Aorus FI27Q-P Recensione – Un monitor da gioco Premium 1440p da 165 Hz con 10 bit!

In questa recensione del monitor.. Il pannello IPS è 27 pollici con un 16 da 9 proporzioni e corse con risoluzione 1440p e finitura opaca. Ha una frequenza di aggiornamento di 165 Hz e un tempo di risposta di 1 ms, anche se questo è MPRT piuttosto che dal grigio al grigio., Combinato con la sincronizzazione adattiva, its got quite A few […]

Aorus 15 Test termici, Overclocking e Undervolting

I'Ll be taking a detailed look at thermals and overclocking and seeing how much we can improve performance by under vaulting and tweaking fan. Speed I've got the Auris 15 w 9, which means there's an Intel, i7, 87, 58 CPU and nvidia r, Tx 2060 grafica. Tuttavia, Le 15 X 9 model is also […]

EGPU portatile raffreddato ad acqua? Aorus Gaming Box Recensione

Briefly, for those that dont know an external graphics enclosure like this connects to your laptop with Thunderbolt 3, allowing you to use the power of desktop graphics cards in your thin and light laptop, which may not even have discrete graphics.. There are various overheads associated, but essentially this does allow you to get […]

Aorus 15-XA (9750H/2070) Benchmark di gioco – 18 Giochi testati!

Ma quanto bene funziona questo nuovo modello nei giochi con il RTX 2070 grafica, Ive, benchmarked 18 diversi giochi a tutti, setting levels to show you how well it runs and compared it against some other laptops to see how it stacks up. Just quickly before we jump Into the benchmark results Ill cover […]

Recensione del laptop da gioco Aorus X7 DT v8 – GTX 1080 Potere!

This unit has an Intel, i7. 8850 H. Cpu so 6 Core 12 threads with the 4.3 gigahertz single core turbo boost, but the CPU can also be overclocked as well. More on that later, I've got 16 gig of memory running at ddr4, 2666 and dual channel, but the four slots can support up […]

Aorus X7 DT v8 Gaming Benchmark – 16 Giochi testati!

I'Ll cover off the specs in my unit there's an Intel i7 88 50 H. Cpu, which can be overclocked NVIDIA, GTX, 1080, grafica e 16 gig of memory running a ddr4 2666 and dual channel it's also got a 144 hertz screen. Quindi, si spera, with these powerful specs, we should be able to take […]

Gigabyte Portatili - PAX Australia 2018

Tournament played on gigabyte error 15 laptops with the chance to win one of the laptops for yourself. If you've been following the channel for a while, you may have heard me reference. The arrow 15 is one of my favourite laptops that I've reviewed so far, mostly because it's, a great combination of gaming […]

Gigabyte Aero 15x vs Aorus X5 – 8th Gen Gaming Laptop Comparison

To the point where I kind of see the horas X 5 is the bigger brother to the error 15 X, so let's compare these two laptops see how they perform and help you pick, which is right for you. First let's check out the differences in specs. Forse la cosa più importante, the error 15 X […]

Aorus X5 v8 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

We'Ll take a closer look at what the laptop has to offer check out. Some benchmarks and help you decide if it's a laptop. You should consider let's get right into the specs of my unit there's an Intel i7 88 58 CPU, which has six cores and can turbo up to 4.3 gigahertz and […]

Aorus X5 v8 Thermal TestingFixed with Undervolting?

Seen a lot of people talking about thermal issues with it. I'Ve noticed that it can run quite warm under load, even with the fans running a full speed power limit, throttling and thermal throttling was happening so let's take a closer look and find out if we can improve things with some under vaulting. […]

Aorus X5 v8 Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Giochi testati!

I wanted to mention that there's two 8 gig sticks of ddr4 memory running at 2600, 66 megahertz in dual channel the stock configuration present in my unit. All testing was done at 1080p. The native resolution of the laptops display with facing disabled with that out of the way let's check out some gaming […]

Aorus 7 Gaming Notebook Review – Opzione Mid-Range di Gigabyte?

So lets check it out in this detailed review and help you decide if this laptop is worth it. Ive got SA version of the Aorus 7, so theres an Intel i7 9750H CPU Nvidia GTX 1660 Grafica di ti, 16gb di memoria nel doppio canale, un 17.3 144Hz 1080p Ips screen and 512gb M.2 NVMe […]