Ces 2015 Rapido sguardo: Arbor Ruggedized Windows Tablet PC

We are back at CES 2015 at the digital experience I’m about to collapse, because I am out of breath. I’Ve been talking too much but I’m, going to let Brian here from arbor talk to us about this new Windows tablet you got here that is rugged and really designed for harsh environments. Ciao. […]

PiPo X8 Mini PC Recensione, Unboxing, Punti di riferimento e giochi (Inglese)

This is a people x8, now it's a hybrids mini PC. Bene, they call it a Windows, TV box, well it's, but more than that, because it's one of the first ones or the only one I've seen that has a touchscreen on it. So it's kind of a hybrid of a tablet meets a […]

PiPo X9 Dual Boot Mini PC Unboxing e primo sguardo (Inglese in 4K)

This is one of those mini pcs that you hook up to your TV but it's, one of those hybrid ones here, because it's got a actual screen on it. Now you might have seen my other unboxing and review of the pipo x8. This is a slightly larger model and what's changed is the […]

Unboxing del cubo i7 Core M 5Y10 $399 2 in 1 Tablet PC

Unboxing the first Chinese Core M powered tablet. I got this for the special limited price of $399 + $65 for the official keyboard usb dock. Full detailed written review with benchmarks here: Dove acquistare? Ali Express here: Specifiche cubo i7: 2.0 Ghz Intel Core M 5Y10C soc 4GB of 1600Mhz ram 64-128GB SSD […]