Come potete vedere, the products that i haveor i will review for today is the caroline oil control mattifying loose powder. This is in the shade sugar, and this one is the caroline acne spot concealer, and this one is in the shade natural of course. Bene, you have here the mirror, i love the mirror and then, aside from the free mirror, melon ding frina blight by caroline cloud tint, and this one is in the shade cloak or one zero. Five i’ll be using the carolina, americo, caroline bb cream. This is in the shade beige metro, dark chesapeake, come potete vedere, pair of curry bells next is the acne spot concealer, and this one retails for 185 pesos and runners are available in four shades, mocha natural oriental and cafeand this shade is natural. Ha avuto 5.5 ml 12 mese, honey life shelf upon opening cruelty, gratis, paraben, free and vegan and then manufactured june 2020 Sì. It is very minimalist and i love it. Ho, like the white and white matte and then frosted glass, little plastic plasticia, and i actually love it in the marandito naturales, a baba, marijuan doe foot, applicator, regular lung pagandana, pagandayan packaging and caroline kayasa acne spot concealer, because it has tea tree oil and salicylic acid. So aside from concealing the acne or your pimple, i know not because of the t3 ingredient and young salicylic acid Music, foreign acne marks over a pair of this one eyebags and the um pimple marks i’m, not sure if ko anoma slide go natural or oriental Music.

Now let’s go to the oil control mattifying loose powder in the shade sugar and i believe, the long shade, lentil sugar and cinnamon, and this retails for 220 pesos. Ha avuto 5.5 Grammi. The numerator is a five point: five five point: five m le concealer and then five point five view powder. So this is the sugar and this is the packaging and then from the atomizer, and then i like this in fairness, open and voila. Of course you have a puff, which is nice. I actually use yumaganto Music powder. Imagine i only use bb cream. I don’t expect much so longevity. No, Fondamentalmente, nothing if these two products will help. Actually the concealer ornament is another biggest product. So thai is a powder coat. You know longevity powered on bb cream and i think i’m done with my brows and also looking down on the eyeshadow so yeah powder, i opened my new palm over bake that’s, the shade and sugar. I i don’t know so. For the brows, i use the caroline best brow liner and also gina mccoy brow, mascara nitom, blight, perfect brow trio and for the eyeshadow it looks, go to shadows, plato, slay palette Music, and this is in the shade, glue, hyper cosmic collection, Macchina, young cloak, perfetto, aluminum, Light you make a potassium this product retails for 195 Seriamente, neat frito, Oh mio Dio. Ha avuto 3.5 grams and it will show guys you want yeah Music feel so very, not friendly it’s a mess it’s now.

10. 47 a.m. I am i’ll be back later for an update, Ciao, ragazzi, i’m back for an update and it’s. ora, 2, 43 yeah and ayan oil up is real oily powder, abbinamento, concealer, good parenchy and fairness. So final verdict. So for the concealer i actually need to be honest. Uh not bad for a 185 pesos concealer, although um, Sai, i mean very affordable, nasha and full coverage. Young preferences in full coverage so bring wrinkles now, so i prefer this kind of concealer. You must have at least kind of cover up your eye bags and your marks and other imperfections. So next is the oil control mattifying loose powder. I don’t like this to be honest and because hindi now control you oiliness talagano powder, but the longevity it is.