but thats generally difficult to achieve.

, Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark and the results werent, really that different when compared to many others tested, perhaps a little better as a result of the 8 core processor.. Il Witcher 3 was playing fine at ultra settings, ma, as is typically the case with all laptops, Testo, we can get nice gains, stepping back just one level to high, while still looking good., F1 2019 è stato testato con lo strumento di riferimento e vede un comportamento simile, while Minimum settings would push the 1 low above the screens. Frequenza. Now lets take a look at how the Lenovo Legion 7i, with these specs, rispetto ad altri computer portatili utilizzano questi risultati come una guida approssimativa solo come sono stati testati in tempi diversi con driver diversi. In Battlefield 5 Ive ottenuto il 7i evidenziato in rosso. Its Giving a great result for a 2070 Max Q, probabilmente a causa di quel limite di potenza più elevato e, Naturalmente,, sono stati anche vedendo una spinta dalla capacità di disabilitare optimus troppo.. Questi i risultati di Far Cry 5 con impostazioni ultra nel benchmark integrato.. Il 7i è un po 'più alto nello stack ora, che ha un senso, poiché questo test dipende maggiormente dalla potenza del processore e. Un 8 Core 16 thread chip here. Its not without its issues, though Ill discuss. Some thermal issues in the upcoming thermal testing video. Ombra di Tomb Raider, was also tested with the games benchmark tool and the results were quite decent here too, con il 2070 Max Q, dando buoni risultati e appeso in là con opzioni di livello superiore.

Overall gaming performance From the Lenovo Legion 7i with these specs was great, and this is due to the combination of Nvidias new dynamic boost, the option of disabling Optimus and the fact that the 7i runs the memory at DDR4, 3200. Ive tested one game with and without dynamic boost. Just to get an idea of the difference it makes. With it enabled the default. Il 2070 Max Q would run up to 105 watts in a GPU only load and with it off, it would run up to 90 Watt, which is more typical for this tier of GPU in a laptop. In ogni caso, dynamic boost was definitely giving an improvement compared to not Using it and Ill compare this in depth in a future video. Ecco la risposta dello schermo. Time results for the 1080p 144Hz screen in my unit., The average grey to grey response time was 7.6ms and when we look at how this stacks up against others, its around the middle of the pack., The Vantage software has an option for enabling or disabling overdrive. But I found no change to response time by toggling this, so not sure. If its a bug. I didnt see overshoot or undershoot, so my best guess is overdrive is not enabled.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from the Lenovo Legion 7i. Gaming laptop down in the comments and if youre new then get subscribed for the upcoming videos where Ill test out thermals in depth and, Naturalmente,, the detailed full review where Ill show you everything.