Come potete vedere, this is a mini windows. Laptop and it’s definitely focused on gaming, given that we have these detachable controllers here and recently i did a video on this showing off some pc game performance and personally i’m, a big fan of this thing. I mean they definitely pack some performance into this thing. Given the form factor, so if you’re interested in checking that video out, i will leave a link in the description, but this is going to be focused on emulation, but before we jump right into it, i just want to give you a quick rundown on the specs Here, as for the cpu, this is using an i7 1160 g7. We have four course: eight threads base clock 1.1 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.4. The built in gpu is the new intel, iris, R, xe graphics, con 96 execution units up to 1.1 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of lp ram running at 4, 267 megahertz 512 Gigabyte, m.2 nvme ssd, un 7 inch ips 1080p touch panel, and we have some more specs listed On screen i’m, not going to bore you with that, because i do want to jump right into some emulation now. The first thing we’re going to be testing here is psp, and i do want to mention that if you want to go any lower than psp with this unit, it’s going to run perfectly fine, dreamcast n64 pc engine snes, even sega saturn, whether you want to use The yobasi and shiro core, or with this high clock on the cpu here, you can use the beetle core inside of retroarch, which is the one i prefer using now in this video we’re, going to focus more on the higher end emulators.

But i did want to show a little bit of psp emulation going here. So first up we have the psp version of gran turismo using the vulcan back in and i’m upscaled to 5x. I haven’t had any issues with this unit running psp games, especially with that vulcan back in and this 11th gen i7 cpu. Now just to make this video a little easier on myself i’m going to go ahead and connect this to an external display. I know it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on in the top left hand corner, because i do have afterburner running all right. Quindi sono, just connected over hdmi to this portable monitor here and if you did want to use these controllers detached they do work. They connect to the unit over bluetooth or 2.4 gigahertz connection but i’m going to be using an xbox controller connected to the one gx pro so i’m, just going to get into ppsspp and we’ll start up ghost of sparta and again still using that vulcan back in 5X resolution it’s working absolutely amazingly, with psp emulation and going into this. I knew it would, especially with that i7 cpu clocked up to 4.4 gigahertz and not to mention the new intel iris xe. Grafica, i’m really impressed with what intel has done with their new integrated graphics. I mean they work really well with emulation and pc gaming. So it looks like this isn’t working out either i’m gon na have to go to my game capture i’m just going to plug this into hdmi, so we can get a better look at these higher end emulators running on the one gx pro Applause.

So first up we have gamecube using the dolphin emulator upscaled to 1080p and i really didn’t take it any further, because the built in screen on the unit itself only does 1080p but i’m pretty sure we could at least get 1440p out of this whole chipset. Here it just really comes down to the built in screen only being 1080p and most of the time that’s what you’re going to be playing on, but when it comes to gamecube and wii emulation, this little thing will handle everything and, A proposito, i’m using the Vulcan back in next on the list for gamecube we have automotive lisa. This is one that i always throw in my test because on lower end systems, it definitely lags out, but really when you take a look at the specs of the one gx pro. This is not a low end system, especially with that i7 cpu. So if you’re looking for something to play, gamecube games at full speed upscale to 1080p on the go. This is definitely a great little option here i got one more gamecube game and then we’ll move over to wii. We have f0 gx another one of those games, that’s just really hard to emulate for some systems, because there’s actually a lot of stuff going on, especially when you’re hitting that boost button. But this system handles it perfectly fine, taking it up a notch with the dolphin emulator up to wii emulation again i’ve tested a lot of games with this haven’t had any trouble, even upscaled.

Allora, Fondamentalmente, as long as the game is compatible with the dolphin emulator, be it a gamecube or a wii game. This is going to run it at full speed, even upscaled to 1080p. And if you have a monitor that supports a higher resolution, i’m sure we could go to 1440., so i’ve got one more wii game to test with dolphin and then we’re gon na move up to ps2 all right. Allora, taking a look at ps2 emulation using pcsx2 at 720p it’s looking pretty good now it did go widescreen with this game. Here it does stretch it out a little bit. You can actually go into the settings of the game itself and turn it to 16×9. I probably should have left it at 4×3 because really that’s how i’d like to play these games, but overall i’ve had really good luck with ps2 emulation on this device now, for the back end here, we’re actually using dx11 instead of opengl. If you swapped over to opengl with this system, you wouldn’t be able to play many of these games, but with directx 11 enabled you’ll be able to do most of this stuff at 720p, so uh. So when it comes to ps3 we’re using rpcs3and i was actually really impressed with the performance herewe have four cores and eight threads and when it comes to the rpcs three emulator, it loves extra threads, especially with some of the harder to run games like Skate 3, and by the way i did test that we’ll see that in just a second but with the vulcan back end enabled there’s a lot of ps3 stuff that’ll be fully playable on this unit, oh uh and finally, for ps3.

We have skate 3., now it’s trying its hardest to keep that 60 fps frame rate and, as you can see up in the top left hand corner that cpu is totally maxed out, it’s maxing out all four cores and eight threads. And unfortunately, since this is a mobile chip with all of that maxed out, we can’t reach the maximum clocks that’s. Why we’re seeing a clock rate of around 2.3 A 2.4 on the cpu now, if it could keep a longer boost time or a higher base? Clock i’m sure we could run this at 60fps full time but it’s a mobile chip after all, and it does have its limitations pretty impressed by seeing what it can do, and the final thing i wanted to test here was the simu emulator now i’ll admit going Into this i did have some issues with vulcan. I was getting extremely long loading time, so what i had to do was delete my whole old, build of cemu reinstall. It get some shader cache built up with the new version, and it seems to be working really well now, come potete vedere, mario kart 8 is at 60 using that vulcan back in with async on. I also tested breath of the wild and it’ll run it at 30 fps all day, if you turn on fps plus plus, and try to get it to 60 it’s around 45. But personally i prefer playing this at 30 because there are some weird anomalies that happen when you’re running this at a higher frame rate, but yeah just seeing these emulators run this well on a handheld with integrated intel graphics is pretty awesome.

I mean these little chips. Are getting more powerful every year and i’d say within the next two iterations of these intel chips. We’Re gon na be able to run all this stuff at 60., no problem at all with built in graphics and yeah. This will even do 3ds emulation using citra at 2x resolution with that opengl back in overall i’m. A big fan of this little handheld definitely comes with a pretty high price tag, given the form factor, but if you’re looking for a handheld that can basically do anything. This is definitely one to take a look at and do some more research on if you’re interested in checking out some pc games running on this unit definitely check out my first video i’ll leave a link for that. In the description, i ran some benchmarks and tested out a bunch of games with this iris xc gpu, e fa un buon lavoro. I even connected it to an external thunderbolt, 3 Rtx 2070 to up that graphics performance and putting it in a desktop mode. Like that definitely gives you a whole another experience, but the built in gpu that they’re using here, given that it’s integrated, does a really great job but that’s going to do it for this video. I really appreciate you watching if you want to see anything else running on this unit or if you have any questions.