. Now before anyone goes Wow, thats, amazing or Hey thats BS. We need to dissect this because theres a lot more to unpack here. Sponsored by Linode., techno, music, Hey guys. How are you all doing If youre new here welcome., My name is Krazy Ken, and this is the Xtra PC 2.0 USB flash drive.? Many people have requested that I dive into this product, but also many people have informed me that other leading brands of tech channels have already covered this product. Heres. The interesting thing, though this is a 2.0 product.. The videos I saw earlier showed the original product which looks different. The sales videos also look like they have been improved, so it appears we have some new juicy stuff to dive into., So heres the deal. Were gon na. Take a look at the two sales videos.. Then well take a look at the Xtra PC, websites. And then, of course, were gon na test the product out for ourselves.. So if youre ready lets go. Various Xtra PC ads have been posted in the past, but theres currently two sales videos on their website. A whiteboard style video and a live action demo. The whiteboard sales. Video explains how the Xtra PC works, mentioning that it runs off Linux and you simply plug it into a USB port on your PC.. And it also explains that you boot into the flash, drive and bypass the operating system on your PCs, internal drive., And it mentions the built in applications such as a web browser, Open Office and media players.

The basic stuff youd see in practically any Linux, distro. And the video says Xtra PC works on nearly any 64 bit: Windows, PC or Mac. And thats it for the whiteboard, video. Short and sweet right Now lets take a look at the live action demo.. This is Corey and hes gon na talk to us about Xtra PC.. He says he has this old HP laptop and its running, really slow. And to demonstrate this, he opens a video file and yes, it does take over a minute to open up.. So then, Corey wants to boot into Xtra PC to demonstrate how much faster it is., And he explains it – runs off Linux, just like the whiteboard video.. What is Linux Well. Windows is an operating system.. Linux is an operating system. Id just like to interject for a moment.. What youre, referring to as Linux is in fact GNULinux or as Ive recently taken to calling it GNU plus Linux.. Then he boots off the USB drive and loads the desktop.. He opens the video file and voila. It opens fast. And thats pretty much it.. So lets take these one at a time. Whats wrong with the whiteboard video, Nothing really. I mean the claims arent crazy. Everything seems plausible.. The only mistake I saw was the distro actually comes with LibreOffice, not OpenOffice, so minor mistake, no big deal I guess.. Now what about the live action demo? Sure the editing and cross dissolves were a little awkward and some of the acting was maybe a little cheesy.

. Heres my desktop No way, But the claims arent false. Ive booted off of USB flash drives many times its absolutely doable.. The only other weird thing I noticed is their speed test. Timer actually starts before Corey double clicks, the file., But I think that was just an honest, editing. Mistake. Now I have a feeling some of you are screaming at me right now, saying Ken. Why would anybody spend money for a Linux distro, which is typically free, Dont worry.? I hear you. Im gon na address that problem. Later. Lets not stop there.. Let take a look at their websites. Ive. Seen two websites for this product, though Im sure theres, more., Xtra, PC.com and getxtra pc.io., The Xtra PC.com website, looks simple and clean way, less sketchy than other stuff Ive investigated in the past., And if we scroll down a little, it shows the three versions of the Product starting at less than 35. Yeah one cent less. Okay., We have the Turbo 16 Turbo, 32 and Pro.. Then, out of curiosity, I clicked the about us section and learned that Xtra PC is owned by Prairie IT and that company owns another product called The Photo Stick. Everything seems okay., But before I purchased the product, I wanted to check out the other website. This website. More specifically says: Xtra PC bypasses the existing operating system on your computer, which I think is important to mention. So it doesnt appear like the USB drive, is magically fixing your current Windows or macOS installation.

Theres, an important distinction there. When you scroll down. You see the three tiers again this time with the prices 34.99, 49.99 and 79.99 for the Pro which they value at 159.99, which I think is overvalued in my opinion, but theyre just really using that as a scarcity. Marketing tactic to try to make it seem like theyre getting a discount when really that discount will likely never expire. Its a tactic used by practically every marketer.. So that brings us to the topic of pricing.. Generally speaking, Linux distros are free.. Anyone can download them from the internet., So tech savvy people are probably wondering why the heck you would spend money on this. And, if youre wondering that congratulations, this product isnt for you. This product is for the less tech savvy individual, like a grandparent someone who just Wants a convenient, easy turnkey solution and customers will pay for that.. Everyone wants to pay for convenience in one way or another. If youve ever purchased a bottle of water. You know what Im talking about., Why spend 2 on the bottle of water when you can drink the water practically for free from the tap in your house? Well, it just depends on whatevers convenient at the time. People pay for convenience. People pay for easy. Thats. Just how life works. And the same thing applies. Here. People will pay for a turnkey solution like this. If they really need it. And lets be honest, most end, users do not know how to flash an ISO to a flash drive, let alone make it bootable.

And thats okay. Its our job as tech enthusiasts to be patient with others and help them out.. So with that aside, is the 159 value stupidly high? Yes, I would humbly say it: is. Sure you get free shipping and a bonus file, recovery tool and sometimes those can be a little bit expensive. But in the end, youre not paying that price anyway, because youre getting that discount right. But pricing aside is Xtra PC, really a good solution to fix a sluggish PC, Not really., And the main problem is. It runs Linux. Dont get me wrong. Linux is awesome. Its everywhere., Everybody uses it whether they know it or not., But to a typical user. Who is used to Windows or maybe Mac OS switching to a Linux environment may just be really confusing to them, because its not familiar., And if that user has programs that are only compatible on Windows or maybe macOS using a Linux. Distro is just gon na complicate things further.. Ultimately, there are better more long term solutions to fix a sluggish PC and well discuss those soon., But first lets check out the product.. Oh yeah. I went ahead and bought one. Just kidding.. I bought two, The Turbo 16 and the Pro. So lets take a look at these guys.. Well start with the Turbo 16.. You can boot into the device from your computers, boot menu., And if you need assistance, there is a program on the flash drive which will guide you through the boot process.

Though you will need a working operating system to run this application., Then the desktop loads and youre greeted with an installer for additional software like Flash Player.. The layout is pretty simple. With a panel app menu and a few desktop icons. Software, wise Xtra PC is running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with a Linux 4.18 kernel. Firefox is pre installed for web browsing and Thunderbird is the default mail. Client. Synaptic Package Manager is also present, so you can install more software if youd like or you can use the good old fashioned internet.. In addition, the Pro version comes with that file recovery tool. We talked about earlier called FileRez., So the product page mentions theres a speed and storage difference between the Turbo and the Pro.. The Pros startup time was 40.4 seconds versus 58.5 on the Turbo 16. And the shutdown time was 5.7 seconds versus 16 seconds.. The Turbo 16 did have a couple of hanging issues with applications where they would just freeze up temporarily, but I rarely noticed that on the Pro, so I guess the pro really is faster or at least more responsive, which is generally perceived as faster. Storage, wise. The Turbo 16 has about 6.5 gigabytes of free space on the startup volume and the Pro has 15 free on the startup volume, but it has an additional 37 gigabytes free on a separate FAT, 32 volume. A couple of oddities. I noticed when dragging a window around, there is a little bit of window tearing sometimes.

And for some reason I cannot change the screen. Resolution. On my 2013 MacBook Pro with a retina display its a really high resolution display so everythings really small right And I couldnt find a way to scale the UI that was built into the settings.. So I thought, okay, I just changed the resolution. Make it lower. So everything appears bigger right, But when I did that everything glitched out and the system was useless., I tried it on a lower resolution, monitor as well, and I couldnt change the resolution on that either. Very strange. Overall, pretty basic right. I have no problems with how these things were advertised. The claims arent false, at least in the two videos they had on their website., But, like I was hinting at earlier. This is kind of a temporary bandaid fix.. So what are some more long term solutions to fixing a slow PC If the physical, hard drive of the computer is still working and its running slow? You may need to defrag the hard disc. Ive had better luck using Auslogics defragging tool compared to the built in Windows tool., But your mileage may vary.. I actually just used Auslogics on a friends PC like a week ago and its running much faster.. It worked great., But every techie is gon na have their own bag of tricks right And thats great., And sometimes you just need to do a good old fashioned, reformat and reinstall and start fresh.

, But sometimes it can be a physical hardware problem like a bad hard. Disc. That happened to me with an iMac someone donated to me.. The hard drive was failing and everything was running, very slow., So to fix that simply replace the hard drive. And while youre at it, you might as well put a solid state drive in there because those will perform much faster than a mechanical disc.. Yes, these fixes can take a little time and money, especially if you have to buy parts or hire a technician, but overall, I think its a better long term solution, so you dont have to keep plugging stuff into your computer when you want to use it all. The time., But if you do, want to go the external route and have a USB stick, but at the same time you dont wan na spend money on an Xtra PC. Yes, you can look up a tutorial on how to make a bootable Linux USB drive.. Its certainly doable., However, that might outweigh the cost of just buying the Xtra PC in the first place.. It really just depends on your skillset., So we talked a lot about Linux in this episode, and you know what else runs on Linux, About 90 of the internet. And thats. Actually, what my friends at Linode specialize in., If you have an application or a website, that you need to scale and deploy Linode, has the infrastructure and the 247 technical support for you.

And dont worry about doing everything from scratch.. They also have packaged applications to get you started., Linode offers out of box apps for game servers like TF2, CSGO and even Minecraft.. You can run your own virtual private network with open VPN, build an online application with Joomlas content management system or build a video streaming site with a multitude of app choices. Theres. So much you can do with Linodes, affordable Linux, virtual machines. And to boot they offer award winning 247 technical support.. To put it simply, if it runs on Linux, it runs on Linode. Visit, linode.comcomputerclan and click. The create free account button and theyll give you a 60 day, 100 credit just for watching this episode. And when you do that youre also supporting the Computer Clan. So, thank you very much., So Xtra PC, I dont, think its as bad as many people were making it out to be. But overall, I think theres, better solutions out there. And which one you use will depend on your budget and your skillset., But thats kind of how it is with everything right. If something breaks around the house sure we can look up a tutorial and try to figure out how to fix it, or we can hire someone to fix it for us. Thats, just kind of how things are.. I, however, will be doing the former. So Im about to head off into the layer and fix the 14 toilets that I have.

And dont. Ask me why I have 14 toilets. Thats private. Catch the crazy and pass it on..