Tell you everything you need to know about it in this detailed review., Im testing the highest specced configuration here, but the Duo 15 is available with some different specs. You can see examples and check updated prices with the links in the description.. What makes the Duo 15 unique is that it has two screens now ASUS have done this before on the ZenBook Pro Duo, but this time the bottom screen automatically tilts up by 13 degrees when you open the laptop giving you a better viewing angle. The main panel Up top is a 15.6 1080p 300Hz panel with G Sync, so good gaming panel specs, but no touch screen.. The screen below which they call screenpad plus, è un 14.1 tocco. Schermo. Were given the option to swap between Optimus or discrete GPU only through software, and this requires a reboot to complete no advanced optimus here.. The second screen is just seen by Windows as another display below the first one, just like dual monitors.. This means you can simply drag whatever windows you like to the second screen.. The installed Screen, Xpert software, further aids, this by offering shortcuts, which appear when you start moving a window.. These allow you to quickly move a window to the opposite. Schermo, pin an app to the screenpad shortcuts to easily open later or make the app go full screen over both screens., Otherwise theres an arrow icon. You can press to bring up all the screenpad options.

From in here. You can set program shortcuts change. Brightness swap windows between the two screens show the apps currently on the bottom screen and optionally disable the keyboard, which may be useful for resting. Your palm on the keyboard to draw. Game support will vary by default, running a game in full screen mode. Wont. Let you easily move the mouse into the second screen, so youll need to use something else like borderless mode. In caso contrario, clicking out of the window will be similar to an alt tab.. Fondamentalmente, like I mentioned in the ZenBook Pro Duo review, if the game doesnt, let you have separate Windows, then it might look weird just setting it to use both screens. Somes games like dying light 2 will apparently have support for it, but I dont have that currently. In caso contrario, your best bet is to use the second screen for other apps like chat.. Other workloads like streaming would also see a benefit, as you can just see more things at once, with a game taking up the main display. Al di fuori del gioco. For things like video editing software, you can arrange it quite nicely.. The resolution of the screenpad is quite high, Tuttavia, by default it runs lower so that it properly aligns with the top screen in Windows, but this would be less of an issue if you got the 4K screen. Opzione. Ive tested the screens with the Spyder 5 and for the main panel got 98 di sRGB 76 of AdobeRGB and DCI, P3 and 70 di NTSC.

. The results for the screenpad were actually a little better in terms of colour gamut.. The main panel got to 282 nits presso 100 Luminosità, so not quite the 300 or so Id like to see, but not too far off. Nel frattempo, the bottom screen was brighter.. The optional 4K screen apparently has 100 di AdobeRGB, so could be worth considering for creators.. The main panel has overdrive enabled by default, and I measured a 3.8ms grey to grey response time and its one of the better results. When we look at how it compares against other laptops. ASUS do give us the option of disabling overdrive, which removes overshoot and undershoot. Though this boosts the response time up to 7.2ms., Not that I expect anyone to do serious gaming on the smaller second screen, but were looking at a 19ms response time there. ora. I did see some strange behaviour with overdrive, enabled in optimus mode. Many of the transitions were the same as having overdrive diabled.. Fondamentalmente, it seemed like overdrive was only randomly working.. I think this is a bug which will hopefully be fixed, but using overdrive mode with optimus. Disabled worked fine, and this is how youd want to play for best performance anyway. When looking for backlight bleed in this worst case, it looked a bit patchy, but I never noticed this during normal use, though it will vary between panels. Questo è, a lot of information on The screens lets check out the rest.. The lid has a clean metal finish with mirrored ROG logo.

. The interior is also metal around the keyboard and overall, the build quality feels quite decent, nessun angolo o bordi vivi ovunque.. The weight is listed at 2.4kg, though mine was 2.5kg. Con il 240 potenza watt, brick and cables for charging included were looking at almost 3.3kg or 7.2lb.. The Duo 15 non è troppo grande per un 15 portatile da gioco pollici, especially considering the specs that its packing inside., Were looking at 9mm screen bezels on the sides, anche se il mento inferiore è più grande.. C'era un po 'di flessibilità dello schermo quando intenzionalmente spingendo, but it seemed minor and was never noticeable during normal use.. The screenpad was quite sturdy. I tried pushing down harder than you ever normally would, and it was quite solid towards the edges just a little flex in the center, which makes sense as the metal poles holding it up are out towards the edges., No problems opening it up with one finger. It did feel more back heavy but stable on my lap., Like some other recent laptops from ASUS theres, no camera built in., Although theres no camera it does still have microphones, and this is what they sound like. In order to have the second screen. The keyboard is right down the front of the machine.. Asus have done this with other Zephyrus laptops in the past, and I think its fine. So long as you have the desk space, as you need to put the machine back a bit further to type normally, though doing so does mean the screen is a bit further away.

Anche., It comes with an optional wrist rest as well.. If you use it on your lap, it can feel a bit awkward unless you push it further back. In caso contrario, you end up needing to hold your arms too far back to type., The chiclet keyboard has per key RGB backlighting, which unfortunately does not illuminate everything. The function keys are only partially lit, which I did find annoying at times.. There are three levels of key brightness which can either be adjusted with the function and arrow keys or through the included Aura Creator. Software., I didnt have any issues typing with it. Its got 1.4mm of key travel and Ill. Give you a listen to how it sounds to get an idea of what to expect.. Due to the keyboard placement, the precision touchpad has been crammed over to the right.. You can hold the top left corner to active numpad mode, ma purtroppo, unlike other laptops from ASUS in this mode, youre not able to use it as a touchpad until you disable it. As it doesnt physically press down. There are instead two left and right click buttons. Underneath and after some use, you do get used to it, but Id definitely stick to a mouse where possible. The buttons above the touchpad from left to right, are shortcuts to open the ASUS Armour crate software to manage the system. A button to turn the bottom screen. On or off a button to turn the arrow keys into page updownhomeend keys and the power button.

Fingerprints show up on the lid, but arent super obvious. Tuttavia, they were a little hard to clean with a microfiber cloth. all'interno. We only really see them on the touchscreen, but that was easy to clean. On the left from the back theres an air exhaust vent then closer to the front, the power input and 3.5mm mic and headphone jacks.. I didnt have an issue with the power cable being closer to the front it didnt block any IO or vents. Sulla destra dalla parte anteriore. Weve got two USB 3.2 Tipo Gen1: A porte, USB 3.2 Porta Di tipo C Gen2 con DisplayPort 1.4 and Thunderbolt 3 support followed by another air exhaust.. The back has more air exhausts towards the corners, poi da sinistra a destra, gigabit ethernet facing the preferred way. Usb 3.2 Tipo Gen2, A port and HDMI 2.0b output. The front is clean and just has a groove for getting your finger into.. I confirmed that both the HDMI and Type C DisplayPort outputs were connected directly to the Nvidia graphics, che ha un senso, given we can disable Optimus anyway., Underneath there are some air intake vents above the fans towards the back.. I also noticed that the rear feet were a bit taller when compared to others, so that should help airflow. Entrare è stato facile. You remove 14 TR5 screws of same length, then theres a single phillips head screw down the front right which does not remove and props the base panel up.

Inside weve got the battery down the bottom and two M.2 slots. Successivo, to that WiFi 6 is soldered and cannot be upgraded., Theres 16gb of memory soldered to the motherboard too. But as long as you have a stick installed in the single slot like I have here, it will run in dual channel.. You can install a 32gb stick for a total of 48gb.. Interessante, this is the first Intel 10th gen laptop Ive tested that runs the memory at DDR4 3200 speed.. The two four watt speakers are found towards the front to the left and right.. They sounded ok with a little bass, nothing impressive, but they sounded way louder to me in person than what I was measuring at maximum and the latencymon results were looking good. Parlando di suoni per impostazione predefinita. Suona questo all'avvio.. Fortunatamente, you can disable it through software or the BIOS.. The Duo 15 is powered by a 90Wh battery. When you unplug, the screen fill briefly go black while it automatically changes the refresh rate from 300Hz down to 60Hz, which will help improve battery life. Ive tested with the screen brightness. Presso 50 app in background, disabled and RGB lighting, fuori. Ive tested a few different configurations with and without optimus and with and without the second screen., As youd expect the battery drains quicker with both screens in use or far quicker without optimus. Heres, how it stacks up when Compared to other laptops and Im, comparing with both screens on as thats likely how people buying this machine will probably use it.

, The Duo 15 also supports Type C charging, so you can use a smaller power source or battery when travelling instead of the larger and heavier 240 Watt, brick just dont, expect full performance in resource heavy workloads. Diamo un'occhiata alle termiche. Questo sarà più di una sintesi, come Ive ha ottenuto un video dettagliato completo che copre le prestazioni termiche collegate nella descrizione.. The Armoury Crate software lets you select between different performance modes, quale, dal più basso al più alto, sono prestazioni silenziose e turbo., Theres, also manual mode, which is required. If you want to set the fans to maximum speedand it also applies a GPU overclock too. Any time Ive tested in manual mode Im using full fan speed., As my model has an unlocked, HK processor undervolting is possible.. Le termiche sono state testate con un 21 gradi Celsius. Stanza ambiente, temperatura. Risultati inattivi verso il basso. Il fondo erano ok. Nel peggiore dei casi. Gli stress test sono stati effettuati con il test di stress della CPU Aida64, con CPU solo controllato e il benchmark Heaven. Allo stesso tempo,, mentre il gioco è stato fatto con Watch Dogs 2., The temperatures were actually very good. Given the specs at stock and remained under 90 Gradi., I only saw thermal throttling on the CPU at 95 degrees if we manually modify the power limit to get some extra performance. So these worst case results, dont, represent out of the box behaviour, consider them more inline with an enthusiast modification.. Looking at the clock speeds, though we get quite a nice boost to processor performance by raising that power limit.

So youve got the choice of running hotter. For more performance or running a bit slower to maintain a cooler machine. Its good to have options, as it will always be. A trade off between temperatures and performance.. The decent temperatures are clearly a result of the 45 watt power limit to the processor when under combined CPU plus GPU load. But again we can boost that.. The GPU runs at 90 watts in these combined workloads, but in a GPU heavy test with the CPU idle. It can boost up to 100 Watt, thanks to dynamic boost more on that later.. If we look at CPU only performance with the GPU idle, anche se il 45 watt cap only exists in the weakest silent mode, it would double in turbo mode, which is great to see as too many laptops cap. This lower.. This results in a 4GHz speed being hit in this stress test over all 8 core e, come previsto, more power does equal, more heat. Heres how the Duo 15 performs in Cinebench, so some pretty decent results owing to the higher power limits in turbo and manual modes.. When we look at how it compares against other laptops, although it is the best score Ive seen from a 10980HK so far its worth noting the far cheaper Eluktronics RP 15 con Ryzen 7 4800H is beating it in multicore. External temperatures, dont get hot just a bit. Warm towards the back of the keyboard., The screen doesnt really heat up as its elevated above the heat, generating components plus cool air is pulled in behind it.

Ascoltiamo il rumore della ventola.. The fans were just audible at idle, though it did get quite loud at max settings, but at least there are options with some level of user control in manual. Mode., Silent and performance modes were on the quieter sides, while still allowing for decent performance in games. Tuttavia, in silent mode, I did find the bottom of the machine would get fairly hot as a result of the quieter fan speeds, so youll definitely want to use it on a desk. If you plan on using this option. Lets also take a look at how the Duo 15 rispetto ad altri computer portatili nei giochi. Ive tested with manual mode and optimus disabled for best results. In Battlefield 5 Ive got the Zephyrus highlighted in red. Its giving one of the Best results Ive seen in this game only coming in behind the much higher wattage 2080 Super Max P in the MSI GE75, though the difference isnt too major in a practical sense and the 1 low was actually better with the Duo 15.. Questi i risultati di Far Cry 5 con impostazioni ultra nel benchmark integrato. This time the Duo 15 was performing the best out of this selection of laptops. It would only get beaten by much thicker machines with the 9900K, so another good result. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Duo 15 is again doing much better compared to other laptops. Its interesting that its beating the higher wattage 150 Watt 2080 Super in the GE75.

Just below it, anche se, the Duo 15 does have faster memory and the option of disabling optimus. Se sei dopo più benchmark di gioco controllare la scheda nell'angolo in alto a destra o link nella descrizione in cui Ive testato 21 giochi in totale su questa macchina. Per impostazione predefinita, the Duo 15 has Nvidias Max Q, Dynamic Boost enabled which boosts the power limit of the 2080 Super graphics higher when the CPU isnt as active, allowing for increased performance in GPU heavy workloads such as gaming.. All testing in this video has been done with this enabled, but heres what were looking at in a game with it on in the purple bars and off in the red bars. Nella maggior parte dei livelli di impostazione. It seems to be having a positive effect, but let me know if you want to see a big game comparison between these modes. Ora per gli strumenti di benchmarking, Ive testato, Heaven Valley e Superposizione da Unigine, così come Firestrike Timespy e Port Royal da 3DMark basta mettere in pausa. il video, se si desidera uno sguardo dettagliato a questi risultati. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K and the Duo 15 with these specs was one of the fastest Ive tested. Ive ha anche testato Premiere, ma con il benchmark dei sistemi Puget, Which also accounts for things like live playback rather than just export times and again. The Duo 15 was one of the better options. In Adobe Photoshop. Now the Duo 15 is on top scoring the best in this test.

Out of all machines tested. As a test that prefers CPU performance, it makes sense, as the i9 is able to run with a 90 watt PL1 in CPU, only workloads which is higher than others. Ive tested at stock., It was scoring nicely in the Puget Systems. Davinci Resolve test too., Ive ha anche testato SPECviewperf, che testa vari carichi di lavoro 3D professionali. Ive used the OpenVR benchmark to test the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and, due to the high GPU power, were again seeing one of the better results. Definitely no problems running VR, qui. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage and the 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD was performing quite well. Per aggiornato il controllo dei prezzi i link nella descrizione come i prezzi cambieranno nel tempo. At the time of recording in the US were Looking at 3000 USD for the lower specced model with i7 and 2070 grafica o 3600 for the specs Ive tested here granted, this one seems to have a 4K screen. Invece., Here in Australia were looking at around 6000 AUD for the same specs, Ive tested here or 5200 AUD for the lower specced model, so definitely quite an expensive gaming laptop.. Va bene, with all of that in mind, lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of the ASUS Zephyrus Duo, 15 gaming laptop to help you decide if its worth it. Theres, no doubt that the Duo 15 has a unique design, while ASUS have done dual screened.

Laptops in the past, I believe this is the first one that raises the bottom screen and, di conseguenza,, this custom design definitely has a price premium. Attached., You could likely save money on a cheaper, laptop and just connect an external screen which is worth a couple hundred dollars, though that would take more space and is an extra part to take with you.. I think it really comes down to how much youll benefit by having the second screen as part of the same machine.. I also want to see more game support to be able to use both screens well in games themselves, yeah its still cool, to show other things like chat or OBS, while playing but to have more games natively support. It would be a huge step forward for this soft of form. Factor.. I believe ASUS are working with game developers to make this happen in some titles, so well have to wait and see. Second screen aside at stock, the machine doesnt run hot, and the performance is excellent, though there are a few trade offs.. These included soldered WiFi, 16gb of soldered memory, no camera and the keyboard and touchpad placement. Its definitely an interesting design, Ma sì. It just depends how much youll benefit from the addition of the second touchscreen and how important those other aspects are to you and, Naturalmente,, how much youre willing to spend, because this thing is not cheap.. Let me know what you thought about the ASUS Zephyrus Duo.