Tuttavia, as its available with GTX 1650 grafica, it should still be possible to play some games on it. So lets find out just how well it performs in 20 different games and also compare it with some other laptops to see how it stacks. Up. Ive ha una delle versioni più specifiche del nuovo Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop theres, un Intel i7 9750H CPU Nvidia, GTX, 1650 graphics and 32GB of memory running in dual channel with a 4K OLED screen. Tuttavia, Ive tested all games at 1080p. As this hardware wont be capable of 4K gaming., L'XPS 15 è disponibile in diverse configurazioni, tra cui i5 o anche i9 CPU. Puoi trovare esempi e prezzi aggiornati collegati nella descrizione.. The Dell software doesnt offer much in the way of performance modifications, Ive done all testing with the power manager set to ultra performance for best results. Beh, solo coprendo le prestazioni di gioco in questo video. So if youre new to the channel you'll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming thermal testing and full review. Iniziamo passando attraverso tutte le 20 giochi a tutti. Setting levels then afterwards well see how the XPS 15 confronta con alcuni altri computer portatili. Campo di battaglia. 5. Was tested in campaign mode and it was still possible to run with above a 60 FPS average with medium settings. Tuttavia, in my testing I still thought high and ultra were quite playable, probably as there was minimal difference between 1 prestazioni ridotte.

Control was very playable with low settings, which is the setting preset that was required to play with 60 Medie FPS. Medium settings felt a bit Worse and I wouldnt want to use ultra on this hardware. Ad essere onesti, anche se, in my personal opinion, I think the game still looks good. Even at low anyway., Borderlands 3 è stato testato utilizzando i giochi integrati nello strumento di riferimento, and this was another test where the low setting preset was needed in order to score 60 FPS or higher, Credo, were starting to see a trend. Apex. Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values, in quanto non dispone di predefiniti di impostazione. In questo gioco. Anche con tutte le impostazioni al massimo, it was still a playable experience. Tuttavia, given the competitive nature of the game, lower settings for higher 1 low performance would be preferable.. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark and was another test where low settings was required to hit the 60 Punto debole FPS, and this is one of the games well use to compare with other laptops. Presto. Ghost Recon Breakpoint è stato testato anche con lo strumento di riferimento. Ancora una volta, the low setting preset was needed for 60 FPS in questo test. Wolfenstein Youngblood was tested using Vulkan and so far Ive found this game to run quite well on basically anything. Max settings wasnt. Actually that bad, Tuttavia, the second highest preset was much better and able to average a solid 60 FPS.

, Far Cry New Dawn was tested with the built in benchmark once more. The low setting preset was needed for 60 Fps., Although this is typically a CPU heavier test. Più basso è il 1650 GPU is giving lower results as thats the main limitation here. Fortnite è stato testato con la funzione replay e come un gioco meno impegnativo, even epic settings was playing with 60 FPS, so definitely usable and honestly, just fine given weve got a 60Hz screen anyway. Tuttavia, much higher was possible with lower settings. Should you wish to further reduce input? Lag. Overwatch è un altro gioco ben ottimizzato ed è stato testato di nuovo nella gamma di pratica, even with the highest epic setting preset, it was possible to average above 60 FPS. Effettivamente, this was just hit for the 1 basso risultato, but again much higher is available with lower settings. CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and as a game that depends primarily on CPU power. The results arent all that much lower compared to a laptop with higher graphical power. Non, get me sbagliato. There is a difference. Its just smaller, compared to most other games. DotA 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and as another primarily CPU heavy game. The results at lower settings arent really that much different compared to other laptops with the same CPU. Alle impostazioni ultra. Where were presumably a bit more GPU bound, it was a little lower. ora, Tuttavia, 150 FPS is still plenty for this game.

arcobaleno. Six Siege è stato testato con il punto di riferimento costruito.. Even the maximum ultra setting preset was able to hit 60 FPS per il 1 low and thats with a 100 render scale so another game that should play quite nicely on this machine.. La Divisione 2 was also tested with the built in benchmark and a 60 FPS average was only just achievable with the medium setting preset. Tuttavia, we could get much higher with the low preset, dove anche il 1 low was now around the 60 Segno. PUBG was tested using the replay feature and high settings was still able to run over 60 FPS a pretty good result for a game. Thats been labelled as poorly optimized, Tuttavia, I really think thats been turned around over the last year or so., Either way with very low settings. It was still possible to reach 100 FPS and above. Assassini. Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and although this is generally more of a CPU heavy test, the lower GPU is letting us down a bit and stopping a 60 Media FPS. Even with the low setting preset. orologio. Cani 2 è un gioco di risorse pesanti, but I think it still plays fine with a stable 30 FPS, so it was working fine for me with very high settings. Tuttavia, ultra was noticeably worse in comparison, so I wouldnt use it though. If you do want higher 60 FPS was hit at medium.. Il Witcher 3 was playing ok with high settings, while still looking good.

Medium settings was closer to 60 FPS, but not by much while ultra settings was noticeably a bit more stuttery in comparison., F1 2019 was tested using the games benchmark tool and the highest setting preset Was still able to average 60 FPS here, Tuttavia, stepping down even one level almost doubled, Questo. Strange Brigade was tested with Vulkan using the games benchmark tool. This one doesnt need powerful hardware to run, which is why almost 60 FPS averages were possible with the ultra setting Preset. Now well take a look at how this config of the Dell XPS 15 rispetto ad altri computer portatili utilizzano questi risultati come una guida approssimativa solo come sono stati testati in tempi diversi con driver diversi. In Battlefield, 5 Ive got the XPS 15 highlighted in red near Similarly, specced machines., I havent tested that many GTX 1650 laptops yet, but out of the ones I have covered. Sorprendentemente, XPS 15 was out in front, almeno in termini di FPS medio.. I thought it was interesting that the 1 low was below that of the L340. Considering that machine has single channel memory. Tuttavia, 1 low results are usually all over the place in this title.. Questi i risultati di Far Cry 5 con impostazioni ultra nel benchmark integrato. This time the XPS 15 was behind the Aorus 5 con le stesse specifiche, which I think makes sense, as this is more of a CPU heavy test. Ive only just started doing the Thermal testing make sure youre subscribed for that video, but CPU performance in this machine is lower than I expected, as Dell seem to prioritize cool and quiet over performance.

. Questi sono i risultati di Shadow of the Tomb raider, con il benchmark integrato nelle impostazioni più elevate.. Its only just 1 FPS behind the Aorus 5, with similar specs now and 1 FPS ahead of the L340 so quite similar when compared to the other 1650 laptops that Ive covered on the channel., Despite not being a gaming laptop, il GTX 1650 graphics is definitely making The XPS 15 capable of gaming., Although most modern games at higher settings, didnt go too well low to medium settings was definitely playable in most games.. It is also possible to get the XPS 15 without the GTX 1650 grafica, in which case only the Intel graphics will be available.. This will perform significantly worse compared to what Ive shown here. Allora, if youre doing graphically intensive tasks such as gaming, per esempio, youll definitely want to consider the GTX 1650 option.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from the Dell XPS 15 laptop down in the comments Ill test out thermals in depth. In an upcoming video and the full review is still to come so if youre new to the channel consider getting subscribed for those as well as future tech.