The fire comes in five vibrant colors and two sizes, a seven inch and an ultra portable six inch tablet that easily fits in your pocket. Fire hd features a powerful quad core processor, so apps launch quickly and games play smoothly and the beautiful hd display is a great way to enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows. The fire hd comes with a front camera perfect for video chatting with friends and a rear camera for taking beautiful photos, and now you can store your photos taken on the fire hd with free, unlimited cloud storage, the fire hd features best in class sound with dolby Digital audio and the 7 inch fire comes with dual stereo speakers: to provide clear and dynamic sound to everything you watch. You’Ll have access to over 33 million movies. Tv shows songs, books and more, including over 100 000 games and apps, with favorites like netflix and pinterest, and with a one month free trial of amazon. Prime for new members. You get unlimited streaming of over 40 000 movies and tv episodes and access to over a million songs with the all new prime music, all at no additional cost for movie lovers. Amazon exclusively offers advanced streaming and prediction or asap to instantly stream movies and tv shows. With no buffering or use second screen to fling content from your fire hd to your tv, so you can keep using your tablet for web email and more. The fire hd is easy to share among family members, letting you create unique profiles for each user, and now you can share content between two amazon accounts, including apps games and prime instant video content for younger family members.

Amazon free time lets parents choose what books, apps games and videos they give their kids access to. They can also set daily limits for tablet, use or restrict certain categories like games and video, while leaving unlimited time for reading the all new fire hd powerful technology. At a breakthrough price introducing the kindle fire hdx, a powerhouse, tablet perfect for work and play. It starts with an exclusive low glare high definition display, con oltre 2 million pixels for vivid lifelike images that go beyond hd. The color accuracy is 100 of the srgb color gamut, making photos, games and video look exactly as they were intended. This full featured tablet includes a fast quad core 2.2 gigahertz processor and 2 gigabytes of ram for game console like performance games and videos play flawlessly apps launch quickly and web surfing is exceptionally fast. Infine, use the dual band: dual antenna: wifi to stream, high definition, content or upgrade to ultra fast 4g lte wireless. So you can access new content wherever you are together with custom, dolby, audio and dual speakers it’s a true powerhouse tablet. Every kindle fire hdx comes with revolutionary live video tech support with one touch of the mayday button. You’Ll connect for free to an amazon expert who can guide you remotely through any feature by drawing on your screen? Talking you through how to do something yourself or doing it for you by operating your device, whatever works best for you, Amazon, tech advisors, Non, see you only your screen and most may days are answered within just 15 seconds connecting you almost instantly with world class amazon Tech support experts ready to help 24 ore al giorno 365 days a year, kindle fire hdx helps you stay organized efficient and productive wherever you are with fast web browsing calendar support, tightly integrated email, including gmail and outlook, and access to apps that help.

You stay organized view, word excel and powerpoint files from anywhere and print from your tablet to most connected printers. You can even bring your tablet to work and meet many companies. It security standards and easily join secure enterprise, wi fi networks, when you’re ready to play enjoy amazon’s growing content, store of over 33 million movies, canzoni, apps games and books, including many kindle exclusives. Let others join in the fun by wirelessly, sharing movies tv shows and photos with friends on your big screen tv with any miracast enabled accessories or tvs with the prime membership. You can stream tens of thousands of movies and tv episodes. You can even download thousands of movies and shows so you can watch them even when you won’t have access to wi fi. Kindle fire hdx comes with our exclusive x ray for movies, tv and music, so you can get behind the scenes. Information on your favorite movie or actor or see song lyrics scroll in real time choose from over 100 000 Apps, including customer favorites like facebook, netflix and evernote, or dive into high definition games like minecraft with tilt and turn controls and you’ll have plenty of storage space. For photos, film, music and more with free, unlimited cloud storage for all your amazon content to customize amazon’s, incredible content selection for children kindle free time lets parents create individual profiles for each child, select content. They can access and set time limits for activities in freetime mode.

The background color changes to an easy to recognize kid friendly design. These controls give parents peace of mind while leaving plenty for children to discover and with the kindle free time unlimited subscription parents gain access to thousands of hand, picked books, Giochi, educational apps movies and tv shows for kids ages. Three to eight, including titles from disney sesame street and nickelodeon, the kindle fire hdx the perfect tablet to have fun and get things done. Take your tablet experience to a whole new level with a brilliant display, wrapped up in a thin lightweight design, Music with a screen. That’S two times better than hdtv everything you see comes to life in stunning detail we’ve also built in groundbreaking features to make your tablet safer and easier to use. Use your fingerprint to unlock your tablet and shop online, set up multiple profiles to share your tablet and keep your private information. Private, extend your battery life for hours, so you’ll have power when you need it most plus. You can make every minute count by using multiple apps on screen. Allo stesso tempo,, introducing the samsung galaxy tab s.