I guess they stumbled on my videos because of the new apple max with arm processors. Now that apple have switched to arm processors for everything this online army of fanboys has arrived, looking to smash it up and taunt. Anyone who dares to think different microsoft launched the surface pro x last year with an arm processor max, have an arm processor surface pro x has an arm processor obvious comparison. Point game on right: microsoft could have done me a huge favor and just made a bog standard, boring laptop with an arm processor in it that way, i wouldn’t have been making videos about it and i could have dodged this bullet altogether now, Davvero, i am glad That microsoft decided to make the surface pro x with an arm processor, because it’s really well suited to such a thin lightweight device that can be used as a laptop and a creativity device, but for anyone hoping to get an apple m1 vs microsoft, sq2 smackdown from This channel well, Sono, Mi dispiace, but you’re in the wrong place. Sono, just not interested. Why am i not interested well i’m interested in the human computer interface i’m interested in the way people use computers and i’m fascinated by how they get things done? Sono, a productivity trainer and a coach and i’m interested to help people to become more productive with the use of technology, and i believe that laptops have done all that they can on that quest.

So for me, in 2020, a device that only allows you to input with a keyboard and a trackpad does not pique my interest i’m, not saying devices. Shouldn’T have a keyboard it’s the most widely used input device on the planet, but it was invented in 1867 and since you all know how to use it very well, i don’t think that i can add much value to how you use a keyboard in 2020. We have the benefit of 50 years of research into the human computer interface into creativity and learning. We have a myriad of studies on topics like how people work out problems, take notes, brainstorm and remember things, and all of that research tells us that there are enormous benefits to multi modal computer input. My surface devices all cater for keyboard and mouse and voice input. But they also lend themselves perfectly to touch and most importantly pen and if you want to work to the best of your ability with others, and you want to produce the best work that you can possibly produce, then you need to be using a pen in your Work over the next few weeks, i’ll be sharing some of the research behind that statement now apple have no doubt done an incredible job of producing their own processes and i’m really glad to see companies like apple and amd, bringing competition to the market that’s been dominated By intel for far too long, like microsoft was 20 anni fa, intel got a bit fat and lazy, and i think that they need to experience a little bit of pain in order to return to their best and the surface pro x and windows 10 on arm Have already benefited from the apple mac switch to the arm processor, which is great over the next few years.

Apple users will be upgrading to these new arm based macs in the millions. D'altra parte, windows on arm is still very niche. By far the majority of the billion windows, 10 users will stay on intel, but thanks to the mass market that apple brings with it to arm we’re already seeing apps that were developed for arm processors, arrive natively on the surface pro x like photoshop. I know that people get excited over benchmarks and numbers speeds and feeds and wars between brands. There are certain demographics that just live for this stuff, if you’re a male geek between, dire 10 e 35. Bene, you probably already visited a video like this one to leave an ego, stroking burn one way or another. You want to be able to say that this beats that, and you want to know that the apple m1 processor can do something milliseconds faster than the sq2 processor. Can, let me put your ego at ease. It does Music, but for everyone else, a better question to ponder is why don’t apple make a two in one device, because research tells us that we need to move beyond mouse and keyboard and apple, certainly aren’t doing that with the mac. The answer to that question lies in the business model of the company. I think it’s really important for people to understand the business model of each company that they deal with in the tech world. I mean it’s well known that facebook and google generate the majority of their profit by selling your data to advertisers that’s a fact that more and more people are becoming.

Mindful of you might think that amazon, one of the largest tech companies in the world makes the majority of its profit from getting that package to your doorstep with head spinning efficiency and brilliant customer service. But over half of its profit is generated out of view by its cloud infrastructure service. Aws amazon makes profit from selling its platform selling amazing super computing power to small and large companies alike. Microsoft is amazon’s only real competitor in that space by the way, Infatti, in 2020, microsoft derives over two thirds of its revenue and profit from its cloud computing platform azure and its productivity suite office 365.. Sure microsoft plays in hardware with xbox and surface, but these are sideshows in the context of a business like microsoft, like g suite is to google microsoft’s mission statement is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This matters to me and my organization, and i believe that, among other things, pen computing is one of the keys to achieving more surface. Pro is the hardware manifestation of this mission, so what about apple? Where does apple make its money? Bene, the primary driver of apple’s revenue is the iphone at over 50 per cento, and the majority of its income is derived from selling devices like phones, ipads, wearables macs. If apple sold a device that could be both a laptop and a tablet, it simply wipes out a major revenue stream for the company, which is the ipad and, Interessante, that generated around the same revenue as the mac last year.

Now apple is working hard to pivot, towards services like amazon and microsoft. With recurring and predictable revenue streams, but apple’s played award services is entirely dependent on you buying into their device ecosystem. You buy an iphone, you get the watch, you get an ipad, you get the tv and then you get the mac and by then you’re, all in on apple music, itunes, Le 30 app store apple, tv plus and the magic credit card to boot. Cioè, where the apple services revenue comes from post hardware sales, it will always be a shiny new device driven company, even when the device sales slow down from their business model and their mission statement. I don’t believe that apple is driven by making me or you more productive, they’re driven by getting you to buy more devices. Otherwise they would have rolled the ipad and mac together into the mac pad, because in the computer world, maybe unlike the kitchen having extra devices is not productive, è, complicated, distracting and wasteful. Now this is no conspiracy. The apple business is the most successful manifestation of consumer driven capitalism. dopo tutto, it is what it is, Ma è, not what we’re about here on this channel. I don’t want five devices to do the job of one so i’m, not really interested in doing an m1 versus an sq2 chip. Confronto. So hey, if you’re happy with a keyboard and a mouse and a touch bar and a separate ipad, then go ahead and get the mac with the m1 chip.

You’Ll live a long and happy life with great battery life. It won’t be as productive or creative as it could be, but hey we’re not taking prisoners here and if you buy an m1 powered mac, you’ll be supporting us by supporting computing on arm processes. In ogni caso, now don’t worry, if you’re here for the war. ora, who am i kidding, those boys are long gone by now, but the m1 would win by the way hands down it’s an amazing processor. Personally i want to achieve more, though i don’t want to just do the same old things slightly faster. So if you do too, then stay here and subscribe to this channel and over the next couple of months, we’ll bring you lots of discussion on the science behind the pen as well as more helpful how to tips for surface and more surface pro x.