and in our initial review. We were pretty happy with it because of the excellent performance for things like gaming, as well as the new design that looks great and supports the incredible magic keyboard case, making it a perfect laptop replacement. Tuttavia, a lot has changed in the past two months, specifically the release of apple’s m1 macbook air, which has been blowing everyone’s mind because the base model for 999 dollars has barely any drawbacks compared to the more expensive, 1300 macbook pro. So in this review i’m going to look at the ipad air 4 from a different perspective, now considering the m1 macbook air, because it could actually be a much better buy for a lot of people. But before i get into that, i want to talk about our experience with the ipad air. dopo 2 mesi, il nuovo, modern and sleek design has been giving us an excellent experience compared to apple’s previous budget 10.2 inch ipad and ipad mini. Il nuovo, rounded corner display is just so much more immersive compared to those other ipads, and this feature alone, along with the premium flat design, makes it worth the extra cash over those ipads seriously. The design makes all of the difference in day to day use. Tuttavia, Sono, starting to absolutely hate the new touch id sensor because i’m used to using the ipad pro with face id which honestly works so much better than touch id. But in terms of performance, the a14 bionic chip in the ipad air is really impressive, because i haven’t noticed it being any slower than the pro for everything, including gaming performance.

The only downside compared to the ipad pro is that it doesn’t get the 120hz display. But surprisingly, even without that, the apple pencil note taking performance was really great. So overall i’ve been extremely happy with the ipad air 4 over the past 2 mesi, at least in terms of tablet use with it being very reliable for both apps and games. But perhaps my favorite part about this new ipad air is that it supports the magic keyboard case, which i absolutely love, because apple totally nailed the keyboard making it feel like an actual macbook keyboard and as for the trackpad, it also feels like a macbook trackpad, because You get an even clicking feel no matter where you tap or click unlike windows, laptops which use a traditional diving board, design that doesn’t feel great at all and, to my surprise, it supports all of the same gestures like pinch to zoom and using three fingers to Swipe between apps, these gestures come directly from macbooks and they work incredibly well on the ipad air, with the magic keyboard case and that’s. Why i called it an excellent, laptop replacement. The main downside is that it costs three hundred dollars and if you buy an apple pencil on sale on amazon for a hundred dollars to take advantage of the best note taking experience, you can get on any tablet. The price of this ipad air laptop setup goes up to exactly 1 000 making it the perfect base macbook air contender.

ora, Sì, not everyone wants a keyboard case for their ipad and even those who do can find other options like the logitech folio touch for a hundred and sixty dollars. But the magic keyboard case is the only one that is so good that it can actually compete with the keyboard and trackpad on a macbook, air and that’s. Why i chose it so now i’m going to get into the advantages and disadvantages of buying the ipad air 4 compared to buying the m1 macbook air, including things like day to day experience professional, utilizzare, app support, prestazioni, gaming and more getting started. The ipad air has the massive advantage of being able to be used as a tablet because of its touchscreen display, which enables apple pencil support, which is the biggest advantage. Ha avuto. The macbook air, obviously doesn’t, have a touchscreen display and you can’t really use it while walking around the house, like you can with the ipad, you have to use it either on a tabletop or on your lap, but the ipad air 4 can also be used as A laptop with the magic keyboard case for things like web browsing and document typing, Tuttavia, i’d still say that the macbook air does it better because you actually get a full size keyboard compared to a scrunch down version with the ipad. The macbook air also gets function. Keys which are incredibly useful and the placement of the touch id sensor on the power button is much more convenient compared to the ipad air 4 Sensore.

In cima a quello, the macbook air’s trackpad is much larger, giving you more freedom for swiping and using drag and drop, and it actually performs and feels better because it uses apple’s force, touch technology with built in motors that simulate clicks compared to a simple design. On the magic keyboard case, Tuttavia, this case does add an extra usbc port in the hinge for charging leaving the ipad’s main port free for data transfers, but on the macbook air either of the two ports can be used for transferring data, including high speed. Thunderbolt 3 support which you cannot get on the ipad now by far the most annoying thing about using the ipad air as a laptop replacement with that magic keyboard case, is that if you’re in a zoom call the webcam ends up on the side of the ipad. So it looks really weird when you look at the display, like you normally would yes, it does use a higher quality camera compared to the 720p webcam on the macbook air, but they’re surprisingly, not that big of a difference just check it out for yourself. This is a microphone and webcam quality test on the 2020 ipad aria 4., and this is a microphone and webcam quality test on the 2020 m1 macbook air, so yeah it’s definitely a bit annoying that the webcam is on the side, but the worst part is that When you’re in a zoom call your webcam shuts off when you start multitasking and that’s what i want to get into next, the macbook air just does a much better job for multitasking.

You can move your apps around the screen very easily in any position. You’D like on the ipad air, it just doesn’t feel the same, because you can only have two apps open at once and that’s because of the software differences. Ipad os is extremely limited compared to the more traditional mac os software, which allows you to easily run multiple apps at the same time. And if you really need to you can get up to 16 gigs of ram compared to only 4 gigs on the ipad air, which is a huge difference and making it worse. The ipad air only comes with 64 concerti di stoccaggio, and if you want to match the base 256 gigs on the macbook air, you have to spend another 150 bucks to upgrade it, but that’s it. No further ssd options beyond that which is extremely limiting compared to the macbook air, which supports up to two terabytes of storage. But getting back to software support. The m1 macbook air supports so much more apps, including x86 apps, which run extremely well using rosetta. So if you’re ever in need of professional full sized apps, the macbook air is so much better. Per esempio, you can get the full versions of apps like final cut, lightroom classic xcode logic, premiere pro and much more, that you simply cannot get on the ipad. ora, in the past, ipads have always had a huge advantage by having access to the massive ios app library, but now everything has changed with the m1 max the new m1 macbook air can essentially download and use every single app that’s available on the ipad.

If you take advantage of side loading, Per esempio, i was able to play call of duty mobile with controller support right on the macbook air in full screen mode with excellent performance. Taking it even further, i was able to play four ipad games at the same time, while being able to control them and view them all at once, which you can’t do on the ipad and as for performance, all four apps ran perfectly without stressing the m1 chip At all, the only issue i had was with touch based games which require a touchscreen to work properly for games like that. The ipad is definitely the right choice, especially since you can use it like a tablet while playing on the couch or walking around, which is the only real gaming advantage for the ipad air. ora, D'altra parte, the m1 macbook air can also play mac games using rosetta like league of legends and cs go. It can also play windows games using either crossover or parallel 16, and it can easily run emulators like dolphin for nintendo games with no issues at all and because of the massive difference in performance. As you can see in these geekbench results for both the cpu and the graphics. The m1 macbook air is not only a much much better choice for gaming, Ma è. Anche, a better choice for professionals, doing things like video or photo editing and to take it even further. The m1 macbook air is rated for 15 hours of web browsing battery life compared to just 10 on the ipad air 4.

. The ipad does get the advantage of tablet use for media consumption like watching youtube videos, but the macbook air still has two major advantages in this area. The larger 13.3 inch display that uses a 16 da 10 aspect ratio making, widescreen videos fill up more of the screen, and the speakers sound much better as well. Just hear it for yourself, Musica. Allora, based on all of that, you can tell that i’m extremely excited about the m1 macbook air and i think it’s totally worth the extra cash over the ipad air 4 for everyone, except for those who prefer to have a touch based tablet. Experience with apple pencil support so here’s the final rundown to finish off this review, the ipad air 4 è grande, but the m1 macbook air is much much better. If you disagree with me, go ahead and comment your thoughts down below and be sure to check out our m1 macbook pro review right over there.