, they have cut the edges of the laptop to make it look More sleek and elegantand it stands out from a lot of the other laptops out there, but at the same time still perfect for the working environment. The edges of the laptop is shaping down to keep it for, like a better word character but i’m quite liking. It especially the corners which are not rounded in a way. It also gives them the option to add more pots to a rather thin laptop but other than that it’s pretty much in line with how any other laptop would look like. I also really like the keyboard layout. The keycaps are spaced nicely and they are rather large, making typing easy and enjoyable. It took me no more than a couple of hours to get used to the keyboard on this laptop. The touchpad is also very responsive, but it doesn’t offer a satisfying feel when pressing down on it, there’s also some space between the touchpad and the button below it, so it might feel like you’ve pressed down on it, but no input is given to the laptop. Tuttavia, a single finger tab for left click and a double finger. Tab for right click still works perfectly fine above that is the full hd touch screen display, which is a pretty decent display. But there is an anti spying flame on it, which i’ll get to in the later part of this video. ora, unlike normal laptops that have a 16 da 9 Aspetto, rapporto, hp has decided to adopt a 3×2 aspect ratio similar to the microsoft surface pro now.

While it might be a bit odd to watch videos on this aspect ratio, it is great if you’re looking at endlessly long excel sheets word documents and very long articles. I should also mention that it can do this. The spectre x360 comes with the latest generation core i7 processor, coupled with 16 gigabytes of ram and honestly that’s, all fine and well everything loaded up fast, and i never had any problems throughout my usage. One thing i would like to point out is that i didn’t feel any heat coming from this laptop, so there’s no issue using it for long hours. I never thought that this was something that i would really enjoy, especially when you’re working at home in the heat hp has also included a pretty neat feature in this laptop. If you hit the f1 key, it will dim the display of the laptop and remember when i mentioned that there was an anti spying flip. Well that prevents people from looking at your laptop screen from the sides. So you won’t have to worry about working on confidential documents in public spaces. Pressing on the f12 brings up the system, control application, which has a very unique technology, called smart sense. That means the laptop can adapt its performance based on the task at hand or its placement. Sì, that means the laptop knows when it’s placed into a bag, and it can further reduce the power consumption when it is in sleep mode.

It can also optimize the performance of the laptop by either saving the battery life or increasing the performance if it is doing heavier tasks. So remember when i said the laptop has a touchscreen display. Bene, hp was nice enough to include a stylus with the laptop which you can use to take down, notes and works even better when the laptop is put into tablet or tent mode i’m, not sure if the smart sense is doing a damn good job or the Battery is just fantastic because i’m, getting around eight hours of continuous usage. I was using this laptop to do my work like writing scripts aside from just browsing the internet and catching up on a few youtube videos. I even left the laptop on sleep mode over the weekend and on monday i was left with a little more than 50 of battery life, così sì. I can confidently say that if you plan to use this laptop for work, it will easily last the nine to five working hours. Generale. Hp has a very decent laptop here for the working class. Now sure you could buy this laptop for school, but i don’t think you will utilize all the features like the anti spying flame if you’re just gon na do some school assignments.