questa volta. Hearing company sent me their latest canvas 16 compressa, 2021 edition it’s a tablet with a screen that can be connected to both pc and android phones. This would be my second time trying a pen display tablet and the features sounded very appealing to me, so i felt interested to give it a go without further introductions. Let’S go ahead and see what’s inside the box, so this is the tablet. Ha un 16 inch screen with 1080p resolution. The thickness is around 12 millimeters and the weight is about 1.2 Chilogrammi, quindi è, not that heavy and can be considered portable. It comes with two usbc slots for connection to the pc and phone i’m gon na remove this protection film as it has to be removed before usage. By the way this tablet comes in two colors cosmo black and twilight blue. I was given the choice between the two, so i asked them to send me the blue one though the color might not be that visible in the video, because it’s darker, blue and not easily distinguishable now let’s see what else is inside the box. Allora, first and most importantly, the tablet pen it’s a battery free pen that comes with two buttons, and this is the pen stand inside it. We can see the replacement nibs, so the pen would be placed here like this. This box has the power adapter to insert the usb side of the cable and plug it in the socket over.

Here is the stand for the tablet, and these are the instructions for setting it up. It can be fixed at multiple angles, fino a 45 gradi. We can open it from these two sides, and this is how to set it up. The tablet will be placed here like this and you draw on it next. We have this pack here it has the artistic glove which, to be honest with you, i never use a cleaning cloth for cleaning the tablet’s screen. This paper states the links on where to download the tablet driverand this is the user manualcomes in different languages. Infine, we have the cablesthese are for the usb c to usbc connection, which would be used for connection to android phones or laptops, and over here we have a usb elongator, cable and the three in one cable, one side is usbc and the other side has Two usb cables for connecting the tablet to the pc and powering it and an hdmi cable, so that’s all what’s in the box, i’m gon na test it first on my pc, so first got ta download. The tablet driver from the helion website select the model from here the operating system and the driver then download and install it now we’re ready to go. I connected the tablet to my pc using the three in one cable, Fondamentalmente, the hdmi and usb one. So the tablet is powered directly by my pc.

Now i extended my display to have the tablet be as a second screen and then drag the clip studio paint window to it. I also adjusted the pen pressure settings of clip studio paint to match this tablet. Sono. Going to create a full illustration, this time to see how it goes, the tablet feels very smooth and easy to draw on. The lines came out nicely, especially as i was doing the line art for the artwork. The tablet has 8192 pen pressure levels, supports pen tilt up to 60 gradi, displays colors nicely and brightly and comes with 10 customizable express keys. The hard part when using it for me is that i’m very used to keyboard shortcuts when drawing as they escalate my production speed, but with the current positioning, the keyboard was far from me. So this time i actually made use of the express key buttons and set shortcuts to them. I did that from the tablet driver software. I also adjusted the pen button shortcuts to my liking. It took me some time to get used to the express keys, and sometimes i still had to reach out for the keyboard, despite them being very useful for someone like me who uses so many tools at once. The keyboard is still a necessity and it is especially needed when renaming layers i’m. Pretty sure there is a text, input method using the tablet screen itself. Ma ancora una volta, when you have a habit of doing things quickly, it’s not easy to switch to a slower alternative.

I eventually gave up and brought the keyboard close to me, so i can work at my usual pace. Anche. I faced some difficulty when it came to simple mouse click tasks like picking the colors from the color wheel, Per esempio. I had to press hard for that to work, though this could be because of clip studio, paint or maybe could be adjusted from the tablet driver software i’m. Not sure one thing i really like, anche se, is the tablet stand, having the flexibility to fix it at different angles is very convenient, especially that you can go up to 45 degrees angle. Fixing it at this angle helped me draw comfortably without facing any back or shoulders pain, quindi sono, very thankful for it. A proposito, the tablet can also be connected to computers using a usbc cable. If you have a port for it in your pc or laptop personally, i don’t have a usb sort in my desktop pc, but i do have one in my laptop, so i tried connecting the tablet using it, but i couldn’t succeed in getting it to work. Despite trying multiple troubleshooting methods, the tablet was detected by my laptop, but it just wouldn’t run though at this point i’m, not sure whether the problem is with the tablet or my laptop’s part. I don’t have another laptop with a usb c port, so i couldn’t compare to judge, but of course the tablet did work with my laptop when i connected it using the three in one cable, now let’s move on to trying the tablet on the phone i’m going To use the usb c to usb c and the usb c to usb cables, i’m gon na plug the letter cable here from the usbc side and the other side would go into the power adapter, which i’ll plug later into electricity and i’ll plug the second usbc.

Cable in the other slot, and this other side would be connected to my phone. I connected the tablet to electricity. First then plugged it into my phone. I waited a bit after connecting it. Then the samsung dexa view was displayed. Samsung dax provides a desktop like display, so my phone is now like a computer, and i can see my apps here for the phone part. I just did a quick doodle on epispain for trial purposes. The pen pressure was activated, so it was convenient to draw on, but i didn’t feel very comfortable drawing. It could be because of the tools i was using as i’m, not a regular abyss, paint user. But what really made my trial inconvenience is that i couldn’t zoom in because ibispaint app was made for phones. Many features are touch ones done by the fingers, including zooming in and out and rotating the canvas. This tablet is just a screen for display and doesn’t. Have the touch features, so if you want to navigate it through, your canvas you’d still need to do that from your phone. Uno. Other thing is that not all drawing apps are compatible while it worked fine with ibis paint. I tried using it on medibank paint, ma, as you can see it wasn’t responsive at all, because the app is not yet upgraded to run in this mode. Suppongo, A proposito, if you don’t have something like the samsung dex, you can still connect it, but you’ll get a duplicate of your phone’s vertical display and you’d have to rotate your phone screen to get the horizontal mode, and you can still use your phone To zoom in and out using your fingers on the screen, the nice thing is that you can power your tablet using a power bank too.

That means that with a phone and a power bank, you can simply draw anywhere. Tuttavia, my personal opinion is that, a questo punto, the drawbacks override the positive points when it comes to phone connection. To be honest with you, i think it’s a very interesting concept to be able to connect your phone to a screen tablet and draw. This is very promising for the future and would make drawing digitally on the go much easier, but for now this feature still needs a lot of improvement, both in terms of hardware and software, as for softwares, not all drawing apps are compatible running in this mod. Come al solito, and something has to be done to compensate for the absence of the screen touch, which is a core feature in phone drawing apps in addition running, the tablet when connected to the phone is not always a straightforward and smooth process. I faced some disconnections and screen flashing, sometimes especially when the tablet was powered by a power bank to give you my opinion of this tablet. In sintesi, it works as promised as a screen tablet. My illustration creation process was generally a smooth one and, come potete vedere, i could come up with a result similar to my usual output. I have no doubt that if i use it for a longer period, the process would get even smoother. Per me, by connecting the tablet to my laptop using usbc didn’t work for me, it could be my laptop or the tablet i don’t know to be honest as for now, this canvas 16 costi circa 400, which is not an expensive price to pay for a portable And high quality screen tablet.

Tuttavia, if you’re looking to buy this tablet just using for drawing on your phone, then i wouldn’t really recommend it as it’s, not optimized, yet and i’d say wait a little bit until this feature gets improved to the better. But if you have a laptop then this would definitely be helpful to you, because you can power it through three different ways: electricity, plug power bank or through the laptop itself, plus it can help improve your color choice for your artworks, because the screen is full of Fridge colors so that’s all i wanted to say about canvas 16 2021. If you have any questions that i didn’t answer in the video feel free to leave me comments and i’ll do my best to answer if it’s within my knowledge, i hope you found this review.