Voglio dire, tutte le barzellette a parte: um avere una tavoletta da disegno è abbastanza è uomo piuttosto utile. Mi aiuta sicuramente. Ammetto che ci sono alcune persone là fuori che possono creare alcune cose abbastanza buone con solo un mouse o che ci credie o no, solo un dito. I think that owning a tablet like a huion or a wacom or or something like that, makes the creative process a whole lot easier on your drawing tablet and using a pen. This offers you a lot more control and just more dexterity, and with christmas around the corner, stop the cap. You may want to go ahead and add a drawing tablet to your list for santa. So why would you get a drawing tablet? What disciplines would owning a drawing tablet, be beneficial Music for those who aspire to create their own worlds, environments and characters or even create things like comics, novels, webcomics and owning a drawing tablet will be pretty useful. It works perfectly for software, like photoshop krita, clip studio paint and a ton of other drawing programs, i’m learning digital illustration and character, design myself, and i can tell you that owning one definitely helped my learning process be a lot more efficient and who knows you may Not be into any of all that crap you may be into, i don’t know graphic design. Bene, if you have a drawing tablet, then um you can make some illustrations and spice up your work if you’re trying to make like uis or websites, if you’re trying to make um, i know little logos, twitchy modes or something whatever you every graphic designers do drawing Tab will be pretty good for you Applause now.

I am no expert animator, but i i’ve i’ve dabbled here and there you knowand it seems to be a very, very painstaking and tedious process got so many different drawings. You got ta do yet to draw like frame by frame and stuff it you’re it’s, pretty clear. I don’t know what the heck i’m talking about. Tuttavia, i do have a lot of animator friends and they tell me that having a tablet is an extremely valuable asset from what i’ve seen in order to create some top quality and top notch animation. It requires precision running a spiffy. Drawing tablet can help you a ton when you’re making your animations, i honestly can’t, imagine having to animate just using a mouse. That sounds terrible. A lot of your favorite youtubers have drawing tablets and, come sapete, make animations and do drawings and stuff like uh raw straws, Un, jaden, animations, Uh, giovani, don, the soft sky and interman arts. Naturalmente,, all right you’ll come around Music. Infine, if you plan to get into the world of 3d art, then having pen pressure sensitivity is essential, especially if you plan on working in programs like blender and zbrush. I mean i’m, not saying it’s impossible to deal with a mouse, but it’s just just pretty hard. Having some kind of drawing tab, but it helps you to sculpt a whole lot better, a lot of bigger artists that are like more experienced in this field, and i am kind of tested this as well.

I got that guy blender guru or like whatever his name, is make a donut and blender guy, and this is sort of like a little bonus. This part isn’t really that important but having a drawing tablet, can be pretty convenient if you’re, someone who uses keyboard shortcuts a lot and if you start getting better at you know, drawing and stuff, then using keyboard. Shortcuts is a very good idea. I uh come here for a second. They have like drawing tablets, have like these little buttons. I don’t know if i’m getting a good shot of that, but they have like little buttons on the side or something uh like that. Some drawing tablets have like buttons on the side that you can uh put certain keyboard shortcuts to like uh control, Z, you’re gon na be using that a lot um, your eraser, your brush, things like that um and it’s pretty convenient for me, especially because i don’t Have to reach for my keyboard, i have to reach for my keyboard in order to um. Do like a quick keyboard shortcut. I can just keep my hand on the tablet. Like the majority of the time right, you can’t see the tablet. I’M i’m. Just messing with it right now, so if you’re a person that really appreciates convenience, then having a drawing tablet can certainly help you in that aspect, so you might be wondering which drawing tablet should i get. How do i set up a drawing tablet? Bene, if you’re looking into getting a drawing tablet, i have a review of the huion canvas pro 16 and uh.

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