Microsoft Surface 3 Recensione – In Depth : Prestazioni, Minecraft, Penna, e altro ancora!

Today this is the little sibling to the surface pro 3 and in the past, these lower end tablets from Microsoft did not run the regular version of Windows. They ran something called Windows RT. The good news is, with this version of their tablet at lower end tablet, it’s running the full version of […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review (approfondito) Remix OS version

This one here is the second one and it’s the Chui VI, Tien, plus and you’ll, see that it comes with an additional keyboard that acts as they stand for the tablet. ora, it’s powered by some very common specs here it’s got an atom X, 3 zit, 8300. 2 gigabyte di RAM 32 Gigabyte, […]

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Recensione (Revisione completa in profondità)

Probably thinking hang on I’ve already seen this tablet before now. You wouldn’t be mistaken, because I did review the VI 10, which looks exactly the same. The VI 10 Plus. Tuttavia, this model here has double the RAM double the internal storage and it comes configured as a dual boot. So it’s got remix […]

Recensione di Chuwi Surbook Mini – Una superficie 3 Con tipo C

, So this is a smaller version of the Sur book that I reviewed and you could call it really a cut down cheaper version now why I say cut down because they have loaded the RAM. So the Rams not six gigabytes like the Sur book. It is now four on this particular model, […]

Superficie 3 Giochi Atom: Incursore della tomba 2013 Fraps

Maybe that might help and everything else is low, so everything's hit to low low as possible. Really let's put it. What you want to keep it on definitely running a more modern game like this, you can see there's a few framerate dips, they're running a little bit low. Did I roll it's, un […]

PiPo X10 Recensione – Mini PC ibrido raffreddato a ventola con 3:2 Schermata del rapporto

Abbiamo anche lo schermo del tablet, meaning we don't need to connect a keyboard up there to launch applications, ed è anche possibile utilizzare la tastiera su schermo per digitare le cose e questo è uno dei vantaggi. Quindi ciò che è cambiato nell'x10? Bene, ora abbiamo un 3 da 2 ratio screen […]

Superficie 3 Gioco: DotA 2 & League of Legends LoL

Questo è solo un gioco BOTS e si può vedere il framerate è proprio qui nell'angolo in alto a sinistra ci. The framerate seems to stay around 30 at the moment and I will just test dropping a resolution, but I'll just get up to some action here. The tutorial thing at the […]

Superficie 3 Vs Surface 3 cooled by a USB fan.

I have the two gigabyte surface, as you can see here is on the left, and this is the four gigabyte version here. What I thought is hooked up a fan. Now you put a hood on this surface three pro that you can hook up a little fan like this, and you can help […]

Superficie 3 Giochi Atom: World of Warcraft, FPS and Settings

I don't play this game at all, it's, just a request to try it out and see how it would run on the surface three and this version here I have has four gigabytes of RAM, so it may be slightly smoother, maybe slightly higher frame rate, because you Do have that available RAM being […]

Superficie 3 Atomo X7 -8700 4GB Unboxing rapido e mani su

Now I ordered this from a retail chain here in Spain and it's supposed to come with the keyboard, but unfortunately they've just shipped me out the tablet itself. I don't know what's going on now, better call them up and tell them that the keyboard isn't missing and yeah this taking a while to […]

Atom X7 - 8700 Vs Atom 3775 Geekbench e 3DMark

This one here is these: esso 3775 it's the bay trail, so the generation before the newer cheery trail here, which is another Atom CPU. You can see here that the differences between them almost next to nothing so speed wise when it's running with the CPU single core and the multi core scores, there's, […]

Superficie 3 Giochi Atom: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Questo è uno schermo tre per due in modo da essere in esecuzione su quattro da tre risoluzioni: you're gon na have borders here and on the right there, so everything's on low they're. Solo facendo il primo livello al momento, che è abbastanza intensivo, così i frame rate qui, it's still at 33, but I do expect […]