Test di ricarica Realme X2 Pro, Termiche & Durata della batteria

Farà davvero caldo? Will you run into issues so I have it almost fully charged here and I'm just gon na gain from about 95 until flat, Ok, but the intention is to see it 100, a certain brightness, just how long first, the battery will last and number two. Most importantly, sarà […]

Mi Nota 10 Aggiornamento di rassegna – 5 Giorni dopo

Now that I've had and I'm on my fifth battery cycle. Infatti, I've got the stats of that v battery cycles, so that's one thing that was missing in my review was the complete stats. It does take a few battery cycles. I feel to get your proper battery life that what you can […]

Xiaomi Mi Nota 10 Vs Realme X2 Pro Comparison

Me me no 210, but a lot of you have been asking for this video, so I'm gon na go over other things like the build quality, the cameras, the displays and battery life of these two it's just going to be a quick comparison to see which one Is better at what and that […]

Xiaomi Mi Nota 10 Recensione & Unboxing (approfondito)

Questo è, Naturalmente,, shammies Meno 210, a promising looking phone that has a build. That looks very similar to me to say a quail wheat p30 Pro it's got a 5 times optical camera on the rear, one of five cameras in total 2 times optical and ultra wide, the main sensor, un 2 […]

Realme X2 Pro Recensione – L'ammiraglia del valore dell'assassino

But you cannot deny that the real me x2 Pro that I've had now for a few days and been using non stop as a True Value flagship here, that it does have some killer specs for the price, so that dragon 855 Plus, che è, naturalmente,, welcomes Latest and androids best chipset, we […]

Realme X2 Pro Unboxing & Hands-On dettagliato

We'Ll be x2 Pro launch event in Madrid here and I do have, come potete vedere, Abe review unit. So in this video I'm going to unbox real meas new flagship, the x2 pro powered by snapdragon 855. Now because this is a loan review unit from them, it has the maximum speak. Naturalmente, […]